How Do You Really Get Him Back?


Figure Out Why He Really Left in the First Place.

After more than 17 years helping couples as a Certified Relationship Specialist, I know this much to be true: Most men will NOT reveal the real reason(s) they left the relationship for one simple reason:

Because Most Men Fear They Can’t Win an Argument.

Seriously: The average man believes that if they try to tell you the REAL reason they are unhappy, then it will just start an argument that they’ll somehow end up losing. So rather than have their egos bruised in a losing cause, most men opt to either just stop communicating with you altogether or make up some “bogus” reason to end the relationship. Because as odd as it sounds: A man would rather purposely lose an argument by making up a fake reason than to share the real reason and risk you hurting their very real feelings should you make it seem like they are “stupid” for having those feelings. Welcome to the crazy real world of men.

But Now You Can “Crack the Code” On What Men Are Really Thinking So You can Really Get Him Back!

Now You Can “Crack the Code” on What Men Are Really Thinking So you can Really Get Him Back!

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