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Men Sometimes Forget and Need a Reminder of Relational Fundamentals

I had lunch with a friend the other day. We hadn’t seen each other in probably 3 months and before that, certainly a year. He’s successful by most standards and very efficient when it comes to running his companies. In short, he knows how to get things done. In addition, he loves his wife and […]

Understanding Men – Trying To Figure Them Out

I know it’s confusing trying to figure out men. The truth is that we really don’t use as much of our brains when it comes to relationships like women do. We get accused of being mean, selfish and rude (well men can actually be all of these), but in reality many times it’s simply

Power and Surrender

by Bob Grant I see this problem often. How women (men too) long for a confident and powerful man who is sensitive to their feelings. Most men are good at doing one or the other and I have heard numerous stories of how frustrating that is to women because

Why wait to have Sex?

Why wait to have Sex? I get responses from women all the time who ask me when they should have sex with a man. Mostly they want to know how many dates then need to go on before they can give themselves to a man/guy. Rather than simply giving them

It’s the little hunches that are most accurate

About a year ago I read a fabulous book called, “Blink.” I’ve observed how often trusting your gut turns out to be true and here was a book that explained why. I went

Meet men?

Here’s an interesting post I noticed in doing research for my upcoming book, “How to Marry the man of your dreams.” Of course the title may change in the next 6 months. These are just some ideas of

Intense vs. Dependable

How often do women (men too) confuse intensity with what is true. Because something FEELs good, they assume it is good. I wonder what would happen if there was some kind of law created that made a man and woman have to work together at a job for 6 months before they were married. It […]

Gratitude and Relationships

Here it is on Christmas and I am so thankful for the relationships that I have. In fact, for many single women having a attitude of gratitude often precedes an improvement in their relationships. Many wait until their relationships improve before they are thankful and they wonder when their luck will finally turn. As the […]

How Bad Do You Want it?

So you want a relationship to die for. There isn’t anything you wouldn’t do to have the guy of your dreams come into your life and pursue you until you gave in to be his girl and later his wife. Are you certain you can do what it takes? I mean if

Why Do Men Cheat?

Why Do Men Cheat? When I went looking on the web for research I was surprised at how little information there was for women. David Zinczenko says that among other things, men were more curious and there biology influenced them in this direction more. I agree with him that

Why Do Men Cheat – Follow up

Cindy, I did look at your site and liked what I saw. In addition, I appreciate the resources in your site, e-books, detective agencies, and articles. It pains me to say that a

Understanding Men: Why Do Men Cheat?

Understanding Men: Why Do Men Cheat? See more articles for women about

Getting Your Ex-Boyfriend Back (Secret ingredient)

I must admit that I have been pleasantly surprised at the popularity of “How Do I Get Him Back.” I knew there was a need but I didn’t know how great it was until now. While many women have taken advantage of my FREE 15-minute coaching session, some have not and have emailed me that […]

Is Marriage for White People Only?

Is Marriage for White People Only? When I first saw this article it obviously seemed racist but after reading it there appears to be some truth to it. If you want to know why I do this for a living, this article is a good starting place. How can people just give up so quickly […]

What Am I Doing Wrong With Men?

I came across this post, what am I doing wrong, and it sounded similar to so many emails I get every week. Doctor Love Coach didn’t want to make any guesses without more information and I can appreciate her response. There could be a dozen different things this woman is “doing wrong” and

The Eligible-Bachelor Paradox

What Is The Eligible-Bachelor Paradox? Yes, I do agree that women are more in control of the process of selecting a mate than most would admit. However, what they fail to understand is that for those women who know how to captivate a man, even in an age when there appear to be fewer quality […]

Getting Him Back

If you have just had a relationship end, then you are most likely feeling overwhelmed (assuming you want him back) and perhaps a bit desperate. Nearly every day my office staff gets several phone calls from women who want to speak with me – RIGHT NOW. They don’t mean to be pushy, they’re just scared, […]

Marriage Advice for the Ages

Marriage Advice for the Ages Some advice is predictable (better communication), some is fun (sex is good for a marriage) and some is just simple. In fact, sometimes the answer to a successful marriage can be found in

Women’s Fashion for Men

This is just one man’s opinion, but you’ll find his opinion is more universal than not. Oh, and the stuff he doesn’t like,

Women Haven’t Adapted to Casual Sex

I can sometimes do without the almost religious fervor of evolution this and evolution that, but the findings are quite interesting. I wonder if women just weren’t designed for

“Men Love Long Hair” – Advice from a Woman?

Here’s the quote from the owner/founder of The Millionaires Club. It’ always interesting when a woman points this out. She also said this,

What Happened to the Real Men?

Every now and then a reader of “The Woman Men Adore…and Never Want to Leave,” will send me an e-mail complaining that my book suggests that women should become subservient to men. They speak of equality, and not allowing a man to ever take advantage of them, etc. They give me the impression that a […]

If You Want More Sex, Do the Dishes

This one is for the guys. Especially the married ones. It may not make sense to you but many women have told me

How to Tell if He’ll be Faithful

I read this post which I think represents the views of a lot of women. Apparently her bad experiences with men has made her

The Danger of Chick Flicks

It’s similar to men that use Pornography as an escape (Notice I said similar, not the same).

Dating Advice for Single Parents

Dating Advice for Single Parents If you’re a single parent trying to date, it can be tough. Thinking about dating and having the time to date sometimes seem as far apart as East is from West. Questions run through your mind… Am I being selfish? Do I have the time? Who is going to watch […]

Top 10 Blogs For Women I was pleasantly surprised “Understanding Men” was selected as one of the Top 10 Best “Love” Blogs for women by

Emotional Dependency – Men Love It

Whenever you hear the word “dependency,” most of us think in terms of some form of addiction or disease. It tends to imply something that should be avoided, fixed, or terminated. Most individuals with dependencies are those with

What He Wants

Most women ask me what they can say to make a man act or respond in a certain way. While there are some things you can say that work better than others,

5 Biggest Internet Dating Mistakes

So you have been sloughing through those endless profiles on your Internet dating site and have come up with someone who interests you. There has been an exchange of emails. He sounds fun and witty and you’re beginning to look forward to his messages.

7 Lies Women Believe About Men

It’s been a while I know. I’ve been working on new products and here is the latest. 7 Lies Women Believe About Men – 2 CD set. What are those lies you ask? Here are 2 to begin with:

The Narcissist Test

I found this test while doing some research. Not the most scientific, but it gives you a pretty good indication

Different Kinds Of Affairs?

I saw this and thought it was interesting. It details

Couples Who Fight – One Word Makes A Difference

I’ll admit I love research. Especially the kind that provides insights that are simple to use and repeat. That’s why

Can Tiger Save His Marriage?

