Getting Him Back

If you have just had a relationship end, then you are most likely feeling overwhelmed (assuming you want him back) and perhaps a bit desperate. Nearly every day my office staff gets several phone calls from women who want to speak with me – RIGHT NOW. They don’t mean to be pushy, they’re just scared, and they feel that if they wait too long then Continue reading Getting Him Back

What Am I Doing Wrong With Men?

I came across this post, what am I doing wrong, and it sounded similar to so many emails I get every week. Doctor Love Coach didn’t want to make any guesses without more information and I can appreciate her response. There could be a dozen different things this woman is “doing wrong” and Continue reading What Am I Doing Wrong With Men?

Intense vs. Dependable

How often do women (men too) confuse intensity with what is true. Because something FEELs good, they assume it is good. I wonder what would happen if there was some kind of law created that made a man and woman have to work together at a job for 6 months before they were married. It couldn’t be done, but what might happen. Well the first thing would be that Continue reading Intense vs. Dependable