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What’s He REALLY Thinking About You?

Secrets About Men That Most Women Will Never Know
Find out what’s really going on inside his head. Men are wired differently than women, but understanding those differences will allow you to better appreciate and influence the man in your life.
Secrets About Men That Most Women Will Never Know by Bob Grant, P.L.C.

What’s He REALLY Thinking About You?


You’ll understand men, how to say the right things at the right time, and you’ll become a woman worth pursuing.

Topics Covered:

What men focus on, what they hate, how to read a man’s mind, and how to build a connection that lasts.

Ideal Student:

Women seeking a long-term committed relationship but want to stop wondering how a man relates to a woman.

What's He Really Thinking About You?

Wish you could read his mind?

• Do you wish you knew the right thing to say at the right time?
• Are you looking to understand the differences between men and women?
• Do you feel doubtful of his feelings towards you?
• Have you asked yourself “Why does he say one thing and do another”?
“I got your program and after over 28 years without a man in my life I am learning how to talk to men and hopefully to find one to spend the rest of my life with.”
Sydney, Atlanta, GA

“I was reading through What Is He Really Thinking? and laughed my head off when I got to the part about how men focus on just one thing at a time. It explained so much! Now I know how to get his attention pretty much whenever I want. Thanks so much.”
Tiffany Greenville, SC

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What You’ll Learn in What’s He Really Thinking About You?

  • If you want to persuade a man that you have to distinguish whether you are looking at an understanding problem or a motivation problem. Is he not doing what you want because he just does not want to or because he just does not know what it is that you want from him? Once you know what his problem is, you can fix it and move on. (see page 45)


  • When a man’s feeling intensity, he may see things in the moment and really mean for them at that moment. Once those chemicals in his brain die down, and they will over time, he’ll likely pull back. (see page 66)


  • Loads of must-know dating tips – you’ve never heard of before (see page 67)


  • Did you know that acting as if nothing is wrong is a typical coping skill of men? (see page 57)
  • Are you aware of which type of man best suits you? (see page 36)


  • Do you know the difference between trying and results and that there are some men who never learn the difference between those two principles? That can be very valuable information in the long run. (see page 40)


  • Do you know why a man fears being out of control in a relationship? (see page 55)


  • Do you know the predictor of how good a man is going to be to you in a marriage? (Here is a hint: the best way to find out is to what he does whenever he gets angry). (see page 76)


  • What men really hate (see page 21)


$101 of Additional Value.

Bonus 1: What’s He Thinking When?




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Program Format: Ebook (143 Pages)

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His heart opens when you do THIS…

“The woman who can read a man’s heart and mind has an unfair advantage for it triggers his deepest desire – to feel understood.”

Dear Friend,

IT’S A FACT: If you could read your man’s mind, you would have an almost “unfair” advantage over every other woman he’s ever met.

What’s more, your relationship would now be DRAMATICALLY better on EVERY level:

  • Your COMMUNICATIONwould be more intimate…
  • Your SUPPORTwould be stronger…
  • Your RESPECTwould be mutual…
  • Your LOVEMAKINGwould be amazing…
  • Your TIME TOGETHERwould be more rewarding…
  • Even your FUNwould be natural and effortless!

And if you’re a woman of average intelligence or better, I can teach you exactly how to do it. No kidding. Keep reading…

Fact is, I’ve taught this to thousands of women worldwide. And it’s all based on scientific fact and my experience working with hundreds of clients in my private practice.

So if you’ve ever asked yourself…

  • “Why doesn’t he listen to me?”
  • “Why does he say one thing and do another?”
  • “Why doesn’t he just tell me what he’s thinking?”
  • “Why doesn’t he just talk to me?”

You’re not alone!

First of all, it’s not your fault if you don’t understand men.

And if you’re frustrated and confused about how men think and why they do the things they do, you’re certainly not alone.

No one is born already knowing how to create successful relationships. And, even though our schools and colleges should probably have classes on the subject, there aren’t many ways to learn about relationships except by painful trial and error—ARGH!

But what seems to frustrate women the most is that men seem to think and act in ways that just don’t make any sense!


Why Do Guys Do What they Do?
Why Are Men So #@&! Confusing?

Mostly, they’re confusing because you are not a man. (Believe me, that’s a good thing!)

If you’re seeing the world only through your eyes, the way most women do, you’re only getting half the picture.

Fact is, the majority of women have no clue how the world looks through a man’s eyes. Most women can’t be bothered to care how their men think or what they feel.