I had lunch with a couple of women today who asked me if Tiger can save his marriage. My reply? Yes, Tiger can save his marriage if…

Jake Pavelka – The Bachelor

I’d like to believe that ‘Bachelor’ Jake Pavelka and his new fiancee were going to live happily ever after. I really would like to see them succeed, but

Dating Questions

As you might imagine in my line of work I have become familiar with many sites that offer dating advice. Most of these sites are transient, temporary and are built with the simple intention of

What Do Guys Like

I just got permission from a woman who bought 2 of my ebooks to use her picture on my website. She doesn’t want her name mentioned (so I won’t), but the image she sent me of her wedding day is absolutely beautiful. I still remember

Sex with Your Ex?

I was surfing the internet just looking for ideas for my newest ebook, “What’s He Thinking?” and for some reason I stumbled upon this title. I am reminded of

In Love With Love?

I saw this article and I’m reminded of

Kim Kardashian Is Single…Again?

You’ve heard me say it so many times. What makes a man connect with you isn’t simply about being pretty enough. Take Kim Kardashian. Do you really think

Getting Hurt By A Man – Elin Nordegren – Tiger’s Ex

I’ll admit I haven’t read the article, but judging from the cover she seems to be saying all the right things. What I do wonder is

Online Dating – My First Time

I remember what I said to myself when I first heard about internet dating.  “Okay. I’ll take a look, but I’m not saying that I’m going to participate in online dating just yet. I’ve heard the success stories and the horror stories about online dating. I do not have any first-hand experience to share with […]

Best Dating Related Blog

I’d like to ask a favor. is doing its 2011 Readers Choice Awards and is taking nominations. It would mean a lot if you would take the time to nominate me for Best Dating-Related Blog and Best Dating-Related Book of 2010 (The Woman Men Adore).

Dare To Dream

What you believe has a huge impact on not only how your life turns out, but how others see you. It’s more than simply being “positive.” It has to do with

Why Monogamy Matters

It seems I hear from countless women who tell me, “No one does that anymore.” Well, a lot of people don’t believe in monogamy and it’s getting to the point that a lot more don’t even believe in the value of getting married. It’s almost enough to make me wonder

Understanding Men Blog

Understanding Men Blog Here’s my first video posting. I’ve always given relationship advice that reflected what was actually helpful instead of telling my clients

Why You Need To Get Your Man To Adore You

Guest Post: One of the things that you have to find out about relationships on your own is that when they are working well the time flies by, but when you are having niggles it can really drag. It is during that ‘dragging time’ that doubts can

Kim Kardashian – What’s Wrong Here?

Regardless of whether you think Kim “staged” her wedding or it honestly ended, there’s something wrong with her. I don’t mean crazy, but it’s important to realize that patterns don’t lie. She’s got more money than most people even dream of and she’s very pretty and since she’s

Secret to Marriage

Marriages that are passionate are the ones when each person realizes that passion is created rather than it simply happens. So often singles think that if they simply pick the right person, they’ll have a wonderful marriage.

What Guys Like – The Secret

Here’s an article I just read about the difference between being hot vs. pretty. I’ve said it so many times, but it’s just as true today –

Do Men Always Cheat?

I saw this article and was intrigued by the title. Written by researchers that have discovered the truth that men will ALWAYS cheat.

Living Together Better Than Marriage?

So someone sent me this link about how living together is better than marriage. Let’s be honest,

How to Write a Killer Online Dating Profile

Without a doubt, Internet dating is a simple, quick, and fun way to find the best people possible. Although at first, online dating was regarded as a masquerade that led many people to debate its efficiency and predict an unfortunate future for this practice, today the phenomenon enjoys a lot of exposure and positive feedback […]

Why Susan Dates Bad Boys (Jerks)

For the past five years Susan has been on a dating roller coaster. Each guy she dates has two identical qualities; they are always exciting and eventually treat her like dirt!

Playing Games In Dating Is Not Manipulation — Sometimes Playing Games is Good

Many women ask me how they can get what they want without “playing games.” The idea of not directly telling a man exactly what they want (ie. “I want a relationship”), when they want to tell him, appears to be somehow disingenuous to some women. To these women, and many others, they fear that anything […]

What Not To Do If Your Partner Leaves You and You Want Another Chance

As a therapist, I regularly counsel women who are suffering from a broken heart. They tearfully tell me how much they want to save their relationship and yet their fear often causes them to focus on getting their man back, no matter what. In many cases, they do things that actually ruin any chance of […]

Pre-Marriage Counseling: Why Would You Bother?

I had a friend who was getting married to her long-time partner. They had lived together for a number of years and owned property together. It seemed that marriage would simply perfect what they had – make it permanent.

Three First-Date Guidelines For a Better Experience

Contrary to popular belief, the priority on a first date should be more about not making a mistake rather than making a good impression. Face it, the very fact that a guy asks you for a date means that you have already made a good impression. Because of this, you don’t have to impress him; […]

Love Isn’t Something That Just Happens to You — It’s a Conscious Choice!

Why doesn’t love last? If you’re like most people, you’ve probably asked yourself the above question — not just once, but several times. With about 50% of marriages ending in divorce, and pre-marital relationships failing at an even higher rate, I’m certain you’ve seen your share of failed relationships among your friends and family members […]

3 Reasons He Hasn’t Asked You Out Again

You’ve just had the “perfect” date… then wondered why he never asked you out again? You seemed to have such a great connection. You had fun. He seemed to have a good time as well. Yet he never called you again. What went wrong? This scenario is unfortunately common, one many women have experienced. Here […]

Divorce Recovery: Healing The Relational Pain and Growing Yourself

If there was one part of my job that I could do without, it is watching couples spiral down the path to divorce. While most couples I see don’t end up getting a divorce, there is that small percentage who are so filled with resentment that either one or in some instances both of them, […]

He Never Knew What CommitMEANT

Why do men struggle with commitment? This question about the tendency in men to find it hard to commit seems to surface over and over again from women all around the world. If I could identify in a few simple strokes of the keyboard on a page of my site the answer to this question, […]

First Date Magic for Women

At least once a month, one of my clients will come into my office upset about how her date went the previous weekend. Either she feels she did something wrong or worries that the guy didn’t seem to be too interested in her.

Rejection, Fear and Dating

One of the most universal needs that every woman has is to feel special. It’s not silly or childish but actually a very deep longing in the heart of every woman. Some women try and minimize this need by staying busy and productive so as not to notice the pain that comes when they realize […]

Why Nice Men Don’t Call Back

And the two reasons why you haven’t done any of the five things listed below… One of the biggest questions women have about men is “Why didn’t he call back?” We know why insensitive men don’t call back;

Living together before Marriage???

