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What if you knew the right places to find the right man?

What if you mastered the first date?

What if you could find the man of your dreams? 

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Three First-Date Guidelines For a Better Experience

August 8, 2022
Contrary to popular belief, the priority on a first date should be more about not making a mistake rather than making…

5 Biggest Internet Dating Mistakes

August 8, 2022
So you have been sloughing through those endless profiles on your Internet dating site and have come up with someone …

Dating Advice for Single Parents

September 22, 2020
Dating Advice for Single Parents If you’re a single parent trying to date, it can be tough. Thinking about dating an…

First Date Magic for Women

August 8, 2022
At least once a month, one of my clients will come into my office upset about how her date went the previous weekend….

How to Write a Killer Online Dating Profile

April 12, 2021
Without a doubt, Internet dating is a simple, quick, and fun way to find the best people possible. Although at first,…

What To Do When He Says, “Call Me”

December 1, 2020
What do you say when that cute guy you’ve had your eye on calls you? You may feel nervous and excited when he calls, …

When It Comes Relationships: Patterns Don’t Lie

November 9, 2020
Many men and women know the definition of insanity (doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a differe…

Why Susan Dates Bad Boys (Jerks)

November 11, 2020
For the past five years Susan has been on a dating roller coaster. Each guy she dates has two identical qualities; th…

Hot Articles

Living together before Marriage???

This topic has been debated since the dawn of Women’s liberation. What’s sad is that usually the argument is only bet…

Why wait to have Sex?

Why wait to have Sex? I get responses from women all the time who ask me when they should have sex with a man. Mostly…

Living Together Better Than Marriage?

So someone sent me this link about how living together is better than marriage. Let’s be honest,

The Eligible-Bachelor Paradox

What Is The Eligible-Bachelor Paradox? Yes, I do agree that women are more in control of the process of selecting a m…

Biggest Mistakes Women Make

Many times when men pull away, women are left wondering “What happened? What went wrong? Was it something I said? Som…

Do You Want Him To Listen…or Remember?

So you’re pouring your heart out to the man you love or maybe just a guy you’re interested in. He’s listening to you …

Recent Articles

man massaging a woman's back outdoors on the beach

6 Common Traits of Male Manipulators

December 2, 2022
The art of manipulation is all around us; simply turn on the TV or open your social media app and you’ll see good exa…
couple dating at a restaurant, indoors

Top 3 First Date Mistakes To Avoid

October 15, 2021
A softer job interview at best and often an emotional disaster ground, the first date is a necessary evil to a romant…
man listening outdoors

Do You Want Him To Listen…or Remember?

October 15, 2021
So you’re pouring your heart out to the man you love or maybe just a guy you’re interested in. He’s listening to you …
new green plant sprout coming out of the brown dirt

10 Red Flags You Should Never Ignore in a New Relationship

May 24, 2019
You meet someone who’s simply charming, irresistible. You’re excited about this person and begin dating, spending mor…
Person with a hat outside looking at the sun with a yellow sky

13 Relationship Questions to Know if They’re the One for You

May 18, 2019
Few things are as exciting as the prospect of new love; you light up at the idea of having found a person who cares, …
candle in front of a mirror on fire

10 Attributes of a Soulmate

May 10, 2019
The American writer Richard Bach said, “A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our lo…

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How Do I Get Him Back?

How Do I Get Him Back?

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Not every breakup means the end forever. If there’s any chance of restoring the relationship, we can help show you how to get him back.

How To Find The Man of Your Dreams

How To Attract The Man of Your Dreams

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Your Last First Date

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What if you could draw him in the fastest at the very beginning of the relationship? Start your romance off on the best footing with a strong first date allure.

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Taming The Bad Boy

Put Him Under Your Spell

If the man you’re in love with is a challenging bad boy, then you have to learn the rules for what is effective (and ineffective) when dealing with a more difficult type of man.

Commitment Soup

Commitment Soup

One Taste And He’s Yours Forever

His ability to commit is based on his character and how you make him feel. Learn about the levels of commitment and what you can do to guide the relationship to become deeper and stronger.