How Do I
Get Him

Before He Moves On

What happened? You met a great guy. He really seemed to be interested in you. Everything was going fine until he suddenly pulled back. What went wrong?

You spend all your time replaying in your mind over and over what happened during your last conversation or encounter with him, looking for clues as to what might have led to your breakup.

What should you have done or said — and what should you not have done or said? You say to yourself, “If only I could understand why he left me, I could fix it.”

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In This eBook, You’ll Learn…

You can get him back, but the very things you think will bring him back may actually push him farther away! The number one mistake women make when trying to get a man back is – using strategies that work on women, but not on men. Men don’t think the same way women do.

Most women think that words are going to tug at a man’s heart strings, and make him fall to his knees begging for the woman to take him back. Ladies, let me be blunt: They don’t.

You need to understand what he’s thinking and what he wants in order to get him back and keep him for good. I’ll give you a proven plan used successfully by hundreds of women just like you.

Don’t wait until your man has moved on in his life without you and shut you out of his heart forever. You must strike while the iron’s hot. Learn these truths now before it’s too late.

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Only $49 + 60-Day Moneyback Guarantee

Customer Testimonials

Dear Mr. Grant, I am thankful and excited that “How to Get Him Back” worked like a charm! I wanted to share my excitement with you and tell you, thank you.
Grateful, Melanie
I bought your e-book on geeting a guy back and worried maybe it was a waste of money. That next day though I was anxious, I kept your book in mind. He came over the next day, ss he left I said the magic words at the door and started to close it. He blocked the door from shutting and hugged me again. He immediately asked if we could try to work on things and take it slow but exclusive. It worked! Thank you.
Elle Weaver
“How to get him back” has gotten me the title Mrs. I love my new name. Thank you!
Mrs. Katherine Luberto

Only $49 + 60-Day Moneyback Guarantee

What You’ll Learn

  • The top three reasons why a man suddenly loses interest in having a relationship with you, even if he was previously very much into you

  • The Number 1 mistake women make when trying to get their man back

  • What three things you do that will drive him away again

  • If he calls, what to say and what NOT to say

  • What men crave

  • What if he doesn’t call you? How to initiate contact with a man in a demure and classy way — without appearing too forward or desperate, or running the risk of being regarded a stalker

  • What you must do in order to get the attention of your ex — and how to determine what will cause him to want to be with you again.

  • How to know if your man has unresolved issues which persist even when you’re doing everything right in a relationship — and how to know if those issues can be resolved, of if you need to give him up as a lost cause

  • WARNING: Your acts of kindness and generosity may be giving him the impression that you’re a woman with low self-esteem, or one who’s trying too hard to please him. How to know when you’re giving too much.

  • How to influence and shape your man’s opinion of you — and get him to see you as being more beautiful and more valuable, not someone who can be taken for granted

  • The first 3 months – what to do when ”getting back together”

Only $49 + 60-Day Moneyback Guarantee

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