This topic has been debated since the dawn of Women’s liberation. What’s sad is that usually the argument is only between those who say it is and isn’t morally wrong. Nothing wrong with that discussion but there is more to this question than simply

The Woman Men Adore Premium Program

Discover the Secret to Being Yourself and Still Being 100% Unconditionally Loved by Your Man Learn the One Secret Guaranteed to Get Any Man’s Attention—and Keep It! Discover How to “Hypnotize” a Man Into Feeling Completely Safe with You! Learn How to Beat the #1 Relationship Killer so You Can Keep Your Relationship Strong and […]

Why Relationships are Difficult

A large part of my practice is made up of people interested in relationship advice. Not really by design (I started out working with teenagers), it just sort of worked out that way. Most often when someone comes in they want to know what to do. The Failure of the 5-Step Approach They request a […]

Is Your Boyfriend Having Doubts About The Relationship? What To Say When He Has Them

You’ve been dating a great guy for about nine months now and things seem to be going very well. You are attracted to him, enjoy hanging out, and can see a great future ahead. All is well… until he tells you that he’s having doubts about the relationship. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that the relationship […]

3 Turnoffs That Make A Man Pull Away

Of all the questions I get from women around the world about men, these are the most common. “Why can’t I get a guy to notice me?” “What did I do wrong that made him not interested in being more than friends?” What usually follows is their list of everything they believe they did wrong […]

Understanding the Secret of Scarcity: Does Your Man Truly Value You?

One of the great lessons of love is known as “the scarcity factor.” Plain and simple: people tend to want what they cannot have!

Don’t Send Your Ex That Text Message (or Email)!

When a man has stopped contacting you, should you contact him or send him an email telling him that you have moved on? Here’s the quick answer… “A Closure Letter makes him think you’re needy and desperate”.In fact, it’s one of the biggest mistakes women make that women do that ruin any chance of saving their […]

Is Your Fear of Commitment Holding You Back?

In my counseling practice, I often work with clients who have a deep fear of commitment. These individuals generally say that they want to be in a loving relationship, yet they keep picking “the wrong people.” Someone like Allison who sought my help because she was in two relationships that she admitted wasn’t good for […]

Clear Communication or Crazy Talk?

Kevin apologized to Melissa after he missed an appointment. It was a simple misunderstanding, so Melissa said she wasn’t really upset, just frustrated and disappointed. But Kevin sensed there was more to it. Melissa’s smile seemed forced, and he felt there was more she wanted to say, but Melissa insisted they forget about it and […]

The Two Types of Men: Mr. Fabulous vs. Mr. Strong and Steady

Here’s a really simple way to evaluate men. Let’s just put men into two categories. One group of men we’ll call

The Argument Women Can’t Win

When it comes to fighting and disagreeing with men, women frequently make a critical mistake which ends up causing

How to Know if a Man is Wonderful

I’m often asked by women how they can tell if a man is good for them. Usually what they want to know is how they can make sure they don’t pick someone who is going to hurt them, again.

When It Comes Relationships: Patterns Don’t Lie

Many men and women know the definition of insanity (doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result) and in spite of this knowledge, they continue to date or marry the same type of person while expecting a different result.

Sex Is Different for Men: Explore What Causes a Man to Bond with a Woman

I sell an e-book. In fact, we sell several of them. They’re for women to help educate themselves on what does and doesn’t work in regards to relationships with men.

What Do Men Really Want?

What do men REALLY want? If you asked most women this question, the answers would be predictable. Women believe that men want: A woman that always looks perfect The woman they can’t get Someone who will never complain Yes, it’s true that if you asked men what they want, there are many who would agree […]

Biggest Mistakes Women Make

Many times when men pull away, women are left wondering “What happened? What went wrong? Was it something I said? Something I did?” They agonize and replay last conversations and meetings over and over. The biggest mistake women make is not understanding how men think and feel. The very things they do to try to […]

What Guys REALLY Like & What They Want In A Woman

With so many advice websites and publications giving so much advice about men, it’s often difficult for a woman to know exactly what guys like. In addition, women have more dating options available to them and yet so many end up wondering why they can’t find anyone! So here are some tips for women on

What To Do When He Says, “Call Me”

What do you say when that cute guy you’ve had your eye on calls you? You may feel nervous and excited when he calls, even if you’re an adult, but that’s okay. It’s normal to feel like that. After all, this could be the start of a new relationship and you don’t want to do […]

3 Ways To Get What You Want From A Man

by Bob Grant When a guy asks you for a date the first time, he does so because he believes that you are someone he considers fortunate enough to spend an evening with. For whatever reason(s), the woman he invites has conveyed the idea that she is – for lack of a better term – […]

Creating Emotional Dependency

Whenever you hear the word “dependency,” most of us think in terms of some form of addiction or disease. It tends to imply something that should be avoided, fixed, or terminated. Most individuals with dependencies are those with addictive personalities and thus rely on others to meet their needs and fulfill their responsibilities. Not the […]

50 Universal Truths About Men

Ladies, here’s the list of what men really think, want and desire in a woman and relationship.

What You Call Him, He Will Often Become

Years ago, there was a therapist I worked with named Susan. Susan told me she went to a seminar that a friend of ours named Steve was giving. Since she thought she may want to do similar seminars in the future about marriage, she wanted to see how Steve presented his thoughts and insight. Susan […]

3 Signs That He’s Interested in a Relationship

1. He Makes Good Eye Contact Since guys are visual, it goes without saying that they stare at women whom they find attractive. This is significant because, as a general rule of thumb, men tend to

4 Women Men Avoid

by Bob Grant The Needy Little Girl This woman is every man’s worst fear. This type of woman is whiny and frequently verbalizes how desperate she is to get married. What is so frightening about this type of woman is that men can’t often identify her until

5 Reasons Why Marriage Is A Great Thing

I hear from women often that tell me how some of the men they date will tell them that marriage is just a piece of paper. They wonder why be so traditional and old fashion.

“Girls On HBO” – Why Is Pitiful So Popular?

For years I’ve spoken to hundreds of women who wanted a relationship that always seemed to evade them. It wasn’t for a lack of effort, at least that’s not how it appeared to them. Most of them worked hard at their job, focused on being independent and dated (sometimes frequently).

Please Don’t Do This, It Only Leads To PAIN

Researchers found a huge decline in happiness four years into a marriage with another decline in years seven to eight. In fact, half of all divorces occur in the first seven years of marriage, which gives rise to the popular term “the seven-year itch. This is what often happens if you just leave your marriage […]

“He’s Got Issues!”

I spoke with a client recently and just looking at her….she’s very attractive, gets lots of offers from men. Yet, she can’t find that one man she wants to spend her life with. The latest guy said something that screamed in her head, “issues!”

How Guys Really See You

So I’m surfing the internet and come across this.  Tell me what’s your first reaction? Honestly, what did you think when you saw the guy with his hands in the air as proud as a peacock? Here’s why this is important for you, it’s not that every guy is as trashy as this one, but […]

What Is It Worth To Get Your Man Back?

I’ve always found it quite amazing to observe how dramatically a woman’s life changes when she has the enduring devotion of the man she wants.

