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men group from 60'smen group from 60's
January 18, 2013

50 Universal Truths About Men

woman on a black background having fun with her hair
January 17, 2013

3 Ways To Get What You Want From A Man

by Bob Grant When a guy asks you for a date the first time, he does so because he believes that you are someone he considers fortunate enough to spend an evening with. For whatever reason(s), the woman he invites has conveyed the idea t…
girl walking towards the ocean on a beach with the sun while a guy is holding her hand
January 11, 2013

What Guys REALLY Like & What They Want In A Woman

With so many advice websites and publications giving so much advice about men, it’s often difficult for a woman to know exactly what guys like. In addition, women have more dating options available to them and yet so many end up wonderin…
4 men sitting outside having fun together
January 9, 2013

What Do Men Really Want?

What do men REALLY want? If you asked most women this question, the answers would be predictable. Women believe that men want: A woman that always looks perfect The woman they can’t get Someone who will never complain …
couple cuddling on the bed
January 9, 2013

Sex Is Different for Men: Explore What Causes a Man to Bond with a Woman

by Bob Grant I sell an e-book. In fact, I sell more than four of them. They’re for women to help educate themselves on what does and doesn’t work in regards to relationships with men.
a man sitting on a couch stressed holding his head
January 8, 2013

How to Know if a Man is Wonderful

I’m often asked by women how they can tell if a man is good for them. Usually what they want to know is how they can make sure they don’t pick someone who is going to hurt them, again.
couple arguing outside in the sunset
January 8, 2013

The Argument Women Can’t Win

When it comes to fighting and disagreeing with men, women frequently make a critical mistake which ends up causing
two men talking outside with a computer at a table
January 8, 2013

The Two Types of Men: Mr. Fabulous vs. Mr. Strong and Steady

Here’s a really simple way to evaluate men. Let’s just put men into two categories. One group of men we’ll call
arcade cheater
January 10, 2012

Do Men Always Cheat?

I saw this article and was intrigued by the title. Written by researchers that have discovered the truth that men will ALWAYS cheat.
January 2, 2012

What Guys Like – The Secret

Here’s an article I just read about the difference between being hot vs. pretty. I’ve said it so many times, but it’s just as true today –
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