Long Distance Love Guide

Secrets to Surviving The Distance Apart

Millions of people in Long Distant Relationships feel just like you do right now!

Don’t struggle week after week just hoping that things will go well. You don’t have to leave your long-distance relationship to chance. This guide shows you how to not only survive but THRIVE while you are apart!

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In This eBook, You’ll Learn…

I took hundreds of hours of research working with real couples and created a powerful, step-by-step “Communication Blueprint” that fires up your passion… SUPERCHARGES your love… and MELTS THE MILES between you.

If You’re in a Long Distance Relationship – it’s brutal!
You’re in a wonderful relationship. You have so much in common. And you can’t wait to be with each other next.

One small problem: You’re hundreds, even thousands of miles apart!

Whether it’s school… jobs… family… whatever… the annoying fact remains: YOU CAN’T BE WITH EACH OTHER!

Yet, you love this person. You’re convinced they’re worth waiting for. And you’re confident that you can make it work. (Although sometimes a little doubt might creep in.)

Still, you’re likely experiencing a crazy roller coaster of emotions!

You Are NOT Alone!

Millions of people in LDR’s (Long Distant Relationships) feel just like you do right now, both men AND women!

Don’t struggle week after week just hoping that things will go well. You don’t have to leave your long-distance relationship to chance. This guide shows you how to not only survive but THRIVE while you are apart!

Long Distance Love Guide

Only $37 + 60-Day Moneyback Guarantee

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What You’ll Learn

  • The # 1 mistake that couples in long-distance relationships make… and how it all but guarantees your relationship will FAIL. (This is one of those incredibly obvious mistakes that will make you slap yourself for not realizing it sooner!)

  • How to patch up the holes in your relationship FOR GOOD and build a rock-solid foundation of confidence that all loving couples “feel” whether they’re physically together or not.

  • A FASCINATING way to increase your natural “intuitive” abilities with your partner… practically overnight… so you do the things that make them feel MORE attracted to you subconsciously.

  • You HATE it when your partner has to leave again… so why do you always seem to have your worst fights just before you have to say “Goodbye?” Read the surprising truth on page 21.

  • Why human nature can actually PREVENT you from having a successful long-distance relationship… and what you absolutely must do to overcome your “bad programming” and start enjoying the loving relationship you deserve.

  • The surprising truth about the REAL reasons why so many long-distance relationships are doomed from the start. Learn this ONE thing, and you can avoid making the terrible mistakes that other couples are making this very moment.

  • How to transform your time apart so it seems to pass quicker, easier… and even make it fun! Sound crazy? Just try this clever suggestion on page 23 and you’ll be a believer!

  • The WORST way to talk to your partner when they’re far away. More fights and hurt feelings result from using this unhealthy (but popular) method of communication than any other. Here’s what to do instead.

  • Ready to throw in the towel? WAIT! Try this 1-step exercise on page 7 and see if this is really the right decision… or a giant mistake that you’ll regret for years to come.

  • Understand exactly how you’re letting your emotions control your actions… and how to turn this behavior into one that will work FOR, not against you.

  • Is your long-distance relationship just a way for one or both of you to avoid commitment? Hmmm. My no-punches-pulled checklist on page 29 will tell you if you’re just kidding yourself—or if being apart really is unavoidable.

  • Why she “phones so often” and he “doesn’t call enough.” Men and women ARE different, and so are their expectations. Learn how to accept the differences and use them to make your partner fall more deeply in love with you.

  • Do you ever feel like you’re just too “sensitive”… or overwhelmed… or just don’t know what to do? First, relax. Then use this no-nonsense technique on page 12. It will help you clear your head and make the right choice. (This one technique alone is worth the price of this guide. Yes, really.)

  • Learn how a simple shift in your attitude can stop doubts and negative emotions from sending your relationship into a destructive death spiral.

  • When you finally see each other, does it sometimes seem like you have NOTHING to talk about? It’s crazy, right? Well, here’s why it happens… and the surprisingly simple quick fix.

Only $37 + 60-Day Moneyback Guarantee

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