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Your Last First Date

He’ll Be Begging To See You Again

What if you could draw him in the fastest at the very beginning of the relationship? Start your romance off on the best footing with a strong first date allure.


Program Format: Ebook (143 Pages)
He’ll Be Begging To See You Again

Your last first date


Approach that first date like it’s your last, setting a foundation for committed lasting love.

Topics Covered:

The biggest fear of the first date, the art of timing, the importance of questions, what not to do, and navigating post-date dynamics.

Ideal Student:

Women who are tired of the dating scene and persistently ghosted now seeking a long-term committed relationship.

Your Last First Date

Ready for your last first date?

• Are tired of the dating scene and heartbreak?
• Do you fear dating someone new because it ends in disapointment?
• Ready for a commited relationship and want to learn how to draw him in?
• Want to feel like you’re not wasting your time on a guy who doesn’t prioritize you?

In This Program, You’ll Learn…

You only get 1 chance to make a great first impression.

What happens if you make the wrong impression and this new wonderful man doesn’t get a chance to know the REAL you?

Inside this program, you’ll discover the only thing you need to “do” on a first date. Get his right and create a feeling he’ll remember days later.

You’ll learn how to create TENSION (the most important secret to keeping him thinking about you long after he’s said goodnight).

Instead of trying to and “figure out” if he’s the one for you. Do this instead and you’ll know if he’s worthy of your heart.

The most important thing you can do that will magnify your attractiveness in his eyes…

The most important thing you can do that will magnify your attractiveness in his eyes…

And so much more!


Your Last First Date

Program Format: Ebook (143 Pages)



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Bob Grant is a clinically trained relationship expert coaching women since 1997. He’s been featured on SheKnows, YourTango, Dr. Laura, Savvy Miss, and GalTime delivering relationship advice that actually works.

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