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woman wearing a hat looking over her shoulder outside around other peoplewoman wearing a hat looking over her shoulder outside around other people
January 8, 2013

Is Your Fear of Commitment Holding You Back?

In my counseling practice, I often work with clients who have a deep fear of commitment. These individuals generally say that they want to be in a loving relationship, yet they keep picking “the wrong people.” Someone like Allison who sought my help because she was in two relationships that she admitted wasn’t good for her in the long term. While it was hard, she realized that it was time for her to make a choice.
man sitting on a wall, away from camera, outdoors
December 31, 2012

3 Turnoffs That Make A Man Pull Away

Of all the questions I get from women around the world about men, these are the most common. “Why can’t I get a guy to notice me?” “What did I do wrong that made him not interested in being more than friends?” What usually fol…
man having doubts on a computer in a building
December 30, 2012

Is Your Boyfriend Having Doubts About The Relationship? What To Say When He Has Them

You’ve been dating a great guy for about nine months now and things seem to be going very well. You are attracted to him, enjoy hanging out, and can see a great future ahead. All is well… until he tells you that he’s having doubts about …
December 2, 2012

Living together before Marriage???

This topic has been debated since the dawn of Women’s liberation. What’s sad is that usually the argument is only between those who say it is and isn’t morally wrong. Nothing wrong with that discussion but there is more to this question …
Woman outside at night blow lighted dust out of her cupped hands
November 27, 2012

First Date Magic for Women

At least once a month, one of my clients will come into my office upset about how her date went the previous weekend. Either she feels she did something wrong or worries that the guy didn’t seem to be too interested in her.
womain waiting outdoors
November 27, 2012

3 Reasons He Hasn’t Asked You Out Again

You’ve just had the “perfect” date… then wondered why he never asked you out again? You seemed to have such a great connection. You had fun. He seemed to have a good time as well. Yet he never called you again. What went wrong? This scen…
woman holding her hand out to stop
November 27, 2012

Three First-Date Guidelines For a Better Experience

Contrary to popular belief, the priority on a first date should be more about not making a mistake rather than making a good impression. Face it, the very fact that a guy asks you for a date means that you have already made a good imp…
November 27, 2012

He Never Knew What CommitMEANT

Why do men struggle with commitment? This question about the tendency in men to find it hard to commit seems to surface over and over again from women all around the world. If I could identify in a few simple strokes of the keyboard on …
lighter fire
November 27, 2012

What Not To Do If Your Partner Leaves You and You Want Another Chance

As a therapist, I regularly counsel women who are suffering from a broken heart. They tearfully tell me how much they want to save their relationship and yet their fear often causes them to focus on getting their man back, no matter what…
a couple kissing over a pool table indoors
October 1, 2012

Playing Games In Dating Is Not Manipulation — Sometimes Playing Games is Good

Many women ask me how they can get what they want without “playing games.” The idea of not directly telling a man exactly what they want (ie. “I want a relationship”), when they want to tell him, appears to be somehow disingenuous to som…
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