The fact that YOU are reading this tells me you’re different from most women.

Now, as we both know, 99.99% of men badly need a crash course in understanding women. But here’s the thing:

If You Really Want to Understand Men, You Should Listen to a Man!

You see, when women want to understand their men, they usually talk to other women. What a mistake! Because while it feels good to vent to your girlfriends, they can’t possibly give you a man’s unique perspective.

Fact is, you won’t discover the secrets of understanding men by talking to other women. To really understand men, you simply need to talk to a man.

But notice that I didn’t say, “Talk to ANY man.”


You need to talk to a man with years of professional experience helping thousands of couples nationwide to understand each other… communicate more effectively… and have more fun while both dating and in long-term relationships.


I Am That Man… and I Can Help You.

Hello, my name is Bob Grant. I’m a therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor. I’ve also been a relationship coach for over 20 years.

And during that time, I’ve helped hundreds of men and women find and achieve more rewarding and satisfying relationships. In fact, I’ve been nicknamed, “The Relationship Doctor” by my clients nationwide. That’s because I’ve discovered the prescription for keeping your love alive… whether you want to strengthen an existing relationship, or rekindle the fiery spark you once had and badly want back. Best of all… it really works.

So if you want to understand your man better… and you’re not afraid of some straight talk… keep reading. I’m going to share with you some of the secrets I’ve learned.


Imagine Knowing Your Man Better Than He Knows Himself

Women are smart. They know that, intuitively, men are different from them.

And in the next few minutes, I’ll show you how—using your intuition—you can easily develop an almost magical ability to “see” what your man is thinking… read his mind… understand his actions… and interpret his often confusing behaviors.

I’ll also show you an incredibly simple way you can learn to deepen your romantic connection with your man and super-charge your relationship for life.

Imagine how your relationship would change for the better if you knew:

  • How to “decode” his body language and translate his “man-speak.” (He won’t have a clue what you’re doing differently, but in just minutes he’ll feel closer to you than ever before.)
  • How to get him to really listen to you, instead of just telling you how to “fix” the problem
  • Little-known ways to make any man a superstar in bed… without even having sex
  • How to tell in just a few dates if he’s serious about you. (A priceless time- and emotion- saver!)
  • What amazing women do that make them irresistible to men. (You can begin using these ideas tonight.)
  • How to have “Mr. Right” want to become “Mr. Forever.” (The key to making even the most non-committal man finally say, “I do!”)
  • How to communicate with him without getting into an argument. (It’s like verbal jujitsu for relationships… and I’ll teach you how to do it.)

That’s just a fraction of what I teach in my powerful downloadable guide, What’s He Really Thinking? And thanks to the reach of internet, it’s rapidly becoming the #1 relationship strategy tool worldwide.

“I got your program and after over 28 years without a man in my life I am learning how to talk to men and hopefully to find one to spend the rest of my life with.”Sydney, Atlanta, GA

-Sydney, Atlanta, GA



Program Format: Ebook (143 Pages)

You’ll receive the kind of unique insight into a man’s mind that totally blows the doors off the #1 Myth:

MYTH: Men HATEm Talking About Their Feelings
TRUTH: Men Are DYING to Open Up and Share…

Have you ever experienced this? Things are going really well with your man. So well, in fact, that you’re afraid to rock the boat.

So when you feel insecure about something or want to share something you think he’ll perceive as “negative,” you don’t. You keep it inside. You bottle it up.

You’re afraid that by being honest with him, you’ll lose his love and respect.

The problem with this approach (and many women do this) is you end up feeling more scared and alone than ever. And—the worse part—it often becomes a vicious cycle: You don’t share your true feelings with him, and he doesn’t seem to be sharing his true self with you, either. It’s frustrating for everyone!

You’re dying to ask him what’s wrong, but you don’t. You tippy-toe around him, holding your breath. And you force yourself to accept the silence and the distance between you.

You both pretend everything’s okay—and you both know it’s not.

I know how confusing and frustrating this experience can be, because I’ve heard this from so many women. But it doesn’t have to be this way!


How to Get Him to Open Up to You And Express His Feelings

-Many women believe that men just don’t like expressing their feelings. They think men are just born this way and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Unfortunately, this means that many women also give up. They stop trying to connect with their man, because they believe there’s simply no point.

Don’t do it! Nothing could be further from the truth!

