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woman holding a phone on a table top texting someonewoman holding a phone on a table top texting someone
July 10, 2019

5 Tips for Classy & Romantic Texting

by Claudia Cox

Texting is convenient. There’s no doubt about that. But due to its popularity as a communicative medium, texting has managed to get itself a reputation as being a bit “lowbrow”.
a strange couple outside
April 4, 2019

How To Leverage The Strangest Thing Men Desire To Make Him Crazy For You

by Bob Grant I know it’s hard to believe that men aren’t emotional, but I promise, beneath their calm exterior beats layers of pent-up passion.
two working women smiling indoors
April 4, 2019

Top Relationship Advice Books and Programs For Professional Women

Most professional women are great at creating what they want in their life. Yet the same skills that serve them well in their career, often leave them frustrated when they don’t work well in a relationship.
coffee mug on a wood table indoors
February 27, 2019

The Best Relationship Goals For Any Relationship

What are the top goals you want in your relationship? Many people have different opinions about what the goals or rules of a relationship should be. But, when looking for a relationship, you want to find someone who sees how amazin…
water fountains
December 15, 2016

The Unquenchable Thirst Of Every Man

Every man can tell a story about a woman that at first glance, nothing about her stood out. Yet, within 15 minutes of speaking with her, they found themselves drawn to her like a moth to a flame. Why does this happen? How can you f…
October 3, 2016

21 Quotes About Relationships That Will Transform Your Love Life

“Fear of commitment is often misunderstood. But this fear can be healed when you learn to
December 7, 2015

How to Keep Marriage Fun After The Honeymoon Phase

by April Boddie You’ve been married for a year. Now what? I am tempted to detail all of the descriptive ways marriage can be great then suck, but then I don’t really have to do that because you can read any supermarket tabloid covering …
man hero looking at the horizon
November 17, 2015

How To Make Your Man Feel Like A Hero

by Georgie Jenner Think back to your childhood for a minute. Go ahead, I’ll wait. You know all of those Disney movies where the guy rescues the girl and she tells him he’s her hero and then they live happily ever after?
August 12, 2015

How to Keep Your Individuality in a Relationship

by Gil Crowley We all have our own individual interests, hobbies, habits and personality traits that make us the person we are. Every one of us is different, but very often when we get into a new relationship, we can start to lose our i…
a couple who is standing outside next to each other texting on smart phones
June 1, 2015

Why Does He ONLY Text Me?

by Claudia Cox Believe it or not, as a single woman I have Googled the title of this article multiple times (I won’t bore you with a number…).

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