13 thoughts on “7 Lies Women Believe About Men”

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  2. Any woman who believes these things either needs to seek professional help or is total misinformed. I would like to point out however (being a woman) that if men want woman to understand them they should try and tell them a bit more. Men should try and learn some of the female qualities of talking about what they want and who they are!

  3. Women choose to believe men are cheaters. It is easier than dealing with the issues that caused or facing the truth about their best friend. I have been pursued by the amorous female much of my adult life. I have been stalked numerous times and lost jobs because I would not give it up. So all of this really perplexes me.

  4. He’s probably not an arosehle, he’s just saying what works. If you have the mindset that you wnat to find out what she’s like instead of worrying so much about what she thinks of you then you will feel and come across as๏ปฟ more confident which is much more attractive to women than sucking up to her like 95% of other guys who she rejects. You can have the attractive trates without treatting her badly or she will go with the arosehle, not the guy who sucks up to her to try to get her approval.

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