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Can Tiger Save His Marriage?

February 23, 2010
by Bob Grant, L.P.C.
I had lunch with a couple of women today who asked me if Tiger can save his marriage. My reply? Yes, Tiger can save his marriage if…
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His wife wants it saved and if he’s willing to learn how to allow her to influence him.

You see, in spite of all the horrible things he’s alleged to have done, what happens now and in the future is more important that the past.
Now, I’m not saying whether she should or shouldn’t take him back – that’s for her to decide. But if she does, even though it will be a long path, they actually could save their marriage.

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Comments (21)

  • I agree that their future all depends on her willingness to take him back. But there will be a lot of work ahead for both of them. This whole episde has likely had so much impact on her self esteem and feelings of being able to trust somebody again that it will require A LOT of work

  • They both must be willing to do whatever it takes to move onwards and forget about the past.

    I truly believe it will be next to impossible, though, due to the fact Tiger didn’t express any shame until after he realized everyone knew he cheated for sure.

  • It’s possible to save a marraige if you’re willing to work at it, but Tiger has a lot of trust to rebuild, and in his case I think a lot of the onus needs to be on him. His wife must be willing to work on the relationship too, but the way Tiger behaved I think he has a LOT of making up to do.

    I hope for their sakes that things can be resolved, though.

  • well for me they should forget the past and see the future with colors. . .If you want to stay in there, then it’s a waste of time. Life is short. Never allow anyone to be your priority while you are just their option:0

  • This your post is great but just to contribute to the post.
    getting your ex back all depends on you. if it’s your husband or your boyfriend but it requires you a lot of work and you have to have it at the back of your mind that it is not a day issue that it is going to take some little time and you require some rightfull approach to apply to it. Even the Tiger as wild as he is, can save his marriage only if he decide to.

  • The famous and the rich are constantly exposed to temptation in many shapes and forms and this puts a stress on both partners.

    Not really surprising that in the end they did break up.

  • I digress. He hid affairs from her. She got so mad that she came at him with a golf club.

    Sure, we’d like to believe that any relationship is fixable. I’m sure that it is. We all know what they should do. But the question is, will they?

    We’re creatures of habit and for them to fix their relationship, it’ll take a lot of habits to change.

  • They both will have to resolve this within themselves and reassess their relationship. The willingness to rehabilitate their marriage – but it would take a lot of rehabilitation since the trust part was already broken. That is the most important part in a marriage or in any other relationship.

  • I think that women go into these relationships knowing what is going on. I’m sure she knew exactly what was occuring and was just waiting for a pay day!

  • Yes i agree they both have to want to work on the relationship. On the woman’s part however she has to truly forgive and not hold a chip on her shoulder. I know its easier said then done but you can not have a successful relationship if she never truly lets go of the past!

  • It’s been awhile now and the shock news about Tiger’s infidelity has kind of ‘died off’. I sincerely hope things have worked on alright for Tiger and his wife, especially for the sake of their children.

  • Accepting each others fault and learning to love the weak part of your partner will help. Do not forced to changed your partner on who they are, instead encouraged them to develop all the positive traits of your partner, let them understand how will it help to the relationship.

  • Looking back the road you stepping in is not easy or a possible to forget and forgot, meaning just embrace and live with it with smile the love and relationship that you have been through.

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