Author: Emily Webber

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Sometimes You Have to Kiss a Frog to Get More Romance

Has this ever happened to you?

Your sweet man is in the best mood and happily mows the yard, fixes the door handle that you asked him to fix months ago, washes your car with a smile on his face…and at the end of the day, he is a curmudgeon and a grouch? He started the day out so happy and ended the day so not happy.

What changed his mood? Where did this guy come from? What happened?

And why is he so grouchy?

Your man may be grouchy because he wants you to notice everything he does…the yard, the car, and especially the door handle. And not just notice. He wants you to say something glowing about the job he does and be proud of him for doing it…because in his eyes he does it for you. He really wants to make you happy. He wants to be your white knight, handsome prince, and hero all rolled into one.

Every single one of us wants our efforts to be recognized and appreciated. Our men love appreciation from us as much as we love tender love and care from them. A little “Darlin’, you are the best!” goes a very long way with your man. Tell him and watch him beam! Those few words feel the same to him as an “I think you are beautiful” does to you.

Now you’re probably thinking, “I don’t know why I need to get so excited about this. It took him months to fix the darn door handle, the car was filthy and we could have lost the children in the grass it was so deep!” But he is thinking, “I fixed the door handle… for her. She’ll be proud of me. This will make her happy.” He has totally forgotten that you asked him months before. Really.

As hard as this is to do because it doesn’t make sense to us, what if you were to say, “Honey, thank you so much for fixing the handle. That just makes my life easier. And I love you for it!” I saw you roll your eyes!

Why should you tell him “thank you” for something that is his job and responsibility to do?

Because it makes him happy.

And when he is happy and feels like his princess notices his gallant efforts to take care of the castle, he will turn back into your prince. You know, the fella you fell in love with?

Girls, we have powerful magic when it comes to our men. It’s the Power of Femininity™. With our lovely, soft feminine power we have the ability to create more romance and passion in our love life. We have the power to change our romantic relationship.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort on our part to make our man feel like he is special to us. And that’s what he wants…to think like we feel he is special. When he thinks he’s special, he treats us like we are special. And isn’t that what we want, too?

So maybe it’s time to step into your lovely, soft, feminine power…take charge of your romance and love life in a gracious way and give that frog, I mean sweet man, a big kiss and a lot of appreciation when he is a grouch!

Sometimes, even when it doesn’t feel quite fair or necessary, if you kiss your man when he is a frog, he may just turn back into your handsome, romantic prince. And there will be much joy and happiness in the castle!

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