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His Bonding Stages

How Men Fall In Love
by Bob Grant, P.L.C.

There are certain stages in any romance when you can bond with your partner faster and easier if you only know how to make it happen. Learn what level you’re at and what you can do to grow closer.


After completing the program, you’ll feel as though you’ve received the keys to your man’s heart as he lets you in. Over the coming weeks, as you practice the specific techniques offered in the His Bonding Stages training, you’ll start to feel differently. You’ll become the most important person in his life and awaken his Hero desire to do whatever it takes to sustain the relationship you desire.

Topics Covered

At the beginning of the course, we’ll talk about how men can bond. Then, we’ll discuss how different this is versus his steps to fall in love, and how your’s and his past affects the relationship.

Finally, we’ll talk about what you can specifically do during each of his 5 Bonding Stages that will help him speed through the process faster.

Ideal Student

This program is ideal for women who want to understand why men suddenly break off their relationship (especially when it is going well) and what to do about it. It’s also best if you’re looking for a deeper connection in your relationship, as the techniques will focus on the bond between you and him.

$197 $148 for video training + program
or $49 (for the program only)

Program Format: Ebook (232 Pages) + Optional Video Training (87 Minutes) + Optional Audiobook

+ 2 Free Bonuses (How To Pace Your Man & 10 Places My Clients Meet Men)

Thank you for considering His Bonding Stages training from Relationship Headquarters. We’re so confident you’ll be satisfied with your results that we’re including a 60-day money back guarantee with your purchase, no questions asked.

Bob Grant is a clinically trained relationship expert coaching women since 1997. He’s been featured on SheKnows, YourTango, Dr. Laura, Savvy Miss, and GalTime delivering relationship advice that actually works.

Bob Grant, Author of Woman Men Adore Program

“Most relationship advice about men simply does not work. We’ve Changed That. His Bonding Stages is Your Next Step Towards Fostering a Flourishing Relationship.”

Bob Grant, P.L.C.

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Or, if you prefer to read instead…

Her Boyfriend John Kept Staring at His Water Glass as He Nervously Fidgeted with His Napkin…

“OH, NO! Not again,” She Thought Squirming in Her Chair.

man outdoors looking into the distance

When Kate asks him twice what was wrong all he would say is, “Nothing.”

That’s when she felt a stabbing pain in her stomach because she knew what was coming next.

As the knot in her stomach began to twist she decided to try something a little weird.

Something I had taught her earlier that day…

Slowly she took a deep breath as she let slip out three… innocent… playful words…

couple, romantic fancy night out, indoors, table holding hands

And Then… All of A Sudden…

She saw the sparkle return to John’s eyes that she hadn’t seen for weeks.

For the rest of the evening, he couldn’t stop smiling and touching her as they talked.

It was like a switch had been flipped.

And it didn’t stop that night.

Because six months later he got down on one knee as he smiled and ask her to be his wife.

engagement ring

bob Grant Smiling

Hi, I’m Bob Grant

And today I’m going to share with you

The real reason why men suddenly break up with (amazing) women…

Especially when everything’s going well…

And How Whispering These Three “Trigger Words” into Any Man’s Ear… Literally Changes His Brain Chemistry…

Which Causes Him to Constantly Daydream About You.

When you sit next to him his pulse will start racing as he hangs on your every word.

Now, I know that sounds crazy. Believe me.

Most of the time trying to motivate a man with words works terrible but that’s because the words women use work on other women, but often fall on deaf ears when tried on a man.

As a relationship coach for the past 20 years…

Having taught over 4,000 women this very secret…

And receiving countless wedding invitations over the years…

I’m still pleasantly surprised when a client comes back…

Weeping with joy…

Telling me how she couldn’t believe… It worked.

Like Ashley…

who was burnt out from a string of relationships with non-committal guys.

But then used those

…three… simple… words

on a man she was falling for… even though it felt “completely unnatural” …

And now… she’s engaged.

couple, sunset outdoors

Or Stacey…

Whose airplane pilot boyfriend used to call her every day… telling her how much he loved and missed her…

But then suddenly stopped… after one fight.

In fact, they started fighting… a lot… after that.

