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Taming the Bad Boy

Put Him Under Your Spell

If the man you’re in love with is a challenging bad boy, then you have to learn the rules for what is effective (and ineffective) when dealing with a more difficult type of man.

Put Him Under Your Spell by Bob Grant, PLC

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Understand why you like the bad boy, how to play the dangerous game in the best way possible, and what you lose by choosing this path.

Topics Covered:

Essential rules, types of bad boys, strategy, outflanking him, getting under his skin, and answers to common questions.

Ideal Student:

Women who are attracted to the bad boy and want him committed to a long-term relationship.

TAMING THE bad boy

Program Format: Video Training Course (1 hour and 18 minutes) + Workbook (10 Pages)



In This Webinar & Workbook, You’ll Learn…

How to Tame “The Bad Boy”

You know that I want the best for you..right?

And often that means telling you to avoid The Bad Boy.

He’s not reliable…

His promises aren’t to be believed.

But he’s also yummy when he’s obsessed with you.

Even though it’s against my better judgment, I’m going to show you how to make the Bad Boy nervous.

How to make him think about you even if he discards women like toilet paper.

I’ll even show you how to get inside his head.

But I offer this warning. This isn’t for the timid.

If you’re willing to do whatever it takes, even when he’s angry or upset…


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TAMING THE bad boy

Program Format: Video Training Course (1 hour and 18 minutes) + Workbook (10 Pages)



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Bob Grant is a clinically trained relationship expert coaching women since 1997. He’s been featured on SheKnows, YourTango, Dr. Laura, Savvy Miss, and GalTime delivering relationship advice that actually works.

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