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Sex & Intimacy

Tap Into His Deepest Desires

Sex is more than just a physical act. Experience intense passion in your relationship and become the prize he pursues.

Tap Into His Deepest Desires by Bob Grant, P.L.C.

Sex & Intimacy


How, by understanding his deepest desires, you can trigger loving intimacy and expand an exciting sex life within your relationship. Transform sex into a mutual adventure.

Topics Covered:

The two extreme sex mindsets of women, types of sexual experiences, the bubble, the promise, getting inside his heart, imagination, and the healing nature of sex.

Ideal Student:

Women in a long-term committed relationship who want to understand his point of view, and how to cultivate wonderful sex and meaningful intimacy.

Sex & Intimacy


Program Format: Video Training Course (2 hours 16 minutes) + Workbook Outline


Looking for better sex and intimacy? 

• Do you want a more satisfying relationship with your man?
• Are you looking to bring the fire back into your relationship?
• Are you trying everything but nothing is working?
• Do you want your man to understand your unique preferences better?
• Are you wishing that your man could perform more romantic gestures without being reminded of important dates?


Bonus 1: What Guys Like

Learn How Men View Women and What They Really Notice


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Thank you for considering the Instant Intimacy training from Relationship Headquarters. We’re so confident you’ll be satisfied with your results that we’re including a 60-day money back guarantee with your purchase, no questions asked.


Program Format: Video Training Course (2 hours 16 minutes) + Workbook Outline


A rare opportunity to learn Bob Grant’s proven “secrets” for creating deeper emotional and sexual intimacy in your relationship with a man…

Learn How to Unleash His Deepest Desires

Discover my proven strategies for creating emotional and sexual intimacy with a man, and becoming the prize he pursues. Based on over 20 years of experience and working with hundreds of clients in my private practice, I’ll reveal the hidden emotional triggers that cause him to…


  • Awakens a man’s passion for you, even outside of the bedroom.
  • Feel deeply connected to you during lovemaking.
  • AND… Why the morning after is so CRITICAL.

*WARNING* Sex And Intimacy Are Not The Same Thing!

Intimacy is about much more than just sex.

While sex for the sake of sex is fun, and it’s often the most intense way for a man to temporarily bond with a woman…

It has its limits, often at your expense.

But many women get this so wrong.

They believe the way to a man’s heart is by always being available to him, sexually and otherwise.

And they think they’re taking an active role in moving the relationship forward.

But the opposite is actually true, and you’ll end up sabotaging your dream of having the most satisfying relationship.

While sex temporarily fills the hole in a man’s heart…

When it’s too easy, it actually repels masculine-energy men and causes their initial attraction for you to fade.

That’s why so many women can’t figure out why the sex was awesome, but are puzzled why they never hear from the dude again!

Or he comes and goes whenever he pleases… and refuses to commit.

Real intimacy, on the other hand, is a deep and lasting emotional connection.

It’s your trust and safety, and your ability to physically attune to each other for the long term.

That’s why….

Great Lovers Are Made, Not Born

Think… if a man sleeps with many women it must mean he’s a great lover?

Think again!

Casanova slept with at least 136 women in 35 years – possibly hundreds more.

But ultimately, he died alone and miserable.

Here’s what you need to understand….

A truly great lover knows that one-size-fits-all sex never works.

And everybody loses, even men.

Years ago, I had a client who had slept with more than 150 women.

And he longed to get married and have a wife and kids, but he couldn’t find anybody he wanted to tie the knot with.

I honestly wish I could have worked with him before his mind and heart were been trained to enjoy a woman until he grew tired of her.

Intellectually, he knew that choosing one woman was the only way to have what he wanted.

But he knew he’d lose the freedom he cherished.

His resistance to getting married included…

“What if she gains weight?”

“What if she spends more money than we make?”

And, of course, the classic…

“What if she gets mad and stops having sex with me?”

Years of unattached sex had taught him he could be intimate with a woman, heck – any woman – and remain free to keep his options open.

And now the day of reckoning was here.

I wish I could say he found someone wonderful and got married.

He did meet several women who seemed wonderful, but there was always something that got in the way.

He’d always find something “wrong” with each of them.

Today, he’s paying a high price for never opening his heart.

Sex for the sake of sex will leave a man feeling restless, and still longing for the same things you are (even though he may be unaware of it).

