If you’re in a long distance relationship then you know how difficult it can be.
What is the value of not wasting any more time trying to figure men out, and read them like a book instead — or having the ability to easily diffuse quarrels, arguments, and other relationship troubles as they occur, and be able to effortlessly influence your man to your way of thinking?What price can you put on how to not only save your long distance relationship…but actually make it THRIVE?

What would it cost to have a trained professional teach you what makes a LDR work?

$3,000? $2,000? $1,000?

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That’s less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee from Starbucks for a month!Yes, I know the price is ridiculously low, especially when you consider that relationship counseling rates vary from $45 to $200 per session! I charge $295 per session.

At just one session a week for 3 months, that amounts to $2,100. But remember that the reason I created my e-book is to help more than just clients who are able to consult with me face-to-face in my home state of Georgia — and also to help those who can’t afford the high cost of relationship counseling.

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When you master the principles I teach in the Long Distance Relationship Guide, you’ll know how to actually increase the closeness, even when you’re apart.