She thought she’d lost him… until she sent these three words in a text…

And before she knew it, he texted back with an apology wanting to make up.

Then There’s Alicia…

family, outdoors, beach, sunset

Who was a divorced single mom… with four kids.

She thought she would never find a man again…

“Who would date me?”, she cried in my office.

But armed with what I taught her… and those three magic words…

Within six months…

And She Got Married in Maui…

Her Dream Wedding Spot.

You See, Once I Discovered These Three Simple “Trigger Words” I Realized They Active a Series of “Bonding Stages” Inside a Man’s Mind.

And without him realizing what’s happening… he develops an overwhelming need to be with you…

You become the only woman he wants… now and forever. Thoughts of all other women are repelled… as if they never existed.

Now – to be clear… these “three words” have nothing to do with…

  • Talking about the relationship

  • Asking for commitment

  • Or even getting him to “talk” about what’s on his mind

In fact… you do NOT want this. At all.

These Touchy Subjects Put Pressure on A Man

And If You’ve Ever Been in a Good Relationship Where the man…

  • Pulled away…
  • Ghosted you…
  • Blamed you…
  • Strung you along…
  • Or hurt you… in any way…

There’s a Good Chance You May Have — Consciously or Subconsciously… Put Direct Pressure on Him.

These three “trigger words” are subtle, indirect… and almost hypnotic… putting a man in a trance-like state, hungry for you…

Now before I share with you how this works, I need to tell you about Sherry.

Sherry was a client of mine. One of my earliest.

And it’s because of her… that led me to discover the crucial stages a man must go through in order to bond with a woman.

And the secret “trigger words” that activate these bonding stages.

She literally changed everything about how I work with women… and help them with men.

Now, Here’s What’s Strange About Sherry.

Sherry was a stunning hairdresser.

Blonde, blue eyes, bubbly. The whole package.

She looked like Miranda Lambert.

What’s more— She smiled often and was easy to talk to.

And as you may imagine… she had no trouble getting dates.

She’d had several boyfriends by the time she came to see me.

But… here’s the thing…

woman, hair, outdoors

Her Relationships Never Lasted Beyond Six Months.

And it wasn’t because Sherry got bored.

It’s not because she was a diva (she’s not.) She genuinely wanted these relationships to work out…

By all accounts, she was everything a man would want.

Beautiful, smart, and loyal to her man.

But… in the end…

They Would Always Dump Her

And she couldn’t figure out why.

It was like her relationships had an expiration date.

And Sherry really did try.

Post break-up, Sherry would dissect what led up to it. She would ask herself if she was too needy or clingy… if she talked about the relationship too much.

Or if she asked too many questions…

She’d think to herself… “maybe I was a bit too much here… ”

And for the next relationship… she would fix it.

Improve herself. And try harder.

But none of it worked.

Come the six-month mark… almost every time…

The boyfriend would act all funny… there’d be a fight… and poof…

She Even “Dated Down” Because Her Friends and Family Said She Was Being “Too Picky”

Sherry Was Single Again.

So one afternoon Sherry comes to my office.

She’d been dating Dan for five months now… and she’s freaking out.

She’s freaking out not because she’s about to hit the cursed six month mark.

She’s also freaking out because she really likes Dan. Dan is everything she wants in a man.

She Thinks — No… She Knows He’s “The One.”

But she’s feeling that awful sense of dread… that for no good reason at all…

Dan’s going to leave her in a month.

History would repeat itself.

So Sherry tried harder… she went down her checklist making sure she’s wasn’t being clingy, invasive or anything…

But that’s when something hit her… scared the living daylights out of her… and drove her to me.

You see… After triple-checking her list and being ruthlessly honest with herself she could not figure out a single incident where she put pressure on Dan.

Woman looking out a window

She’d Been – By All Accounts – the Perfect Girlfriend… Or Had She?

The creeping doubts snuck in.

Maybe there’s something wrong with her at a root level.

Maybe she’s… boring. Maybe she’s just not… lovable.

Maybe she’s just not… enough for any man to stick around with.

But when Sherry showed up at my office and told me everything about her relationship with Dan… and all her past boyfriends… I looked deep into her eyes and knew…

She wasn’t lying.

She wasn’t bluffing.

She was as honest as could be.