Here’s a little-known secret that will turn your love life around and bring you the closeness you’ve been seeking…

Men don’t like drama or high emotions. (Read that again.) It makes them uncomfortable. But that’s not because they don’t care. Rather it’s because they’re not as comfortable handling emotions as women are. So emotional intensity or hidden intensity makes men want to shut down and withdraw.

In order to feel comfortable opening up, a man needs to feel safe with you. And he can’t feel safe if you’re making him uncomfortable. However, if you can express our feelings in a non-judgmental way, you allow your man to stay open to you. And he’ll feel more comfortable opening up to you, too.

“I think the advice is right on and have found it very helpful. I have a friend who is a marriage counselor and she says many of the same things, which puts her in good company. I especially like the section on How To Read His Mind. I love Bob Grant!”

-Stacy, Chico, CA

Here’s How to Get Your Man to Start Listening to What’s Important to You:

Step 1: Stop “Stuffing”

Stuffing down negative emotions or pretending that something doesn’t bother you doesn’t work. Sure, you’ll avoid outright conflict, but you’re not fooling anyone—least of all your man.

He’ll feel your uneasy ‘vibe’ and, while he may not know what’s going on, he knows you’re not being authentic with him.

In turn, he becomes uneasy around you because he senses you’re pretending. If you’re not honest with him, he’s not going to feel he can be honest with you. And, in turn, you sense him withdrawing. (See how this destructive cycle begins? It creates a mess!)

So, instead of stuffing your emotions, allow yourself to be vulnerable and authentic. Women often don’t realize how appealing that makes them to a man, and how it awakens the strong protector in him.

But how do you allow yourself to be authentic and vulnerable without coming across as confused, angry, and insecure? Do this…

STEP 2: Share Your Feelings Without Making Him Responsible

The next time you’re tempted to tell a man what to do or what you think, STOP!

Instead, share your feelings, not your thoughts or actions. What do I mean by this? Let me explain:

Let’s say your guy has been working a lot, and coming home late. You hardly see him anymore, and it’s begun to feel like you’re roommates sharing a space, instead of lovers sharing a life. Worse, when he is home, the two of you never talk about your relationship any more. It’s as though your life as a couple has ceased to exist.

Lately—when you hear him come in—you’re not delighted and excited to have him home. Instead, you dread another long evening of silence and small talk.

At the sound of his key in the lock, your heart pounds, and your stomach tightens. Once those physical feelings meant love and desire. But now those feelings mean you’re frustrated and anxious, because you don’t know what to say to him.

Instead of letting your frustration and sadness boil over into scalding criticism of his actions (“I can’t believe you forgot our anniversary!”) try communicating the simple, real feeling you’re having (“I’m really sad that you’re so busy at work that you couldn’t get home early for our anniversary”)

Feel the difference? (Yes, it’s a FEELING!) You’ve expressed how you feel in a way that allows him to hear you… without making him feel like he’s the reason you feel awful.

That’s why I urge you to read my powerful, best-selling eBook, What’s He Really Thinking? I’ll show you exactly how to express your feelings without making him feel guilty and helpless. You’ll be amazed at how expressing your feelings this new way will inspire your man to open up to you, and connect to you in ways you never imagined.

What’s He Really Thinking? gives you incredibly powerful relationship tools to create small shifts in the way you relate to each other. Tools that will make an enormous difference in the closeness of your relationship.

To learn how to achieve the kind of closeness you’ve always wanted with a man, starting right now, download What’s He Really Thinking? and try it free for seven weeks. Refer to it whenever you desire more closeness, or whenever you want your man to really connect with you.

What’s He Really Thinking was one of my favorite Bob Grant books so far.  It provided me with specific insights into the male mind that I was unaware of, and helped me clear up a few misconceptions that I had about men in general.  I have been using some of the principles I learned, and what a huge difference it has made in my relationship. My significant other has noticed some subtle changes and commented on how much he likes the changes. Thank you, Bob Grant!”



Program Format: Ebook (143 Pages)
Fact is, once you know how to attract a man’s heart, not just his body and mind, you will have him forever.

LISTEN: The information I’m going to share with you is not the fluff you see in bookstores or online. You know the ones I mean. The crappy e-books loaded with nothing more than someone’s opinions about why your relationship isn’t working.

It’s also not one of those generic guides cobbled together from other people’s mediocre websites.

And it’s also nothing like those so-called celebrity “gurus” who seem to take pleasure in telling you how it’s YOU who screwed things up… how YOU’RE the one that’s tearing your relationship apart… or how YOU’RE the one who needs fixing!