How He Really Sees You

I know it may seem like I’m often telling women that they don’t have to be stunningly beautiful, pencil thin and always positive.  Some of my clients have slyly suggested that I’m simply being nice (like something their mother would tell them). Please listen when I say this, “Men aren’t nearly as harsh on you […]

His First Impression Of You & What He Wants You To Know

When you first see the guy you’ve always wanted to meet, your heart starts racing. Every thought in your head starts spinning faster and faster as you wonder, “Does he even notice me?” I understand why you’re nervous. That’s why I get so many questions about how to make a great impression on a man. […]

What’s The Secret Ingredient To Save a Relationship?

Are you in a spot where you feel like your relationship is failing and you need an ingredient that you can add that will fix all? Let’s look closer at what the missing ingredient could be.

Sorry, He Doesn’t Like Drama

by Bob Grant I know what you feel when you think he isn’t listening. It’s like you just want to shake him and unscrew the top of his head so you can look inside to figure out exactly what he’s thinking. Even when you tell him that he’s not listening, that’s not what bothers you […]

How Do I Know If He’s Interested?

Hey Bob….How Do I Know If He’s Interested? Forget trying to read his mind or look for whether he turns a certain way. To be honest, being a real master at reading body language takes years to perfect. Surely you don’t want to spend all your time learning that do you? Just try my suggestion […]

Hey Guys – Here’s A Tip About Women You’ll Thank Me For

Most of the time I talk with women. Not because that was my goal when I started out, but because women seem to be more interested in understanding their relationships, self-improvement, etc.

Maybe Marriage Isn’t For You

Maybe Marriage Isn’t For You I found this article online. Actually someone posted it on Facebook. I assumed that it would be from a Progressive angle saying that marriage was old fashion, etc… Instead I was reminded of why I got married. Click Here to Read Marriage Isn’t For You  

What If You Never Found Love?

I know the title is kind of cryptic, but hear me out, please. I’m asking because deep down in the heart of almost every man and woman they’ve asked that question…privately.

What Men Need To Live A Happy Life

I found this article that was fascinating. It’s a study conducted over several decades regarding what makes men happy and fulfilled. I offer this to you so that you’ll have a better understanding of the man you love…or will love. Suffice it to say, that men crave the close connection of a relationship just as […]

The Secret To Understanding Men

Do you know the most common concern I hear from women who come to me for relationship counseling? It can be summed up in 6 words:

You Don’t Have To Try So Hard

by Bob Grant In the 16 years that I’ve been doing relationship counseling, I’ve rarely come across a female client to whom I’ve had to say, “Try harder” when it comes to relationship building.  In fact, most of my female clients try so hard that they find themselves exhausted.

The Top 2 Man Repellents

If you’re a single woman wondering why you can’t sustain a relationship with a man, or a married woman wondering why there’s no intimacy in your marriage, I may have information that could shed light on your predicament.

How To Heal A Broken Relationship

If you’ve just had a relationship end or fear the end is coming then you realize that something is broken and needs repair. However, there is good news is that most relationships can be saved.

Make Him Fall In Love With You — Get What You Want From A Man

What if you knew how to make a man fall in love with you – and stay devoted to you forever? Sound to good to be true? It’s not.

Are You Making These 4 Huge Dating Mistakes?

Do you get tired of the whole dating “thing”? Do you get sick of superficial coffee meetings with “Potentials”? It’s not just you! The dating scene doesn’t work. So don’t take it personally. You are set up to fail before you even show up. The “dating system” is flawed, period.

3 Ways to Get His Attention the Right Way

Whether you’re currently in a relationship or marriage–or you’re between relationships, we’d be willing to bet that at some time or another you’ve secretly (or not-so-secretly) longer for more attention from your partner. Maybe his eyes are on the computer or tv screen when you’re trying to connect with him and all you get are […]

A String of Relationship Advice About Men

Are you tired of hearing the same old advice about men? Always be positive, improve your self-esteem, and never act “needy.” It’s no wonder that so many women feel they have to be perfect to arouse a man’s passion for them. What if I told you that you could make a man adore you just […]

How Can The Woman Men Adore Help You Even When All Else Has Failed??

In The Woman Men Adore Program…

5 Reasons Why Men Fall for the ‘Other’ Woman

Relationships are hard to maintain under the best circumstances, so extraordinary challenges can be extremely difficult to overcome. Extramarital affairs are some of the most damaging developments for couples, regardless of how long they have been together. On the surface, many affairs don’t make sense; especially when married men fall for the “other” woman. But […]

He Said He Was Leaving. She Ignored Him

I saw this article and was struck by it’s simplicity and power. What I want to call your attention to isn’t the simplicity part, but rather the conviction she has about her family.  What happens in any relationship; marriage, work, parent-child, is when ever there is a conflict it is always the person with the […]

Don’t Let a Man E-String You Along

As Your Guy Spy into the Male Mind, I tell you our secrets so you can create secure, loving bonds with relationship-ready men. I’d like to tell you about a nasty habit some men get into that leads to heartbreak almost every time. But I’ll also tell you how to avoid falling into this common […]

How to Single-Handedly Improve Your Marriage

Did you know that it is perfectly possible to improve your marriage on your own without any input from your husband? If you are keen to turn around a marriage that has become dull or even desolate, try the simple steps below to make your marriage better.

What Drives Relationships?

Over the years of talking to different people about relationships and marriage, I’ve noticed several common traits in people’s motivation to be in a relationship. I’m sure each one of us can relate to one of them thinking about our own relationships at some point in time. These common traits are emotions (love, excitement, affection, […]

How To Get Past First Date Jitters

For the last eight months, my life has been a little hectic. I decided to take a break from online dating during that time after one guy became very frustrated by how unavailable I was. He was right. It’s kind of hard to start a relationship when

How to Tell if He’s Looking for Marriage

You’re a single woman, in your twenties or thirties. You’re looking for marriage and kids but you don’t want to waste your precious ‘fertility years’ dating men who are not

3 Signs It’s Time To Take A Break From Dating

It can be fun and exciting to get dressed up, put on a sexy pair of heels and go out to dinner with a cute guy you met online. It’s fun to have someone tell you how beautiful you are, share

He Is Not Romantic

It is an age old story:  you have been dating for a while.  You expressed love for each other, combined your bachelor pads into a snazzy one bedroom in the East Village and adapted Mr. Whiskers.  Everything is going great, except…. You can’t put your finger on it, but

3 Common Dating Mistakes Single Women Over 50 Make That Causes Them To Struggle With Dating—And How To Avoid Them Forever!

Dating over 50 can be challenging.  The reason is most of us didn’t date when we were younger. We sort of fell into relationships in high school or college that often began as friendships from hanging out in class, lunch, or youth events together.

Love, Jealousy and Relationships

Relationships, love and in particular jealousy present each of us with a unique opportunity to better understand ourselves.  Jealousy is most often the result of attachment and expectations, beliefs, projections, delusions, guilt and low of self-esteem.

4 Obvious Signs You’ve Found Long-Lasting Love

Every woman wants to know what she needs to look for when trying to decide if she has found long-lasting love… the kind of love that is shown in movies and written about by poets.