There Was Nothing Wrong  With Her.

And That’s When I Freaked Out Too…

Why? Well… I have a confession to make.

You see, at this time… I wasn’t a very good relationship coach. In fact, for the first six years of my career… when I worked with women on their relationships… I was often hit-or-miss.

Truth is… I was trained as a therapist.

And if you’ve ever been to therapy… you know all they ever talk about is… you.

It’s your fault.
It’s your past.
It’s your childhood.

You Have Some Issue to Work Through.
Something to Fix.

woman crying in front of an older man, indoors

Or some other deep-seated insecurity. You needed to be more positive, more confident… just be more…

Or some flavor of that.

And that’s what I did… I focused on “treating” the individual woman.

Working on her… as if it was always her fault when the man left…

Sometimes this worked. Sometimes it didn’t.

I wasn’t happy with the results. It wasn’t reliable…

And frankly… I wasn’t sure if what I was doing actually helped the women who came to see me.

Now, don’t get me wrong… therapy, psychology, and counseling have their place.

But from my own experience working with thousands of women…

It just didn’t help with unlocking a man’s heart… getting them to open up… and bonding with you.

What Actually Works was Something Else Altogether…
Something That Works on ANY Man

Regardless of Who You are as a Woman!

So back in my office… as I sat there listening to Sherry…

Seeing this incredibly attractive, confident woman talk…

For the first time in my career… I was just dumbfounded.

As a therapist… I could usually zero in on something and work on that.

But with Sherry… I simply didn’t know what to say to her.

Everything I learned as a therapist seemed wrong.

That’s when I threw a “Hail Mary”… and asked her to bring Dan to our next session.

There Was Nothing Wrong With Her.

I’d never done that before. I’d never ask a client to bring in their boyfriend or husband.

And to be completely honest… I was really just buying time.

So the week after, she brings Dan in. And everything Sherry said… was dead on.

Dan was a great guy.

I could see the two of them getting married… buying a house together… having kids…

The whole nine yards.

But something was missing.

I could tell Dan wasn’t fully committed.

What was missing though?

I couldn’t crack it. I asked Sherry to leave the room.

And with Dan alone with me… I outright ask him, “What’s going on?”

Dan tells me he loves Sherry.

He wants to be with her.

He can see she’s the perfect woman.

He tells me… he can’t see himself with anyone else.

couple holding hands outdoors

But Something Is Holding Him Back…

He can’t put a finger on it.

And it’s not like he has commitment issues either. He’s been in long-term relationships before.

Even almost got married once.

So at this point in the session… I’m really freaking out now.

Here are two human beings… in love with each other…

They want to spend their lives with each other… ready go all in… But. Couldn’t. Commit.

Something was going on here.

I thanked Dan for coming in.

I almost told Sherry that I couldn’t help her… and she should fire me.

But I looked at the two of them… together… and I refused to give up.

This was just wrong. My training was not enough. So I sheepishly asked Sherry to give me another week.

I needed more time. I was ready for her to say no, but to my relief, she agreed.

And that’s when I hunkered down to figure this out.

There Had To Be Another Answer Out There.

I Knew Therapy Wasn’t the Answer.I Had to Go Outside of My Comfort Zone

So I started reading all the relationship books out there.

There wasn’t a lot twenty years ago (this was before the internet got big).

You had books like:

The Rules…Why Men Love Bitches …and How to Succeed With Men

And a lot of these books talked about…

  • Playing games…

  • Improving yourself…
  • Be more positive and confident…

The magazine articles I read were worse. They just talked about buying new clothes… getting a new hairdo… or spicing things up in the bedroom.

I was hitting a wall and getting desperate.

But I knew what I was looking for wasn’t a fantasy.

After all — I had several friends…

Who were now loyal, devoted boyfriends and husbands…

Men who I personally knew… who used to laugh at the idea of settling down…

And dating multiple women at the same time.

What’s more… the women who finally captured their hearts… some of them were average looking… others were not the fittest.

But something about them… flipped the “magic switch” in these men.

And it was at this point I decided to call up one of these women.

I had to know the secret.

But Something About Them Flipped The “Magic Switch” in These Men.