HOGWASH! Fact is, the vast majority of relationship problems that men and women experience have nothing to do with YOU, but are totally explained by biological science!


Scientists Prove that Men’s Brains are Actually “Wired” Differently Than Women’s

Read these fascinating facts…

Recent research proves what you probably already suspected: Men don’t think like women.
It has to do with the way men and women are wired. It’s fascinating… and most women know absolutely nothing about it. (And it shows by the way they interact with men.)

For example…

  • A man’s brain secretes less of the powerful primary bonding chemical oxytocin; a chemical which women have in abundance.
  • Men also secrete less serotonin, a brain chemical that creates feelings of calm and well-being.
  • On the other hand, male hormones such as testosterone and vasopressin fuel the male drive to seek competition and prove self-worth and identity.
  • When men and women interact, they do so in very different ways. In general, women use language to connect and bond with others, while men typically use language (or don’t use it!) to create boundaries and distance.
  • In everyday life, this means that women de-stress and relax by talking and sharing with their friends.
  • In contrast, men will zone-out from the day’s pressures by silently heading for the couch and the remote.
  • Researchers also believe women’s brains are designed to crave intimacy and cooperation, while men’s brains are programmed for preferring lists and hierarchal order. (Which explains why he can remember fifteen years of stats for his favorite football team, but forget what you talked about yesterday!)

By now, you can begin to see that many of the things that are confusing and frustrating about men, actually have a simple explanation: biology.

In the same way, in What’s He Really Thinking? I reveal the simple truths about why men act the way they do. Even better, I give you specific, actionable, how-to strategies to allow you to release old, destructive myths about how men think, so you can focus on truly understanding how your man thinks and feels.

The result? Instant relationship improvement… a far deeper connection… amazing communication… and greater personal power.

PLUS… because I’ll teach you a therapy-tested way to talk to men—he’ll understand you like never before and see you in a whole new and positive light. (Yes, really.)

“I was reading through What’s He Thinking and laughed my head off when I got to the part about how men focus on just one thing at a time. It explained so much! Now I know how to get his attention pretty much whenever I want. Thanks so much.”

Tiffany, Greenville, SC

What’s He Really Thinking? also reveals solutions and answers to some of your most perplexing man mysteries:

  • The #1 way to make a man want to stay with you forever. (Hint: it’s NOT sex!) (See page 59)
  • Are you making this crucial relationship blunder? 9 out of 10 women do. How to avoid being one of the unlucky ones. (See page 10)
  • 15 things he REALLY wishes you knew… but most women DON’T! (See page 27)
  • Should you stay or should you go? Do this ONE thing, and you’ll instantly discover his true intentions. (See page 16)
  • Is the bickering making you crazy? When you understand this about men, you’ll know EXACTLY how to stop fights before they start. So powerful. (See page 15)
  • 3 simple (and sneaky) steps to make any man do what you want. So subtle, he’ll think it’s his idea! (See page 58)
  • He finally opened up to you, but now he won’t return your calls. DON’T WORRY… IT’S NOT YOU! Here’s how to help him overcome his relationship fears… and keep your sanity! (See page 87)
  • How to make sure he’ll want to see you again. Tips for turning an ordinary date into a night he’ll always remember. (See page 88)
  • Crucial relationship truths every woman in love must learn. Understanding these essential “love lessons” will fast-track your relationship to success. (See page 29)
  • How to find your soul mate. Sure-fire ways to pick the perfect man for a lifetime of togetherness and bliss. Yes, it really can be done. (See page 47)
  • Who’s got the power? How to help him feel in-control… without you being a pushover! Tap into the forces of Mother Nature and win every time. (See page 72)
  • Before you waste your time, make sure he passes this “good husband” test. It’s a shockingly accurate predictor of a happy marriage… or certain divorce. (See page 101)
  • And so much more

“Reading this book helped me to get rid of a lot of previous assumptions that I made about men. It opened my eyes and caused me to really think twice about the way that I judged things that guys do or say. My boyfriend has already noticed a big difference. I guess that’s why he’s started spending more time with me, :-). Thanks Bob!”Mandy, Dalton, GA

Mandy, Dalton, GA



Program Format: Ebook (143 Pages)

Real intimacy, on the other hand, is a deep and lasting emotional connection.

(This helps save you a lifetime of frustration… hurt feelings…
painful miscommunications… and one broken heart after another.)

