The Intimacy Trigger

What if you didn’t have to wait for the perfect moment to open a man’s heart?

What if you could trigger moments of emotional intimacy on command with just a smile?

See, most women don’t realize that men crave emotional closeness as deeply as women, but they take a different pathway to get there.

That’s what causes men to become so emotionally distant when they want to be close but feel nothing they do is pleasing to the woman they love.

But when a women understands this, and fulfills this need, the relationship reaches new heights. And once the emotional intimacy trigger has been flipped, then it’s time to send the connection over the top by flipping his sensual intimacy trigger.

Inside the Intimacy Trigger you’ll see the keys to create both the emotional intimacy that a relationship needs to thrive, as well as the sensual intimacy that sends a connection over the top. On the emotional side of the equation, you’ll get access to a video presentation called “The Intimacy Trigger”. In this program you’ll learn:

  • The two powerful triggers that are guaranteed to create immediate moments of intimacy
  • How you can leverage your emotions to melt the wall around your man’s heart, and
  • How to use my proven “back door” approach to get what you want
  • And much, much more.

And to ensure you get the most from this program, I’m including a downloadable audio version of the webinar so you can listen on the go; a digital copy of the transcript so you can make notes and highlights; and most importantly, a downloadable workbook so you can personalize the teachings in the program to you and your specific relationship dynamic.

Now, on the sensual side of the intimacy equation, you’ll receive “The Empty Nester’s Guide to a Sizzling Sex Life” eBook. And even if you’re not an empty nester, the insights in this book will take your love life from fizzling to sizzling!

The book is divided into two parts, with part one focusing on love, intimacy and deeper levels of communication. Once this foundation is laid, you’ll move on to part two, which includes more than 70 romantic activities, ranging from sweet to super spicy.

Along with the digital program, you’ll also receive a companion workbook where you can create your own personalized romance plan, as well as a Weekly Date Planner to help you take action on creating the love life you deserve.

Are you ready to rev up the emotional and sensual intimacy in your relationship? Are you ready to have the deep connection that you deserve?

This complete coaching bundle is available for just $47 (price?)