8 Signs He’s Going to Break Up With You

Have you been wondering if your guy might be on the way out the door? Has he pulled away, leaving you wondering if a breakup is coming? Sometimes it is hard to tell if your relationship problems

How to Become Irresistible — The “Universal Attractant” Will Make You Irresistible

Studies show that we all find different traits attractive in dating. No one likes the same thing.

How To Survive When Your Man Cheats

We all enter love relationships with the hope it will last forever. But what should you do if the man you love betrays you? Talk to your girlfriends… or curl up with a gallon of ice cream… or vow to never fall in love again?

One-Liners Guaranteed to Bring You Closer

Who knew? Just a few little words can make all the difference in a relationship! In my work with couples, I’ve found that certain words and phrases, repeated often enough, are key to staying connected to the one you love most. What are they? After “I love you,” here are six simple phrases guaranteed to […]

What Men Crave – His Deepest Desire In A Woman

Do you think you know what men crave more than anything else?

7 Romantic Habits of Passionate Couples

Do you ever wish you were that couple in the restaurant that is so into each other you cannot take your eyes off of them? What do they have that you don’t? What is their secret to passion and romance?

How Do You Change Your Life Script?

The first step is to wake up and realize you have choice.  In every phase of your life, you need to be mindful and aware.  Pay attention to your surroundings.  Know that no matter what things might look like or what situation you currently find yourself in, you always have a choice. And know that […]

Six Ways to Re-spark your Sex Life after a Baby

Having a baby is an amazing experience. It brings out all sorts of qualities in you both and unleashes a fierce love that never dies. However, despite this many couples say their love life grinds to a halt. In some cases it can literally take years to get back on track.

5 Reasons Women Mess Up on Love

It’s not fair.  Finding love is so important—yet most of us get it wrong at least once. I wish there were a magic wand I could wave so you could recognize and hold onto a good love match.  The best I can give you in this brief article is to provide you with a cautionary […]

The Communication Mindset That Can Save Your Marriage

Whether you’ve been married for 5 months, 5 years or even 50 years, one of the biggest obstacles to lasting passion and love is communication.

3 Clues You Are Dating a Toxic Man?

Women desire relationships filled with excitement and passion, but those under ridden with drama and trust issues will lead us down the path of dating bad boys. Friends try to warn each other about the men they are seeing. Have you ever been told that he’s no good for you?

Is it Love-or Rebound?

Top Questions You Should Ask You! So you feel you’ve fallen in love again! Yet, there’s this imaginary bee buzzing around your ear that’s making you wonder: “Is it love—or rebound? How do I know? “ Then you feel that punch of doubt in your stomach. The thought goes through your mind: “Oh no—am I […]

Common Marriage Mistakes Made by Women

Most if not all marriages go through strained periods – understanding that this is perfectly normal and can be addressed will give you a more positive, ‘can do’ attitude for improving your marriage.

A Powerful Process To Attract The Right Man — Mr. Quality & Mrs. Intentional

Finding your Mr. Quality is more a battle of your own mind than it is meeting the guy. We blame our town, our parents, we blame men but deep down we have fears and anxieties that keep us stuck in dead-end relationships.

Dating Games, Why Women Play Them, & How To Escape The Trap

Is your intention to find a person with who you can have a good trustful relationship with? And you are meeting potentially suitable partners and in the beginning, everything goes well, but after a little while, you start being aware of the words, phone calls, text messages, initiation of dates and activities, etc.

Why Is Love So Hard? How To Find and Keep Perfect Love

Many women struggle with either finding the right relationship or keeping the one they have on good terms. And it’s not uncommon for women to try and fix the situation at home with slow progress and a lot of frustration.

He Doesn’t Think Like You (and he never will)

He really doesn’t think like you and he can’t understand why you don’t think as he does.

3 Ways to Stop Jealousy Meltdowns

You’re out with your spouse or lover and IT happened–

5 Attraction Principles EVERY Single Woman Needs to Know

Are you single and looking? If you are a woman, whether you’re single or otherwise, you will benefit from reading the below…

3 Benefits For Why Dating Multiple Men Is OK

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that men and women go about dating in very different ways. Men don’t leave a first date and plan out their wedding to you in their heads, instead they assess if they would like to get to know you further.

I Took My Husband’s Name Upon Marriage – Am I a Pathetic Chattel or Victim of Patriarchal Control?

Am I really a Pathetic Chattel or a Victim of Patriarchal Control Just Because I Took My Husband’s Name upon Marriage? There’s a disturbing debate raging. It sprang up from inside feminist circles. It seeks to undermine marriage and family values by oppressing those whom it purports to free. What is this topic that has […]

Understanding the Dating Program Language — A Technology Metaphor

As you develop your own set of dating parameters, consider the fact that every individual has their own way of processing data and running their programs for each situation to determine whether or not to connect hard drives, if you get my application of the technological language.

What He Really Means When He Says He’s Scared

I’ve had several clients over the years who are beautiful, smart, and successful. Most come to see me because everything is working except for one thing: They long to get married and have a family of their own. Usually, they visit my office right after they’ve met someone wonderful and they’re afraid it won’t work […]

What To Do When Everything You Say to One Another Turns into a Fight…

It can happen in the best of relationships… You used to get along so well and then it’s like a switch was thrown and now you can’t talk to one another about anything without it turning into a huge fight. No matter what it’s about, the result is the same…

5 Dead-End Conversations that Spoil a First Date

On a first date, what do you tend to talk about? Many single women end up discussing work, why they are single, how hard dating is, health problems, kids, weird dating stories, problems with an ex, or details of their divorce or last relationship. Sadly, none of these topics help a man know you at […]

Is He Difficult? Or Completely Impossible?

Last week, my friend decided to call out a guy she’s known for over a year on his bad behavior. She sent him a text asking why he often flaked on their plans and was sporadic in contacting her. She forwarded me the text he sent in response. Here it is:

When Women Cheat: Overcoming Blame and Disempowerment

Have you cheated on your partner, husband, or boyfriend? Have you thought about cheating? You may be surprised at what may be at the root of your desires.

Really Understanding Men – From A Woman’s Point of View

Admit it, you’ve been curious about a man at some point in your life. It’s so hard to get into a man’s head, to know what’s going on with him, or to know what’s causing him to behave as he does. Yet, we still want to understand what makes a man do the things he […]

Is He Really the Right Man For You?

You’ve been dating a man for some time now, but you’re not sure whether he’s the right man for you or not. Your friends think that he is wrong for you, and in your heart, you know that he probably isn’t right either. So why don’t you dump him and move on instead of making […]

Simple Text Flirting Tactics That Work!

Texting friends, family members and colleagues is one thing, texting a guy that makes your heart flutter is something else. How can you write text messages that entice, and intrigue him? It’s easy if you follow these 4 tips!

10 Deal-Breakers That Aren’t: Seeing Things Differently In Retrospect

1. Opposites? When I was 25, I thought we needed to be opposites to attract. Well, in a sense, we all wind up with our opposite; after all, none of us weds our clone.

