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Your Dreams Made True

The Woman Men Adore… And Never Want to Leave

$49 — eBook

What men like in women is different from what women like in themselves. Develop your best natural qualities to become the kind of woman that men adore! This program shows you how.

How Do I Get my man Back

How Do I Get Him Back? Bring Back Your Man, The Right Way

$49 — eBook

Not every breakup means the end forever. If there’s any chance of restoring the relationship, we can help show you how to get him back.

The Bonding Stages of men

The Bonding Stages: How Men Fall In Love

$49 — ebook

There are certain stages in any romance when you can bond with your partner faster and easier if you only know how to make it happen. Learn what level you’re at and what you can do to grow closer.

beyond bonding product cover

Beyond Bonding: Happily Ever After

$49 — Video

How can an already-amazing relationship avoid becoming just another broken romance? Go beyond bonding and learn the work it’ll take for you and your partner to live happily ever after.

What are men really thinking about?

What’s He Really Thinking: Secrets About Men That Most Women Will Never Know

$49 — eBook

Find out what’s really going on inside his head. Men are wired differently than women, but understanding those differences will allow you to better appreciate and influence the man in your life.

How To Find The Man of Your Dreams

How To Find The Man of Your Dreams: Attract the Man You Were Meant To Be With

$49 — eBook

Sometimes you have everything you need for the perfect relationship… except the perfect guy. Let us help you find the man of your dreams.

What Husbands Can’t Resist

What Husbands Can’t Resist: Make Him Want To Marry You All Over Again

$49 — eBook

Marriage is just the beginning of a lifelong romance. Learn what makes your husband tick, find out things about him that he probably doesn’t realize about himself, and be the wife he can’t resist.

The Intimacy Trigger

The Intimacy Trigger: Easily Trigger A Moment of Intimacy With Your Man

$49 — Workbook + Video

There are pivotal points or moments for men that specifically trigger intimacy. Learn to think like a man so you can understand his perception of intimacy, his expectations, and the power you hold.

Turn His Anger Into Tenderness

Turn His Anger Into Tenderness: Transform The Emotion

$49 — VIDEO

What if you had the ability to turn challenging emotional barriers into something to bring you closer? Master turning his anger into tenderness so you can transform his frustration into flirtation.

First Date Allure: Leave Him Begging For More

First Date Allure: Leave Him Begging For More

$49 — Video

What if you could draw him in the fastest at the very beginning of the relationship? Start your romance off on the best footing with a strong first date allure.

Long Distance Love Guide

Long Distance Love Guide: Secrets to Surviving The Distance Apart

$37 — Mini EBOOK

What happens when you know this is the right man for you, but he’s not right beside you? Make long distance love really work by anticipating the challenges and avoiding the pitfalls.

commitment soup product cover image

Commitment Soup: Secret Ingredients to Lasting Love

$49 — Video

His ability to commit is based on his character and how you make him feel. Learn about the levels of commitment and what you can do to guide the relationship to become deeper and stronger.

under his skin, taming the bad boy product cover image

Under His Skin: Taming the Bad Boy

$49 — Video + Workbook

If the man you’re in love with is a challenging bad boy, then you have to learn the rules for what is effective (and ineffective) when dealing with a more difficult type of man.


Sex & Intimacy: His Deepest Desires

$49 — Video + Workbook

Sex can be so much more than just a physical act. Learn how a man relates to sex before, during, and after the moment so you can experience intense passion in your physical and emotional relationship.

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Your Emotions: The Genie In The Bottle Men Love

Embrace Your Emotions. Journey Inside Your Heart. Grow Close With The One You Love.
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Tension Drives Desire – Coming Soon

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