Most women desire to be irresistible to men. As a result, they spend billions of dollars a year on everything from perfume to lingerie in pursuit of sexiness.couple

Some Women Effortless Attract Men

If you’re like most people, you probably know at least one woman who isn’t particularly pretty or who doesn’t have a sexy body, but she always seems to attract the most men in any social setting. Men are drawn to her, can’t take their eyes off her — and when they talk to other men about her, they say they can’t quite seem to put a finger on what it is that accounts for her immense sex appeal.

Wouldn’t you want to be THAT kind of woman? Wouldn’t you want to feel what it’s like to be the center of men’s attention wherever you go, or just have the undivided attention of your husband or boyfriend? There are secrets I know that can unlock the heart of a man – bring a man to his knees, and make him beg you to be his and his alone.

If you were to ask a man for his opinion on what’s irresistible to men, first of all, he may or may not give you an honest answer. His answer will depend on several factors, such as whether or not he thinks his answer will ingratiate him to you; whether or not he wants to give you information that you can use to exercise power over him; or a host of other factors.

Men Often Can’t Describe It

Additionally, a man may not have the ability to pinpoint exactly what it is about a woman that he finds sexy – he just knows what’s sexy when he sees it. Worst of all, one man’s opinion usually does not represent the opinion of the majority of men – one man may be fixated on breasts, another might be a leg man, and another might have a foot fetish, and so on.

Here are 4 SIMPLE yet often overlooked things that the majority of men find irresistible in a woman. They are as follows:

Smile — Believe it or not, one of the top things that a man finds sexy in a woman is something that’s well within your reach. And that is, your smile. A university study was conducted a few years ago, wherein the main objective was to find out exactly what men meant when they described women as “cute” or “attractive”.

Was it that she was tall, buxom, had long hair, long legs, full lips or a certain look? They interviewed hundreds of male students, and they found a common ingredient. A woman who smiles was always deemed considerably more attractive. Smiling tells a man that a woman is pleased with him, or that she genuinely likes men – and that attitude is very enticing to a man.

If you find men aren’t approaching you, my first question to you would be, “How often are you smiling?”

Approachability – When it comes to attracting men, you must appear approachable, but not easy. This is a fine balance that you must learn to achieve, particularly if you want to attract the right kind of man. If you appear too approachable, you’ll attract opportunistic men who have all the wrong motives — and you’ll turn off the more desirable men who prefer a more discriminating woman. A man wants to know that he can comfortably initiate a conversation with you without becoming unduly intimidated and without getting sweaty palms — and know that you’ll be receptive to him. But he also wants the reassurance that you’re not equally receptive to every man that comes around.

Approachability, as a factor of sex appeal, includes not just your attitude and aura, but also your look. Women who appear as though they went to great lengths to look flawless – i.e., they have a professionally coiffed hairstyle, expertly done make-up, perfectly manicured nails, fancy jewelry and an obviously expensive attire, screams “Untouchable” or “High Maintenance” – or worst of all, “Do Not Disturb” — to a man.

This is why supermodels, movie stars and some of the world’s most gorgeous women often find themselves without dates or male suitors. They look intimidating, not inviting.

Therefore, contrary to what the fashion magazines say, ease up on the flawlessness factor a bit and look more down-to-earth and accessible. A man likes touchable hair that he can run his hands through, and appreciates a woman who doesn’t mind getting her hair out of place every now and then.

He wants lips he can kiss spontaneously without running the risk of the woman saying, “Don’t kiss me — I just put on my lipstick” – or kissing her and smearing messy lip product all over her face and his. They prefer women who won’t have a heart attack if someone accidentally spilled a little wine on their blouse or if they had to sit in the front row at the movies because the theater is too crowded.

In other words, a man generally finds it a turn-off if a woman is uptight and acts like a “diva” – but instead, finds alluring the woman who is “real,” doesn’t take herself way too seriously, is able to laugh at mishaps that come along, and gracefully make the best of any situation without making anyone feel offended or inadequate. Some celebrity examples that embody this kind of sex appeal are Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz.

Laughter — Men always want to know that they can make a woman happy. Therefore, a woman who laughs easily (but not excessively) is often irresistible to a man When a woman indicates that a man makes her happy, the man begins to feel confident, becomes more interested, and wants to please her even more. If he senses that he can’t make her happy, he moves on.

While the majority of men find physical appearance important in their choice of mate, they tend to be even more attracted to women who are emotionally stable, fun to be around and supportive. A woman’s laughter is like music to a man’s ears. As the saying goes, “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” This is certainly true with men and women. It’s a bit like a vicious circle (or should I say a good-natured circle?). Women love to laugh, and men want to be the ones to make them laugh, or to provide the climate for laughter. When a man causes a woman to laugh, the woman’s laughter gives the man a sense of gratification, strokes his ego and makes him feel that he can make her happy. That makes for an emotionally-charged sexual cocktail, and makes the woman appear irresistible to a man.

*Ability to Be At Ease* — There is a quality that always magnetizes a man to a woman — even if she isn’t the most beautiful, the one with the sexiest body, the smartest – and even if she isn’t his type. According to the late Allen Loy McGinnis states that social scientists have discovered that while looks, money, power, and prestige are all important in attracting and maintaining a mate, extensive research has shown that none of these rate as high as the ability to be at ease. The ability to be at ease, to act comfortable with yourself in the presence of the opposite sex, is irresistible.

Now this is easy with men you’re not interested in but harder with someone you find attractive. Most women think acting “stand offish” makes them look confident and more of a challenge. Sadly, that actually makes you look guarded and insecure or the other extreme – a W-I-T-C_H.

But there is a way to make have this quality effortlessly. It’s like a magical perfume to a man and you can have it. When you learn it you’ll experience what I call the Camp Fire Effect. Just like a warm and cozy fire, you’ll find men approaching you…for no apparent reason.

Wanting your phone number…

Wanting to just talk to you…

Others would call this quality confidence, but it goes beyond confidence. It comes from within, but it doesn’t require you to change who you are. In fact, once you let it out, you’ll be shocked at how men will start treating you. That’s what happened to Anna.

41 years old, recently divorced with 4 small children she thought any chance for love has surely passed her by. See how just 9 months later she had men begging her for her phone number