Now that you know that men and women are “wired” so differently:

  • It’s time to stop living in the past and repeating the same painful mistakes.
  • It’s time to stop taking all the blame for everything that goes wrong in your relationships. (Now you know it’s often nothing more than biological programming.)
  • It’s time to stop letting your heart get broken because you can’t decode your man’s mystifying behavior. (I teach you how to crack the code of even the most frustrating things he does.)
  • And it’s time to start getting the love, respect and affection you deserve, from a man who believes you’re the only one who truly understands him. (And that’s exactly what he’ll think when you learn to communicate with him in the way I’m going to teach you.)


You Can Finally Have the Loving & Satisfying
Relationship You Deserve

No longer do you have to feel uncertain about what your man really means … no longer will you have to spend hours worrying about how to “interpret” something your man said.

And best of all, you can start right now! Beginning in the next few minutes, you can gain a clearer understanding of the man you love. You can take steps to ensure you keep your soul mate, the love of your life, for the rest of your life.

You see, What’s He Really Thinking? was written not only to help women just like you, but because of women just like you.

I took 20 years of the most powerful insights my clients gave me, and condensed them into what I believe are the clearest and easiest ways to peek inside the male mind.

The best part? You can put this information to use right away. You’ll quickly discover the many ways men are predictable, and how you can use that knowledge to benefit both of you.

In fact, while you’re reading What’s He Really Thinking?, you’ll feel as if you’re in a private session with me. And—better still—when you start putting the information to use, it’ll be like having me by your side… tugging on your sleeve… telling you all the right things to say and do… whispering in your ear the secrets that will change his moods… make him cooperative… understand your feelings… and see you for the amazing women you are!

Yes… effective communication really can be this powerful. If you doubt it right now, it’s only because you haven’t yet experienced its power. Good news: you don’t have to believe anything I say. Simply use the ideas I share with you. They work whether you believe they will or not.

“I read What Is He Really Thinking? and I thought what have I been thinking?  Bob’s book helped me to re-evaluate how I respond, and to see how my misperceptions have led me to see many of the men I have dated in the wrong light.  The book makes it seem so simple!  It’s helped me to gain a new perspective that has made a big difference in my current relationship!!”

Dana Alison, St. Louis, MO

What’s more, you’ll also discover (by learning to understand how your man thinks and feels) things about yourself that will empower you, and help you have better relationships with all the men in your life!

Whether he’s your husband, boyfriend, boss, brother, son, father … it’s a complete guide to male behavior. Using the secrets contained in What’s He Really Thinking? you’ll have the know-how to transform all your relationships with men… ESPECIALLY the romantic kind.


I Guarantee You Will Laugh at the
Way You Used to Think Interact With Men

(And you’ll be shocked at how so many other women do the same!)

What you’ll be learning about men will cause you to see them, and interact with them, in brand new, positive ways.

And men will notice. They will respond to you differently. They will realize that you’re not like any other woman they’ve met.

It’s a lot of power to have. But it’s a power that’s been denied to women like you for too long.

For too long, women have been led to believe that they have little or no power in their relationships with men. It’s time to change that. And I’m going to help.

  • It’s time for you to take the power that you have within you, and use it to create a stronger, closer, more loving, and more satisfying relationship with the man you love..
  • It’s time for you to know what you need to know… instead of foolishly guessing and hoping and keeping your fingers crossed that it all somehow works out.

Listen to me: whether you’re still looking for Mr. Right… OR you’re dating and want it to move to the next level… OR you’re engaged and want to start off right… OR you’re married and want to rekindle your intimacy and connection… I am putting into your hands an amazing opportunity to get exactly what you want.


Right now, the most important man in your life may be feeling misunderstood… maybe even unloved. He may even be wondering if there’s any point in you being together. He may be thinking of moving on, getting out, or giving up. Or simply questioning the relationship. Maybe he’s simply unsure and he’s bouncing around his thoughts and feelings… waiting to see what you do next.

Think this can’t happen to you? WAKE UP! It happens more often than most women think. Even in a great relationship, there are many times that your man will have these negative thoughts. It’s just how the male mind works. And if you’re not aware of this—and know how to counteract it—you might find yourself single once again… scratching your head wondering what happened.
No kidding!

Instead—after I’m done teaching you… you’ll know how the right word or gesture from you could change his mind. How the right word or gesture from you could transform your relationship and make it stronger than it ever was. You’ll know what to say and how to say it. You won’t simply hear his words—like most other women may—but you’ll actually hear and understand the intention behind those words… the only part that really matters!