I’ll Show You How to Get Deep Inside His Heart… and Stay There.

Most women have it backward when trying to get inside a man’s heart.

They nag, order, threaten, and give lists and ultimatums to get him to understand what they want.

But here’s the rub…

You can’t use force to get beyond his barriers.

You can’t talk your way into a man’s heart like a man can smooth talk his way into yours.

It also doesn’t work to try and convince or explain your way past these walls.

Those controlling tactics fail because a masculine man needs to choose rather than be coerced.

Men feel empowered when they are making their own choices, and they shut down if they sense a woman is trying to control or manipulate him.

When he is allowed to choose, that’s when he deeply commits.

So imagine how wonderful it would be if you DIDN’T have to tell him how to please you?

Imagine the closeness you’d feel if he always provided what you like… and nobody else.

… Without having to spell it out for him.

… Without giving orders in bed like you’re a drill Sargent

… Without reminding him to bring your flowers, remember your birthday or other romantic gestures.

Sex for him will no longer be an “act,” but a great adventure with you.

You’ll know how to use your feelings and your softness to stir him to lower his shield and let you into his heart more.

And just the sound of your voice or look in your eyes will drive him crazy with desire.

How does it work?

The answer lies in the powerful “Bubble”…

Your Secret Weapon For Unleashing His Inner Romantic Beast

“Bob, what the heck is The Bubble?”

Glad you asked.

The Bubble is a simple, yet powerful, inside-out approach to creating deeper emotional and sexual intimacy in your relationship.

You’ll no longer have to leave anything to luck, chance, or “wishful thinking.”

You’ll know how to entice, enslave and inspire him to succumb to your every desire.

I’ll show you how to fill the Bubble through step-by-step instruction in my Sex & Intimacy video.

It’ll become your powerful sphere of influence over him.

All of his competitive drives will focus on nurturing and maintaining it.

You’ll learn dynamic ways to ignite his imagination and make it work for you.

He’ll come up with thrilling ways to please you on his own.

Every encounter with him will be customized for your exact needs.

The best part (and it’s a little sneaky)?

He’ll believe all those romantic customized gestures were HIS idea, which will empower him to do more.

Little does he know that YOU are working behind the scenes as the emotional gatekeeper!

Be The Woman He’s Waited A Lifetime For

To her, I was Bob, her “husband’s friend”… we barely shared words between us.

But I had an in.

You see, she was a relationship coach of sorts too. So I talked shop with her.

We talked about clients and things about the job we hated…

I kept trying to lead the conversation to how she turned my friend into a monogamous, loyal and devoted husband who doted on her.

And after several minutes… I didn’t think I was going to get anything out of her.

I promise that beneath his cool exterior are layers of pent-up passion.

You’ll become the most important person in his life, the woman he wants to spend all his time with, and please and do anything for.

And you’ll learn how to enter that part of his heart that few, if any women, ever have.

Here’s the super cool thing about this….

He won’t even know why he suddenly feels more drawn to you, wants to satisfy your every need, and why something major has shifted in your marriage or relationship.

That’s why you can use the powerful methods in Sex & Intimacy under the radar.

It triggers deeper levels of attraction and the desire for intimacy at a subconscious level.

And that leads to a more passionate and honest sexual connection.

You’ll enjoy a much freer, happier, satisfying, and deeper relationship with a man, both emotionally and sexually.

Who Is This For?

If you’re not interested in quickly improving your relationship with a man on ALL levels… then Sex & Intimacy isn’t for you.

But if you’d like to learn my proven strategies for opening a man’s heart to enhanced emotional intimacy and mind-blowing satisfying sex that’s customized for your needs…

You’re going to find my video, Sex & Intimacy, enormously helpful.

In fact, I’m so certain that Sex & Intimacy is going to transform your relationship for the better, I’ve decided to assume all financial risk.

If you don’t notice positive results in 60 days, let me know and we’ll cheerfully refund your purchase price, no questions asked!

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Hope to see you on the inside!


Choose your coaching package

Thank you for considering the Instant Intimacy training from Relationship Headquarters. We’re so confident you’ll be satisfied with your results that we’re including a 60-day money back guarantee with your purchase, no questions asked.


Program Format: Video Training Course (2 hours 16 minutes) + Workbook Outline



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