Instant Intimacy

Trigger Your Deepest Emotional Connection Ever
by Bob Grant, P.L.C.

There are pivotal points or moments for men that specifically trigger intimacy. Learn to think like a man so you can understand his perception of intimacy, his expectations, and the power you hold.


After completing the program, you’ll be able to regain the intimacy you once had but that now feels out of reach. Over the coming weeks, as you practice the specific techniques offered in the Instant Intimacy training, you’ll start to feel differently. You’ll become the woman who’s willing to take a chance on actions that can foster a deeper, more intimate relationship, equipped with the right tools.

Topics Covered

At the beginning of the course, we’ll talk about the different types of intimacy triggers and how men express intimacy differently. Then, we’ll discuss how intimacy is not the same as intensity, and understanding what he’s thinking. Finally, we’ll talk about the Power Equation.

Ideal Student

Have you stopped being vulnerable in your relationships because past romances went wrong? And does it now get in the way of deeper intimacy? This program is for you, and is ideal for women seeking a long-term committed relationship with a man who meets your standards.

instant intimacy

Only $49

Program Format: Video Training Course (1 hour & 38 minutes) + Workbook Outline

Thank you for considering the Melt His Anger training from Relationship Headquarters. We’re so confident you’ll be satisfied with your results that we’re including a 60-day money back guarantee with your purchase, no questions asked.

Bob Grant is a clinically trained relationship expert coaching women since 1997. He’s been featured on SheKnows, YourTango, Dr. Laura, Savvy Miss, and GalTime delivering relationship advice that actually works.

Bob Grant, Author of Woman Men Adore Program

“Most relationship advice about men simply does not work. We’ve Changed That. Instant Intimacy is Your Next Step Towards Fostering a Flourishing Relationship.”

Bob Grant, P.L.C.

In This Workbook & Video, You’ll Learn…

His True Desire

Know what he REALLY wants — and it’s not what you’ve been told — and how to tap into this desire.

Learn & Melt

Learn why men have a wall around their heart, and how to melt it using your emotions.

2 Key Triggers

Two keys triggers to create a moment of intimacy. These powerful tools work whether you’re walking hand in hand or your thousands of miles apart talking over the phone.

An Effective Workaround

Instead of asking a man how he feels, use this “back door” approach to open up.

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Only $49 + 60-Day Moneyback Guarantee

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