At First, She was Extremely Suspicious…

woman, dinner party indoors

To her, I was Bob, her “husband’s friend”… we barely shared words between us.

But I had an in.

You see, she was a relationship coach of sorts too. So I talked shop with her.

We talked about clients and things about the job we hated…

I kept trying to lead the conversation to how she turned my friend into a monogamous, loyal and devoted husband who doted on her.

And after several minutes… I didn’t think I was going to get anything out of her.

Until Finally…

young man reading book, indoors

She said, “OK, Bob. You want to know the secret?”

My palms were sweating.

My heart was pounding.

This was it.

Here was the secret.

She said, “Get a copy of this book, it’s called Hot Monogamy.”

I thanked her… We hung up…

And I ran to the bookstore as fast as I could.

At first… I thought she had led me on.

The advice in the book was the same ole, same ole.

Talk more. Share more.

I was disappointed. I felt duped.

The book seemed… useless. But then… I got to the last chapter… and something stopped me…

It was This One Simple Insight… Which Would Flip My World Upside Down…

It changed my practice forever and lead me to discover why some men commit to a woman…while others don’t… or can’t!

It was earth-shattering to me because… for the first time in my life as a relationship coach…

I finally understood… It had nothing to do with the woman.

It simply was not her fault.

Now… this eye-opening insight… didn’t seem like much… at first.

It was a short paragraph. I’m not even sure the author herself knew how powerful it was.

It Had Nothing To Do With The Woman.

Men Bond Differently Than Women

And More Importantly…

Love Happens In Stages


Once you understand that simple truth… you will never wonder again why suddenly a man turns distant… cold… or breaks up with you.

The one simple insight led me down a rabbit hole of research… into the physiology… brain patterns…and deep psychology… of how men tick and why they bond to some women but not others.

And Today… I Can Boil It Down To Three Evidence-Based Insights

romantic couple outdoors, at night

These three insights… have helped over 4,000 other women… just like you… find the love of their life.

Trust me…

I’ve been invited to more weddings than I can count now.

And I’m going to share these insights with you…

Right now.

And once you “get it”… you too, will never be hurt or confused by a man…

Ever again.

What’s more… you’ll know exactly how to capture a man’s heart… and how to escalate their desire and devotion to you.

As you activate their “bonding stages”… with something as simple as using “trigger words” at the right time.

But before I get to that…

The first thing you need to understand is…

1: Men Have Stages of Bonding

They don’t truly fall in love… and devote themselves to a woman until they progress and go through… Each. And. Every. Stage… In order.

Anytime a man breaks up with a woman… ghosts her… drags on in a relationship… and refuses to commit…

Or even cheats on her…

It’s because they have NOT truly gone through the “Bonding Stages”.

I’ve seen this in marriages gone wrong… and I’ve seen it in engagements that last forever.

Until the man truly bonds with a woman… there is no devotion… no loyalty…

No commitment.

Even if they say “I love you”… or “I want to spend my life with you.”

Truth is — Most Men Themselves Aren’t Aware of His “Bonding Stages”.

Many of them think they’re in love…

When they haven’t gone through all the stages.

And they end up breaking up with women… thinking they’ve “fallen out of love”…

When really, they haven’t truly bonded.


Men are just not in touch with their feelings… much less the deeply seated “Bonding Stages” going on in their brain…

This brings me to my second insight:

2: There are Five Stages of Bonding for a Man.


The first two are adrenaline-based infatuation.

It’s exciting. It’s fun. They can’t keep their hands off of you.

They love chasing you. And many even go so far as to say “I love you.”

But unfortunately, they’re not in love. Even if they think they mean it…

Even if they believe it from the bottom of their heart.

You see… these early stages of bonding are all heat and no glue.

What’s Worse… Is a Lot of Women Believe the Man.

“He said the L-word, didn’t he?”

And what happens is… the relationship loops in these first two stages for a while…

But eventually… every relationship has to move to Stage Three… which is also my third and most important insight for you today.

3: Stage Three is Where the Man Hits a Roadblock.

Stage three is where the man comes down from his high.

Stage three is where the man starts to… doubt.

He doubts himself… He doubts the relationship… He doubts even the woman.

He wonders if you’re really “the one”… even if they’ve already said, “I love you.”

