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Since you’re here I’m assuming you’ve got a situation that isn’t easy to fix. At least you’ve probably read lots of books or ask most of your girlfriends for suggestions and nothing is working.

While I offer a number of products, there is nothing that gets faster results than working with a professional 1 on 1 about your unique situation. What can I help with?

Saving a relationship that has just ended….

Long Distance Relationships…

How to Find the Love of Your Life…

Whatever your relationship need, coaching offers a customized approach to your and your unique situation. Best Selling Author and Clinically Trained Relationship Expert Bob Grant, P.L.C. has been helping individuals and couples for over 20 years.

Unlike simple coaching, Bob knows that simply trying harder isn’t enough; rather, using insights that have been proven to be effective are far more likely to produce effective results. Are you ready to work with an expert that is dedicated to your success? If you are, then let’s get started!

We have 2 different options to choose from.

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Can I have my session over the phone?

Our clients live in different parts of the world, so our sessions are via phone. Bob Grant is based in the United States and Sami Wunder resides in Germany.

Can I have email sessions or Skype?

Sorry but due to privacy reasons, I do not offer e-mail counseling/coaching or skype sessions. Our concern is we might write something in an email that might be misinterpreted and that would not be helpful and it might even be harmful.

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