I know you’ll absolutely flip from the things I reveal to you, that I’ll let you download and read What’s He Really Thinking? for a full 7 weeks without risk, like I have for thousands of women worldwide.

“I love the book.  I have made bad choices and I was not aware why things never worked out.  With this book, I can see my mistakes and it gives me new hope.”

-Lisa Andersen, Yuba City, CA


Program Format: Ebook (143 Pages)

“Devoured your What’s He Really Thinking yesterday. Such good stuff—it makes me want to write even more—and reminds me that there are other men who know the exact same stuff that I do.
Very humbling.”

I’ve sold this valuable eye-opening guide worldwide. That’s because it’s packed with practical, ready-to-use information that you can’t get anywhere else, offline or online. I’m positive that, if you make a sincere effort to use this information, you will automatically begin to enjoy more satisfying, rewarding and successful relationships.

In fact, with the information I’m going to teach you, it would be nearly impossible to do anything else but to create and maintain better relationships with men. That’s because you’ll finally be talking to men in a way they can understand. And you’ll be listening in a way that will make you actually laugh at the old way you heard men before. (You’ll see exactly what I mean in just the first few pages of my book. It’s like night and day!

PLUS, when you order before midnight tonight.


You’ll Receive the Extended Version
with the Valuable Bonus Section:“The Four Steps to Reading Minds”

Women are often naturally gifted with intuition. And you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to “read minds” when you follow these 4 simple steps. Imagine being able to tell what your boss or colleague is thinking. Imagine knowing what someone is going to do before they do it. Develop the ability to read minds and watch your professional and personal life soar. For example, you’ll learn:

  • How To Get Him to Tell You What He’s Thinking—Subtle ways to get him to open up and really talk to you… and have him be more excited about your future afterwards!
  • What Men Crave More than Anything Else—Once a man is confident that he can get this from you, he will never want to let you go. And—SURPRISE—it’s NOT sex!
  • How to Always Know What He’s Thinking—Ever notice how men seem to have a silent “guy code”? Learn exactly how to break this code and decipher his thoughts.
  • What Will Make You Special in His Eyes—Most women don’t realize how easy it is to set themselves apart from every other woman he’s ever met or dated. But now YOU will know how. (And oh, is it ever powerful!)
  • Exactly What to Say When Your Man Is Quiet—Is he upset? Angry? Tired? Bored? Or is he just daydreaming? Here’s how you can find out—without prying or sounding pushy.
  • The 3 Qualities You MUST Display to Disarm Any Man—Every man is his own person. But every man wants his special woman to be special in these 3 ways. What are they?
  • Why Didn’t He Call You Back? You talked… you laughed… you both had a great time. Or so it seemed. Why some men shy away from relationships, even when things are going well… and what you can do about it.



Program Format: Ebook (143 Pages)

“This Program challenges many long held beliefs and theories about men that simply aren’t true. It’s very practical, easy to understand and shockingly accurate. A must-read for any woman who wants to stop guessing and know the truth about what’s really going on inside a man’s mind. It’s like letting women look through a one-way mirror at men and letting her see, hear and know what he’s really thinking. This book is a must for any woman who wants to understand her man!”

Susie and Otto Collins, Authors of: Magic Relationship Words, Stop Talking on Eggshells and Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Remember, you risk nothing. Just check it out. You have 60 days to examine What’s He Really Thinking? and put the knowledge to work for you. And you are completely protected by my “No-Nonsense, You Love It or I Give You a Fast & Cheerful Refund Guarantee”.

It’s time to get off the rollercoaster of uncertainty. Dating or married, you absolutely need this information about men if you want to have a relationship that is better than it is now, or what you have had in the past.

The simple, actionable information you’ll find in What’s He Really Thinking? has already worked for hundreds of women, of all ages, and from all walks of life. Follow my advice in What’s He Really Thinking? and you’ll reap the rewards. I guarantee it.

Bob Grant, P.L.C. — “The Relationship Doctor”

P.S. Remember, after you download your copy of What’s He Really Thinking? you have 7 whole weeks to test out your new knowledge. If you’re like most other women, however, you won’t need that much time to see a big change taking place in both you and your man. Its pure psychology… and you’ll finally know all about it.

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Bob Grant is a clinically trained relationship expert coaching women since 1997. He’s been featured on SheKnows, YourTango, Dr. Laura, Savvy Miss, and GalTime delivering relationship advice that actually works.

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