Do This and You Will Stop Having Men Waste Your Time

The biggest complaint that I hear from many women is that they hate that they wasted time with a man. It could be that they dated a man for almost a year and they soon realize that he isn’t ready for a commitment or he’s just not the one.

Relationship Advice for Married Women

Are you quietly struggling in your marriage? Do you feel like your husband just doesn’t love you anymore? It seems like no matter how hard you try, nothing’s working. You can’t find a way to connect with him. If you’re like most wives, you probably do NOT worry so much about whether you’ll stay married […]

Be The Woman Men Adore

The Woman Men Adore And Never Want to Leave What if you knew how to captivate a man, make him fall in love with you, and give you everything you desire? Sound too good to be true? It’s not. When it comes to your relationships with men, which of the following do you find yourself […]

Get Him Back Now: Did You Know That Most Relationship Breakups Can Be Saved?

In fact, the reason why so many women end up heartbroken is often because of what they do the first few weeks after the breakup. You see what get’s most women in trouble isn’t that they’re mean, selfish, or demanding. No, after a breakup most women try and coax their man back using methods that […]

4 Reasons Men Pull Away and How To Handle It

Has this ever happened to you? You’re dating a man you really like, you think things are going great, and then, seemingly out of nowhere, he begins to pull away. He stops getting in touch as frequently, starts canceling plans and you’re left wondering where you went wrong and feeling very confused. Here are four […]

Is Love a Deadly Game or a Source of Pleasure?

Why is it so difficult to keep the juices flowing in your relationship? Is it inevitable that after some years the initial freshness turns into devastating boredom? Or worse, that two people who were first lovers end up hating and destroying each other?

6 Powerful Things to Say (and Never Say) to Your Partner

From deep-seated sentiments pour forth powerful words. And nothing stirs the storm of emotions within us quite like love. Indeed, what we say under the influence of heavy feelings can be truly potent–in an incredible or terrible way.

The 4 Types of Love Relationships

As a psychologist and counselor for more than 20 years, every relationship problem on this planet has been confessed to me. And I’ve noticed that, to our disadvantage, overwhelming emotions can make us neglect the reality that not all relationships are intended to last as long as they do, and some aren’t meant to happen […]

7 Simple Secrets to an Amazing Relationship

Of all the relationships we experience, love relationships are the most complex.

7 Ways to Save a Struggling Relationship

Nowadays, we believe that people are exchangeable. Quick are we to think, “He’s no good, I’ll dump him and find someone else.” And quicker are we to find a new lover who displays the exact same — if not worse — tendencies as the one we just left.

When You Can’t Talk To Each Other Without a Struggle — 4 Communication Tips That Help

Over the past 15 years, of helping people create more closeness and connection in their relationships, one of the questions we’ve heard over and over is THIS… “Why does communicating have to be so hard?” If you’ve ever wondered (even for a moment) why communicating and connecting with your loved one can be so difficult, […]

Getting Out There and Succeeding With Men

by Claudia Cox Are you ready to meet someone, but not feeling like online dating? Well, it’s time to put on those big girl pants and get out there!

Six Essential Cs Every Relationship Needs

by Debra Rogers You pump yourself with vitamin C to help heal a cold, but what can you do to help heal your relationship? What methods can you use to feel better and get on the road to recovery? Just as our bodies require self-care to maintain optimal health, our relationships require TLC as well.

Speaking Your Power – Leverage The Rori Raye Method

Have you ever felt like you’ve said the wrong thing to a man?

Sometimes You Have to Kiss a Frog to Get More Romance

Has this ever happened to you? Your sweet man is in the best mood and happily mows the yard, fixes the door handle that you asked him to fix months ago, washes your car with a smile on his face…and at the end of the day, he is a curmudgeon and a grouch? He started […]

What Is the Missing Ingredient In a Failing Relationship?

Are you in a spot where you feel like your relationship is failing and you need an ingredient that you can add that will fix all? Let’s look closer at what the missing ingredient could be.

5 Ways To Tell He’s Falling For You

Have you ever experienced this? You’re dating a wonderful man, and things are going well. You keep making plans, having a great time together, and feel like you might have finally found “the one.” Before you allow yourself to get too excited and start envisioning a future together, you begin to wonder how he feels […]

10 Reasons Why he Didn’t Call After Your First Date

You’ve been out on a great first date with a guy you really like and thought this could be the start of something special. You exchange phone numbers and he promises to give you a call.  Days pass and you are still waiting – but you hear nothing from him. Why could this be? Here […]

Nice Texts That Let Him Know You’re Not Interested

by Claudia Cox There is an almost endless stream of articles detailing a hundred different ways to attract a guy over text (I should know, I’ve written a few!). But how about when you have attracted a guy that you didn’t want to attract? What should you text him then?

If He’s Stalling – Get His Love And Commitment This Way

by Leigha Lake If you’re experiencing the pain and frustration of a man – your man – getting complacent and telling you “he’s not ready,” even though he came on super strong in the beginning; he was so gentle, loving and passionate… I can totally relate!

The 7 Childish Ways We Argue

How often are we faced with a disagreement or misunderstanding because of miscommunication? More often than not, actually.

How to Increase Your Value in a Man’s Eyes — Be a Prize in Your Relationship

Increasing your value in a man’s eyes always starts with increasing your value in your OWN eyes first. Women who are truly confident and know they’re a “prize” naturally have a high perceived value in men’s eyes.

5 Signs You Are Dating the Wrong Guy

Have you ever met a guy who seemed to have everything going for him? I mean seriously. His hair was perfect, he had a smile to die for and his body was tighter than the lid on a pickle jar. Every time you connected eyes with him, your heart skipped a beat. You would literally […]

Why Does He ONLY Text Me?

by Claudia Cox Believe it or not, as a single woman I have Googled the title of this article multiple times (I won’t bore you with a number…).

What Is A Dream Girl?

Most of us want to be the kind of woman that men adore. We want men to love us, to keep us safe, and to do anything and everything possible to make us happy!

What’s Your Brand in Dating? (And How It Affects You)

What’s Personal Branding? It’s how you define and present yourself to the outside world. It’s beyond your looks and what you wear.

How to Keep Your Individuality in a Relationship

We all have our own individual interests, hobbies, habits, and personality traits that make us the person we are. Every one of us is different, but very often when we get into a new relationship, we can start to lose our individuality and begin to fall in with our new partner’s ways and end up […]

An Energetic Shift That Makes You Instantly More Attractive

When you’re with a man, are you looking to him as HOLDING something that you want? Like he’s holding the key to YOUR happiness or “lovable-ness”?

Getting Out of a Situationship — 7 Steps

A Situationship is another way of describing an imaginary relationship. First things first . . . A man who is not on the same page as you, not seriously into you, or incapable of being in a healthy relationship is free to do and be who he is. Let’s not be haters.

