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Former employment lawyer turned Dating and Love, Coach, Jane Rapin dated unsuccessfully for years before creating her unique system for finding real love and lasting happiness. She realized that looking for love was very similar to looking for your ideal employee so she combined both her passions (hiring & firing and love) to create the unique system that enabled her to meet her GLH (gorgeous lovely husband) in record time. She now uses that same system to help people all over the world find themselves (often buried beneath years of crappy relationships and negative self-talk) and their perfect match. Jane’s a traditionalist who believes couples work better together when the woman embraces her femininity and allows her man to step up and be the man in the relationship; that’s the strong, confident woman’s secret to getting the relationship that she wants and deserves. Jane lives in the UK with her GLH, 2 dogs & 2 cats & their three children. She loves to cook, eat, drink, wine, and dance. She loves anything with an engine and is learning to fly.
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I Took My Husband’s Name Upon Marriage – Am I a Pathetic Chattel or Victim of Patriarchal Control?

Am I really a Pathetic Chattel or a Victim of Patriarchal Control Just Because I Took My Husband’s Name upon Marriage?

There’s a disturbing debate raging. It sprang up from inside feminist circles. It seeks to undermine marriage and family values by oppressing those whom it purports to free. What is this topic that has been rumbling on for decades? It’s whether or not a woman should take her husband’s surname upon marriage.

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