And it is at this exact point that… the woman has her golden chance to use this doubt to create a deep and lifelong bond.

You see… stage 3 of the man’s bonding stages is interesting.

They honestly don’t know what’s going on.

You may recall… when I talked to Sherry’s boyfriend he couldn’t put a finger on why he couldn’t commit.

It was because…he was in stage 3.

And this is where so many women innocently try and help a man…the wrong way.

Stage 3 is a fragile, delicate time in a relationship. 98% of women don’t know what to do here.

If you’ve ever complained about not knowing what guys are thinking… and why they’re “acting this way”… it’s most likely you have a man in “Stage 3”.

Stage 3 is a Fragile, Delicate Time. 98% of Women Don’t Know What to Do Here.

This is the Stage Where They May Start…
Acting Out.

Like not answering your calls or texts as quickly…

Or picking fights over the dumbest things…

They may even say things they “regret” later.

The one tip you must take from this…

If anything… is that it’s NOT YOU.

There’s nothing about you to fix. You can’t “become better”. You can’t “be more”. Giving more is useless.

man standing next to a tree outdoors

The Problem is… Them

All men hit stage 3 eventually and pull away from the relationship. Some more dramatically than others. However — there are things you can do.

So if you carefully guide him over this stage 3 hump and into stages four and five… you will have helped him transition from the adrenaline-based infatuation of the early stages to the more solid, sticky…

TRUE BONDING… Based on Endorphins

It is in stage four that a man begins to truly bond with a woman.

He needs your help in stage 3… because he wants a long-term, committed relationship with you… where he has deeply with bonded to you… When he can finally rest from his long search to find you.

So Once I Had a Good Grasp on the Bonding Stages… I Asked Sherry Back to the Office… ASAP.

I just couldn’t wait to share my new revelation!

At first… she didn’t understand what I was telling her because everything I said was the exact opposite of all the advice out there.

Advice that told her to…

Be more.

Be better.

Be positive.



And how it was her fault…

be more awesome

It Took a While for Her to Accept the Possibility That it Was Dan That Needed to Change… Not Her.

And I don’t mean “change” like turning a bad boy into a good man… (She’d tried that so many times).

But instead, guiding a man through Stage 3… so he gets past this hurdle… and finally commits to you and you alone.

We couldn’t just sit Dan down and tell him about “Stage 3”.

It doesn’t work that way.

You see… Not only is Stage 3 hard to get through…

What my research told me was men need to think it was their idea on when to move past Stage 3.

They need to believe they came up with the idea!

What’s worse… men don’t know when they’re in Stage 3.

Heck, they don’t even know about the Bonding Stages.

And that’s when I asked Sherry to help me out.

However… There Was a Challenge to All This…

couple talking, indoors

We were going to secretly experiment on Dan. We would come up with ways that would…

  1. Make Dan acutely aware he was in an unpleasant stage in his life…

  2. Give Dan the tools and strategies to get past Stage 3… WITHOUT him knowing we were feeding him these tools!
What’s more… we were going to do it in a way that would make him think…

They Were His Ideas All Along.

If you ever saw the 2010 movie, “Inception” with Leonardo DiCaprio, where they plant the seed of an idea in a man’s dreams… then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

This sounds incredibly difficult… but it’s not… once you understand how to do it.

And also…

This might sound like we’re “playing games” with a man… but it’s not.

Because… as I said… this is simply how a man is psychologically wired.

There is no other way to get past this system…

And get him to move past Stage 3 in any other way!

Now some of these tools I mentioned are the “trigger words” I talked about at the beginning of this presentation.

There are others.

And I’ll share all of them with you… in a moment.

woman, shh

But Back to Sherry…

As you can imagine… she hesitated on trying these tools I came up with.

After all, she didn’t want to treat Dan like a guinea pig. I totally understood.

But because her relationship was nearing the accursed six-month mark… she felt like she was going to lose Dan anyway so she decided to give it a shot.

And so she did.

As I had predicted… it was incredibly awkward and unnatural at first…

But then something “clicked” with Dan.

She noticed he stopped what he was doing and looked at her with the same tender eyes she had fallen in love with as she felt a warm sensation flow through her heart.

