Blog – Bob Grant since 2004 has been showing women the real secrets that men can’t resist.

Bob has been a Licensed Professional Counselor, therapist, and relationship advice coach for 17 years. The majority of his clients are women. He’s found that women have a greater intent and ability to influence men than vice- versa. You simply need to understand how he thinks and what he wants. Once you know that, it’s easy to get what you want.

The methods he shares in his blog and book with you are based on real-life feedback from those who have  tried his relationship advice and found that it produced a dramatic difference in their relationships with men.

There are specific things women do that keep men from wanting to be with them and commit to them. Many times women are completely unaware of signals they are sending. I work with women to determine what they are unconsciously saying to men, and how to change that to send the signal they want.

Products and blog consist of  The Woman Men Adore..and Never Want to Leave, What Husbands Can’t Resist, What’s He Really Thinking?, How To Find The Man Of Your Dreams, Long Distance Love Guide

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