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September 9, 2010

In Love With Love?

I saw this article and I’m reminded of
August 3, 2010

Sex with Your Ex?

I was surfing the internet just looking for ideas for my newest ebook, “What’s He Thinking?” and for some reason I stumbled upon this title. I am reminded of
June 3, 2010

What Do Guys Like

I just got permission from a woman who bought 2 of my ebooks to use her picture on my website. She doesn’t want her name mentioned (so I won’t), but the image she sent me of her wedding day is absolutely beautiful. I still remember
April 30, 2010

Dating Questions

As you might imagine in my line of work I have become familiar with many sites that offer dating advice. Most of these sites are transient, temporary and are built with the simple intention of
March 5, 2010

Jake Pavelka – The Bachelor

I’d like to believe that ‘Bachelor’ Jake Pavelka and his new fiancee were going to live happily ever after. I really would like to see them succeed, but
February 23, 2010

Can Tiger Save His Marriage?

I had lunch with a couple of women today who asked me if Tiger can save his marriage. My reply? Yes, Tiger can save his marriage if…
February 3, 2010

Couples Who Fight – One Word Makes A Difference

I’ll admit I love research. Especially the kind that provides insights that are simple to use and repeat. That’s why
January 30, 2010

Different Kinds Of Affairs?

I saw this and thought it was interesting. It details
January 27, 2010

The Narcissist Test

I found this test while doing some research. Not the most scientific, but it gives you a pretty good indication
December 7, 2009

7 Lies Women Believe About Men

It’s been a while I know. I’ve been working on new products and here is the latest. 7 Lies Women Believe About Men – 2 CD set. What are those lies you ask? Here are 2 to begin with:

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