In fact, he became desperate… and felt like he would lose her if he didn’t act fast.

couple embraced on the beach outside

In Fact, He Became Desperate…

And felt like he would lose her if he didn’t act fast. What’s more… what he was feeling wasn’t the thrilling, fever-pitch, adrenaline-based infatuation he felt when he first met Sherry.

This was the slow-burning passion… that only a man truly bonded and in love develops…

An endorphins-based love…

That can burn for a lifetime.

No. This Was Different.

He Told Me Later: “I felt like I couldn’t live without her.”

Notice the difference.

It wasn’t… “I couldn’t keep my hands off of her.”

It was…“I can’t LIVE without her.”

And that’s when I knew Dan was deeply embedded in Stage 4 now… and moving quickly into the deep commitment of Stage 5.

couple showing affection indoors at dinner

The two of them showed up a couple of months later… Sherry with a ring on her hand.

I was elated for them!

What I Had Discovered With Sherry Were His “Bonding Stages” All Men Secretly Have…

And the tools you need to guide men through the difficult stage three.

A stage all men must go through… before they truly, fully bond with a woman.

Now, Sherry…
She’s What I Called a “Sneezer”.

She’s the kind of person that tells everyone she knows when she has an experience… good or bad.

And after what I pulled off with her and Dan… she told everybody at the salon she worked at…

She told all her friends… and she told every one of her clients…

Including all the ladies at the Creative Loafing Newspaper.

And her friends told other friends.

In short…

couple drinking coffee together

My Small Private Coaching Business Went Viral!

(And This was Before Facebook, Instagram and Twitter…)

And now… eighteen years later… with over 4,000 happy clients… and countless wedding invitations and thank you letters…

I still think back to that first day Sherry showed up at my office. And how my business got turned inside-out and upside-down… because of her.

And all the other Sherry’s out there… I haven’t been able to help.

I mean, yes… I’m grateful for the 4,000 private clients I’ve had.

My business is still doing well to this day.

But I know… I could be helping a lot more women. (Not just the ladies of Atlanta!)

It doesn’t help… I can only help one woman at a time… and my coaching rate is over $400/hour… which means a lot of women can’t afford me.

In Fact, I’ve Been Thinking a Lot About It Recently…

So a Few Years Ago… I Started Working on what was Going to be My…“Final Project”

This was going to be my legacy.

Something I could share with the world… and hopefully leave a lasting impact.

I took everything I learned from all the clients I worked with over the years… and all the research I did… plus all the real-world feedback I got from thousands of now happily married women… and devoted husbands fully bonded to them…

And codified it into a simple and easy-to-follow program called…

His Bonding Stages: How Men Fall In Love

Inside This Course I’ll Show You…

  • Exactly what each of the 5 bonding stages are and how to spot each of them in a man…
  • Plus what to do if they “loop” inside stage 3 and how to get them past it.
  • Not knowing which stage your man is in is the #1 mistake women make that can seriously mess up what could’ve been an amazing relationship.

I’ll also reveal…

  • What it really means when a man says “I love you” during the adrenaline-based stages 1 and 2… and why it’s so damaging to believe him. It’s not that he doesn’t mean it. He truly believes what he is saying… but he’s not really in love with you the same way you may be with them.

  • But most importantly I’ll talk about why every man must go through stage 3 in order to truly bond with you… and how ignoring this can lead to breakups, divorce, cheating… or worse.

  • And more importantly… the 3 “death sentences” can irreversibly end any chance of your man bonding with you. DO NOT say them during Stage 3… under any circumstances.

Next, You’ll Discover…

  • The real reasons why good boyfriends or husbands suddenly show up late… delay returning calls… listen less often… forget promises… and “check out”… even if they’ve already bonded to you!

  • The #1 mistake nearly all women make that literally blocks a man from ever moving past Stage 3… stunting the relationship… leading to a slow decline and loveless relationship.

  • How to quickly detect and get rid of toxic men. Men who are forever stuck in stages 1 and 2 and can never bond with any woman. Avoid these men. Period.

