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Tension Draws Him Closer (3 month Class)

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Don’t Resist the Tension

Do you feel like you’re running out of time to build the perfect romance?

Are you having difficulty making a man feel the level of emotions for you that you feel for him?

Does it seem like you’re always the one putting your best self forward in a relationship, only to have him be the one to screw things up?

You’ll be surprised to find out that the way to draw him in and make him want you more than ever runs a little contrary to what you expected…

couple in tension, kissing, indoors

Do More With Less Work in Your Relationship

Tension is a technique you can use to clarify your needs, communicate them, and expect results.

And while you’re leveraging tension to create the kind of relationship you want, you’ll also feel better about yourself and your significant other while also increasing their positivity towards you.

If you’re willing to fight through the resistance and commit to the Tension program, a stronger, deeper relationship awaits you.

What is Tension?

Tension is what makes him curious about who you are deeper down.

Tension is what has him thinking about you 24/7 when you’re not around.

But our Tension program is:

  • 3-month in duration

  • 2 meetings per month, every other Tuesday

  • 2 hours for each call

  • 8 modules total
  • Remote learning environment on Zoom
  • Group sessions with Relationship Coach Bob Grant

Embrace The Tension

Unleash Desire.

$200 a month for 10 months or $1500 Pay In Full Discount

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