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Bob Grant, L.P.C. is a best selling author and licensed professional counselor for over 20 years. His best selling book, “The Woman Men Adore…And Never Want To Leave” has sold more than 50,000 copies to date with no signs of slowing down.

He is also a contributor to Your Tango, She Knows, Savvy Miss and other popular online magazines. Bob is considered an media expert on relationships having appeared on numerous radio programs over the years.

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Bob has been responsible for countless marriages and relationships. Since each client is unique, a personalized plan is designed for maximizing and enhancing a client’s strengths, and minimizing their weaknesses. Acting as both a motivator and mentor, Bob’s goal is to help each individual acquire, develop and enhance their relationships!

In addition to being a published author and relationship expert, Bob is a professional Coach with office locations in Marietta and Canton Georgia.
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Story Ideas For Producers
What do Men Want from women?
Nearly all female coaching client asks me at some point, “What Do Men Want?” Most women work hard at trying to be the type of woman that their man. What men want and what they think they want are often two different things. A woman who puts her heart first and will always be more attractive than those are pleasers. Will a man get angry at times? Absolutely, but she instantly gains respect in his eyes and she becomes someone he can trust. Men want someone who puts her heart before their man. While most women fear this will lead to being labeled a “witch” or worse, done properly it is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Understanding Men.
That men and women think differently is no great insight. Grant explains in his just released book, “The Woman the Men Adore…and Never Want to Leave,” that men by their nature are competitive and do not want to compete with the woman of their choice. When a woman responds to a man in a confrontational style she inevitably causes her partner treat her like a man. What is more effective is to respond to him through her feelings. Once a woman learns that the male mind is by design competitive, she can then use this to her advantage and her partner’s.

What every man adores in a woman
Every man knows the meaning of this phrase, “There’s something about her.” While it means different things to different men it nevertheless brings a smile and a nod to every man. That something is a woman who not only likes herself, but also is at ease around men. When a woman is comfortable around a man it gives him the impression that she knows a secret worth pursuing. It causes her to appear to be somewhat of a challenge, which appeals to a basic human need, namely we long for what we don’t think we can get and discard what comes easy. Every man longs for a woman who is self confident and yet vulnerable enough to be engaging with a man in conversation. Any woman that acts at ease around men will have an active social life or a devoted husband.

Why men Cheat
Nearly all affairs begin months before the incident. Men have affairs primarily because they are resentful. This resentment usually takes months to develop into an affair and once it does it enables a man to justify betraying his wife. Rarely, if ever, does a man go into a marriage with the intention of being unfaithful. For him to cross that threshold of breaking his vows there must be a sense of injustice that he has suffered. Though there is never a justification for Cheating, understanding the reason’s for an affair debunks the idea that they “just happen.”

What Men Crave and Women Need
Most women have no idea that the deepest desire of a man is to be trusted. Being trusted means as much to a man has being loved does to a woman. Yet many women have difficulty trusting their man to the degree that he desires. Grant explains in his new book, “The Woman Men Adore…and Never Want to Leave,” that a woman needs; 1) Him keeping his word and 2) His being safe when he gets angry. Without these two ingredients it is virtually impossible for her to trust. Women want to trust the man of their choice; they just need help from him to do so.

Husbands were meant to be trained
One of the most misunderstood principles between husbands and wives is that of equality. Yes they both have the same value, but they derive it from different areas. Men really don’t mind their wives influencing them, but what they hate is to be nagged in the process. Every man hopes his wife will somehow know how to influence him in a way that is non-threatening. Rather than consistently arguing, Grant reveals to women the power they already possess by responding to a man through her feelings. Sometimes men respond favorably while other times they become angrier. Regardless, when a woman persists she is destined to win for the simple reason that men cannot compete with a woman’s feelings. This is why men prefer the intensity of battle to the exploration of their feelings. The end result is a husband who has been trained to respond to his wife’s feelings.

What makes a Woman Irresistible? Simply putting her heart first.
Every woman has the ability to be irresistible yet few employ their God given talents and ability. The biggest obstacle toward being attractive to men is trying to please everyone. While it may keep the peace, it sends the impression that a woman is a doormat. Since most women naturally give, Grant explains that by putting their heart first they are simply balancing out their tendency to give too much. Putting her heart first may seem selfish, but it actually prevents her from giving too much and becoming tired.

Forgiveness after an affair
Unless an individual understands the stages of forgiveness, getting over an affair can seem almost impossible. Grant notes that the stages include; acknowledging the injury, giving up the idea of getting revenge, laying down your weapons and finally, grieves over the death of innocent trust. As the victim of an affair the woman (or man) certainly has the right to terminate their marriage, yet if they choose to stay with their spouse they must forgive them or the marriage will never last. Grant shows that while forgiveness is possible instantaneously, trusting their partner again will most certainly take time.

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