And much, much more…

This is Just a Small Sample of What’s Inside

This course based on my lifelong work… which gives you the exact tools and techniques…

The “trigger words”…
The “phrases”…
The questions…

That nudges your man from one “Bonding Stage” to the next… so that he’s obsessed, devoted, and feels a wave of love every time he thinks of you… all the while thinking – it was his idea.

This Program Gives You The Key That Opens a Man’s Heart, Even When He’s Scared and Full of Doubt.

If You’re Reading This Right Now
I Know One Thing About You

Whether you’re between relationships and find yourself repeating the same patterns (Like Sherry did)… or you’ve been in a relationship or marriage for many years…

SOMETHING’S not working in your love life…

And here’s what I tell all my new clients:

Congratulations: You’ve Taken Your First Step

In your heart, you know what an intimate relationship should feel like and the fact you’re reading this tells me… you’re ready to have that experience.

But I want to be sure this is what you really want.

Are you ready to have X-ray vision into a man’s heart and soul? To know what Bonding Stage they’re in… and how you can “shift” them from one stage to the next… simply by saying a few words at the right stage?

Are you ready to change how men respond to you?

woman socializing with three men outdoors, sun

Most importantly— Are you ready for the one chapter of your life to FINALLY be written where that strong secure man takes your hand— and never let’s go?

Where you’re not repeating the same patterns… and men treat you with respect?

Because if your answer to these questions is yes…

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Is it for the money? …No, I have a thriving practice.

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5 ways to pace your man

Bonus #2: 10 Places My Clients Met Their Soulmate

Today’s dating scene is… to put it nicely… a big mess.

And gimmicks like speed dating… or getting set up by friends and family isn’t that much fun either.

Apps like Tinder… don’t get me started.

Dating sites make you fill in endless questions… and you end up with creeps and weirdos messaging you.

It’s chaotic.

So out of my 4,000 past clients… what were the ten most common places where they met their future husband?

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10 places to meet men

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I’ll even include a bonus option of my free 30-day trial to The Women Men Adore Club where I will work with you and a select group of other smart and successful women, so you can ask me questions about your most pressing relationship needs.

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As I’ve Said… Stage 3 is a Very Unique Time in a Man’s Life.

Anytime they’ve broken up with a woman… after what seemed like a perfectly good relationship… it’s because they themselves had no idea they were in Stage 3…

The woman didn’t either.

And unfortunately… 98% don’t know how to handle this change in behavior.

Well, now you will.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still reading, I’ll bet you still have some questions. Here are the most common ones I get.

Why can’t I just get this on Kindle?

Great question. There is a lot of great relationship e-books available on Amazon, I know because I read a lot of them looking for any clue about the Bonding Stages and couldn’t find anything that described what I was seeing in my clients.

From video instructions and access to me in the Adore Club, I’ve left nothing to chance so you’ll experience what it’s like to have a strong secure man pursue you and feel lucky when you finally say “yes.”

How quickly will I get The Bonding Stages Program?

Actually, It Really is Instant. Fill Out Your Information – You’re then taken to a Thank You Page for immediate Access.

If you join the Women Men Adore club – Just fill out the information. Within about 3 minutes, you can start changing your life.

I’m not in a relationship right now; does The Bonding Stages apply to me or is it just for those in a relationship?

If you’re single you’ll see how to “set the tone.” Because if you set the right tone, you can speed up the process even faster. And you’ll learn the right kind of TENSION that makes such an intense impression on a man.

I’ve read every relationship book out there. How is The Bonding Stages Program different?

It’s different because this addresses the current crisis in a proactive way.

Most relationship advice focuses on communication and trust. I focused on those also, at first; but I still had some men leaving women -Good women, beautiful and kind.

And most of the time, these men were communicating with the woman, and they still were ensnared by the affair vultures. The Bonding Stages is your firewall around your relationship that is critical.

I just want a relationship to happen naturally. Isn’t this being manipulative?

No it’s not, and you don’t. Imagine a date that just goes organically – no planning – no preparation.

You’d hate it that the man didn’t think enough of you to actually plan the evening out. It’s even more critical that you don’t let something as precious as your relationship end because a man makes a critical mistake when he gets scared.

You’d hate it that the man didn’t think enough of you to actually plan the evening out. It’s even more critical that you don’t let something as precious as your relationship end because a man makes a critical mistake when he gets scared.