Author: Julia Lyubchenko

Julia works as a CognitiveOS Hypnosis therapist, a profession she lives out as her life purpose. Her mission is to help those who are in emotional pain, discomfort, or confusion get to the desired state of being. She sees therapy as a ‘professional companionship’ for those longing for change, searching, and trying to be a fulfilled human being. She helps her clients leave victimhood and move towards personal power and responsibility for their own life and happiness.
couple playing videos games together indoors

Dating Games, Why Women Play Them, & How To Escape The Trap

Is your intention to find a person with who you can have a good trustful relationship with? And you are meeting potentially suitable partners and in the beginning, everything goes well, but after a little while, you start being aware of the words, phone calls, text messages, initiation of dates and activities, etc.

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couple in a car driving together with the sun shining inside

What Drives Relationships?

Over the years of talking to different people about relationships and marriage, I’ve noticed several common traits in people’s motivation to be in a relationship. I’m sure each one of us can relate to one of them thinking about our own relationships at some point in time.

These common traits are emotions (love, excitement, affection, care, connection, etc.); fear of loneliness; having a role or a status of a boyfriend or girlfriend (feeling of belonging); support of specific needs (accommodation, financial support, emotional support, etc.).

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