How To Inspire A Man To Pursue You

The key to inspiring a man’s masculine need to step up and pursue you is knowing your value and putting YOUR heart first. This is a very different feeling and vibe than trying to impress a man and convince him that you’re a high-value woman or that you’d be a great partner.

3 Dating Mistakes That Are Sabotaging Your Chances In Finding True Love

Dating can be a hard and nerve-wracking time for most of us. Constantly meeting new men, constantly putting yourself out there, and constantly keeping your heart open while dealing with rejections and heart-break can take its toll on anyone.

How To Make Your Man Feel Like A Hero

Think back to your childhood for a minute. Go ahead, I’ll wait. You know all of those Disney movies where the guy rescues the girl and she tells him he’s her hero and then they live happily ever after?

How to Keep Marriage Fun After The Honeymoon Phase

by April Boddie You’ve been married for a year. Now what? I am tempted to detail all of the descriptive ways marriage can be great then suck, but then I don’t really have to do that because you can read any supermarket tabloid covering the latest dying celebrity marriage.

Are You Being Vulnerable, or Just… Desperate?

Think back to grade school when you had your first crush. Remember how you felt you needed to keep it a secret?

Don’t Ignore Him – Rotate Him

Are you having arguments with your man? Are you finding yourself regularly angry or upset with him? Is he acting distant? Has he stopped calling or spending time with you? Are you ready to give him an ultimatum and kick him to the curb if he doesn’t act right?

Why Are You Still Single? Four Powerful Tips For Improving Your Situation

If you are a single woman, have you ever felt like something is wrong with you because you have not yet attracted your Mr. Forever while everybody else goes about getting married and having babies? Do you wonder if you will ever find him?

If He Stopped Moving the Relationship Forward…Don’t Make This Crucial Mistake

I often get a lot of questions about what to do when things just seem to come to a halt. He is not MOVING it along anymore…

Dating for Divorced People: A New Beginning

When it comes to dating for divorced people, it can be tough putting yourself back out there and finding your own way down this completely new path.

Is it Break and Enter or is it True Love….

The following information is for women who want to get married to their Mr. Right, if this is you please continue reading and enjoy.

7 Habits that Create Happy, Lasting Relationships

We all want an enjoyable relationship that can stand the test of time, but how is it done exactly? 

How Do I Get My Husband To Love Me?

“How do I get my husband to love me? I have heard this statement hundreds of times from wives when they first sit down in my office and now I’m gonna share a few secret answers to this question with you. Many assume their husband simply fell out of love like he’s lost something and […]

What To Do To Inspire Deep And Lasting Connection

I often am asked what a woman can do to “get” her man to treat her the way he did at the beginning of a relationship.

6 Best Ways to Texting Him Like a Pro

We live in the age of technology, and although not all of us have still got to grips with the Large Hadron Collider (and most of us never will), one simple but beautiful piece of technology that has improved the way we all communicate with each other is texting.

Get More Love and Attention from Him By Doing Less

Do you ever feel like you have to work so hard just to get even the littlest bit of love and attention from the man you’re with?

The #1 Thing Men *Desire* in a Woman

If you look at any men’s website or advice magazine, you’ll read how men dream about a woman who is….”easygoing, positive and upbeat.” While I don’t doubt the sincerity of those men who dream of such a woman, there’s one problem: They’re flat WRONG. Now don’t get me wrong; it’s not that those things aren’t appealing, […]

Loving the Male Ego and The Art of Leaning Back in a Relationship

No matter how you approach it, dealing with the male ego can be a touchy experience in dating and relationships. A man likes to feel that he’s in charge of himself, and sometimes this impacts how he acts around you and towards you. It can be very confusing. Welcome to loving the male ego.

The Silent Signals Men Send When The Relationship Is In Trouble

Most of the time a relationship is in trouble because of too much fighting. Yet, a greater danger is when indifference starts creeping into the heart of a man. Even though anger can be destructive, it also means someone cares enough to get angry.  But what happens when a man doesn’t care enough to get […]

21 Quotes About Relationships That Will Transform Your Love Life

“Fear of commitment is often misunderstood. But this fear can be healed when you learn to

21 Quotes About Relationships That Will Transform Your Love Life – 2

<<<<< Previous One of the greatest love lessons known is “the scarcity factor”. When things are hard to obtain, they seem more valuable. And this perceived value can

21-quotes-about-relationships-that-will-transform-your-love-life page 3

<<<< Previous Sometimes women get frustrated when they feel their man just wants to fix everything. But believe it or not – that’s actually a good thing. If he wants to fix things for you, it’s because he wants to please you. Understanding this about your man will make him adore you more.     […]

21 Quotes About Relationships That Will Transform Your Love Life Page

<<<< Previous Sometimes women get frustrated when they feel their man just wants to fix everything. But believe it or not – that’s actually a good thing. If he wants to fix things for you, it’s because he wants to please you. Understanding this about your man will make him adore you more.     […]

The Unquenchable Thirst Of Every Man

Every man can tell a story about a woman that at first glance, nothing about her stood out. Yet, within 15 minutes of speaking with her, they found themselves drawn to her like a moth to a flame. Why does this happen? How can you fall in love even though your conscious mind resists it? […]

The Strength It Takes to Leave a Narcissist

When you realize that you’re no longer in control of yourself and your emotions, it’s scary! It’s hard to not get caught up in a relationship with a man that is so charming and makes you feel like the luckiest girl in the world. It’s like he knows exactly what to say to keep you […]

3 Things To Create More Intimacy This Valentine’s Day

What if this Valentine’s Day could be different? Instead of chocolate and candy hearts, how would it feel to give (and get) the gift of intimacy? In the beginning, you feel that love connection and can’t seem to get enough of that special someone, but what about when you have been together for a while? Sometimes […]

Lucky In Love

    Sometimes getting stuck in your comfort zone can block you off from love. Step outside of that routine and find new challenges and exciting things to try. You will be surprised how much this will help your love life.   Keep a positive outlook, and positive results will follow. Men enjoy being around […]

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Women Make Trying To Find Love

I first started dating at the age of 45. I had no clue what I was doing. I made huge mistakes that shook my confidence and led me to a doomed 2nd marriage with the wrong man that lasted exactly two years.

21 Ways To Rekindle the Romance

Long-term relationships bring about many benefits, such as comfort, security, companionship, and always knowing there’s someone in your corner that has your back. But for all the many benefits, there’s also the potential for a relationship to fall into a mundane habit-cycle devoid of the initial spark of excitement that drew you together. Breaking free […]

31 Movie Quotes to Inspire Relationship Goals

For decades, movies have provided inspiration to hang our hearts on. While there are tens of thousands of inspirational relationship examples in film, we chose our 31 favorite movie quotes that inspire #RelationshipGoals. If these inspire you the way they did us, then click to discover how you can inspire your own #RelationshipGoals and become the […]

Men Dont Expect Perfect But They Want Authentic

Perfect Is Overrated…I promise. Men don’t need a woman to be flawless to be attracted to her. After years of listening to women in my private practice, many women seem to think that men expect nothing less than perfection. If you were to visit some popular men’s websites such as; ( or ( you would

5 Things that Mature Women Avoid Doing in Relationships

Mature women avoid doing a lot of things that are unethical and irrelevant. They have a deep understanding of everything. They also react accordingly and appropriately in different situations and aspects of life including relationships.

Keep Him Guessing & Make Him Chase You With These 3 Strategies

For years women have always been wondering how they can make a man chase them. There have been tons and tons of advice given to women about how to get a guy and keep him interested. But for some reason, we still find women searching for the same advice. 

The “Tension Tease” Men Find Irresistible

If you’ve been giving a man all he wants… or all you have… and he still does not realize that you are the one for him, then the message below will change your life. Learn the “tension tease” that men find irresistible and why too many women are kindhearted & sweet to a man they […]

Practice Gratitude to Attract the Love You Want

I know we have all heard about how gratitude can help us in our lives. It can often feel easy to overlook this subject because it is something that we are told all the time. Be grateful, focus on what you want, don’t think negative thoughts, etc.

How to Open Up New Possibilities for Love and Relationships

The Law of Attraction teaches that love comes to us through our thoughts, feelings, actions, and energy. We attract who we are being, and how we are showing up for ourselves and others each day.

How to Deepen Intimacy and Connection in a Relationship

By Jen Michelle I often hear from women who are deeply in love with a man; yet they have so much anxiety and uncertainty around where the relationship is headed that fear can totally overwhelm them. I also know personally what it feels like to be in love with someone and not know where things […]

The Best Relationship Goals For Any Relationship

What are the top goals you want in your relationship? Many people have different opinions about what the goals or rules of a relationship should be. But, when looking for a relationship, you want to find someone who sees how amazing you are and adds value to the life you already have. You want to […]

How a Narcissist Lures Women In

Have you ever known women that always seem to date men that are never available? A relationship with a narcissist can feel like two different polar opposite lives.

Make Self-Care a Priority and Bring Him Close

If you are a woman concerned about doing too much to feel loved or feel like a man is pulling away, why not make self-care a priority to bring him close. This article will help you to recognize the dynamics that perpetuate that cycle.

11 Golden Relationship Rules

As a psychologist and relationship counselor for over 25 years, I speak from experience when I say that love is an ocean of infinite depths: people are complex, riddled with flaws and hidden desires, seeking to be accepted and understood. Different partners draw different emotions out of us—some we didn’t even know we had—and keeping […]

Six Ways to Inspire a Relationship Connection

If you are a strong, independent, and self-sufficient woman who is used to getting things done, I can relate. I work with many women who can set professional goals and achieve them as soon as they set their mind to it. So how does a woman balance what works for her professionally with finding and […]

How To Leverage The Strangest Thing Men Desire To Make Him Crazy For You

by Bob Grant I know it’s hard to believe that men aren’t emotional, but I promise, beneath their calm exterior beats layers of pent-up passion.

Top Relationship Advice Books and Programs For Professional Women

Most professional women are great at creating what they want in their life. Yet the same skills that serve them well in their career, often leave them frustrated when they don’t work well in a relationship.

10 Attributes of a Soulmate

The American writer Richard Bach said, “A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are.” True to these words, a soulmate is the […]

The 3 Deadly Relationship Sins

If there was a way to predict if the man you loved would turn on you one day, then these are the 3 signs I would pay attention to. When these accumulate in a relationship, they become like cancer to intimacy.

13 Relationship Questions to Know if They’re the One for You

Few things are as exciting as the prospect of new love; you light up at the idea of having found a person who cares, who can give you the love you deserve, who’s just right for you. Yet at the same time, you hesitate: But is he the right person? You wonder one thing: Is […]

10 Red Flags You Should Never Ignore in a New Relationship

You meet someone who’s simply charming, irresistible. You’re excited about this person and begin dating, spending more and more time together. Everything is going great, except that your new partner slips into certain “bad habits” here and there. You reassure yourself that this is normal. But is it?

5 Tips for Classy & Romantic Texting

Texting is convenient. There’s no doubt about that. But due to its popularity as a communicative medium, texting has managed to get itself a reputation as being a bit “lowbrow”.

The “Tension Tease” that Men Find Irresistible

If you’ve been giving a man all he wants… or all you have… and he still does not realize that you are the one for him, then the message below will change your life. Too many women are kindhearted & sweet to a man they want to be with and are shocked to find that […]

These Two Magic Words Create a Bond

When I ask women what they think the most powerful words they can say to a man would be, I’m usually given the replies,

Friends with Benefits: Is It Worth It?

by Brenda Adair There are advantages and disadvantages of a friends with benefits arrangement, otherwise known as a “casual relationship”. You may be in a situation where you are considering starting this arrangement with someone—either a new or long-lasting (no pun intended!) friend. If this is the case, this article will talk you through some […]

Creating Emotional Attraction – Men Love It!

Whenever you hear the word “dependency,” most of us think in terms of some form of addiction or disease. It tends to imply something that should be avoided, fixed, or terminated. Most individuals with dependencies are those with addictive personalities and thus rely on others to meet their needs and fulfill their responsibilities. Not the […]

Do You Want Him To Listen…or Remember?

So you’re pouring your heart out to the man you love or maybe just a guy you’re interested in. He’s listening to you intently as you share more and more and more. Everything you mention has significance to you because you’ve lived it.

Top 3 First Date Mistakes To Avoid

A softer job interview at best and often an emotional disaster ground, the first date is a necessary evil to a romantic happy ending. And sometimes, they are quite wonderful. But the bad has infected the first date’s reputation and to salvage it, we must attack the root of the problem. I racked my memory […]

Dating Turn-offs for Men

You’ve got yourself a date with a great guy and you really like him. You would love to see him again, so make sure that you don’t turn him off by saying and doing the wrong things. Here are 8 turn-offs to bear in mind when dating men:

Top 5 Things a Conservative Woman Must Know When Entering a Long Distance Relationship

Are you a conservative woman getting into a long-distance relationship? Do you continually question whether you will be able to gently sail through the turmoil that people say such relationships come with?

6 Things Men Can’t Resist in A Woman: What Men Find Irresistible

Men often can’t describe what has such power over them and makes women totally irresistible. Additionally, a man may not have the ability to pinpoint exactly what it is about a woman that he finds sexy – he just knows what’s sexy when he sees it. 

Nine Ways to Heal Family Rifts & Become More Functional

As a soul on the other side, you agreed to reincarnate into a certain family to further your spiritual evolution. The family you would be born into wouldn’t be “perfect” by any means: there would be family members you can’t stand and others you would have nothing in common with. But your family would be perfect for working on your karma.

6 Common Traits of Male Manipulators

The art of manipulation is all around us; simply turn on the TV or open your social media app and you’ll see good examples of people trying to convince you to buy a product, support a political candidate, or believe something to be true. In this post, we will look at the 6 traits all […]

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