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And Never Want To Leave

What men like in women is different from what women like in themselves. Develop your best natural qualities to become the kind of woman that men adore! The Woman Men Adore program shows you how.

How Do I Get Him Back?

Before He Moves On

Not every breakup means the end forever. If there’s any chance of restoring the relationship, we can help show you how to get him back.

His Bonding Stages

How Men Fall In Love

There are certain stages in any romance when you can bond with your partner faster and easier if you only know how to make it happen. Learn what level you’re at and what you can do to grow closer.


WMA Client

Hello Bob, The Women Men Adore is superb and one of the most impressive things about it is the clarity, directness and simplicity with the concepts conveyed. I couldn’t have asked for better. I’ve had so many eproducts through the internet that have been so much superfluous verbiage, I’ve got sick of plugging through it all, sometimes so much so that the meaning becomes lost or obscured in the maze! Yours are a joy. An excellent investment! Thank you again. Sincerely


WMA Client

Dear Bob Grant, Thank you for your program “The Woman Men Adore…and Never Want to Leave.”.I have tried one of your suggestions and they worked :), so I trust all the others and I’ m exited about their effects, so thank you very much indeed! Best wishes,


WMA Client

Dear Bob, I don’t know if you will get this email, but I wanted to express my gratitude about your techniques in “The Woman Men Adore”. I was 20 years old, and I had never been with anyone. I wanted to learn, however, and so I purchased your program. What you revealed at the time sounded a bit simple. But I did wonder if you were right. Today, I’m with someone that loves me and cherishes me. We’ve had our ups and downs, but I have applied your techniques, and let me just say: they WORK. We actually had a conflict not so long ago over behavior that I felt was inappropriate. The few things I said were more EFFECTIVE than if I would’ve yelled and screamed and nagged. He asked me, “What can I do so the next time I don’t hurt you the way I hurt you tonight?” He really wanted to make me feel better, he wanted to please me. It was exactly how you had described in your program. I have followed everything you’ve mentioned in the program to the letter. Women who question your techniques without trying them are insane. Sincerely,


WMA Client

Your program is a lifesaver!! Thank you thank you thank you!! It saved my marriage!! I went through it three times..

Maria D.

WMA Client

I have started ‘The Woman Men Adore and Never Want To Leave’ program. I am finding it inspiring , allowing me insight into my own relationship issues and confidence to listen to my heart first. The graphic description about a man’s heart is amazing, it makes it so much easier for me to understand a man’s responses. Thank you Bob,


WMA Client

Dear Bob, I purchased your program Woman Men Adore over a month ago. The results really are outstanding. My partner has gone from my worst nightmare to the man of my dreams I never thought would actually be real beyond my wildest dreams! We were separating almost hating each other, three weeks ago he proposed to me, we will marry in august and we have never been happier. I myself am trained in psychotherapy and despite spending the last for years qualifying and taking relationship workshops none of it has such amazing effective fast results. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. It’s quite some legacy to leave.


WMA Program Client

I have finished The Women Men Adore Program. Loved it. I have had so much attention in the last three months then I have my entire life. I have men hitting on me everywhere I go now and it’s almost over whelming. The funniest part of it all… I’m 41 and I have yet to date a man over 33 in the last 3 months since going through the program. I never dated younger men and now I love it and I have more in common with them then men my age. Crazy… never thought I would! I’m really loving my life for the first time in years even as a single mother of two great kids. I love it! Thanks!

Tina Torkelson

Would You Like To Be Cherished, Adored, and Pursued By A Man
on Your Good and Bad Days?

It’s no surprise that 50 Shades of Gray was such a runaway bestseller made into multiple movies. Yes, we realize that women like sex more than most men realize, and they love to have their imaginations stimulated. But that’s not what’s driving their intense appetite for this best-selling erotic series.

What’s making this so popular is the nerve it’s touched with women, and we  mean all women.

It’s the deep longing in the heart of every woman to be desired…to be able to have an almost addictive effect on a man so that he chases you because he simply can’t help himself. It’s intoxicating to realize you have such an effect on a man that even if you make a mistake or don’t say the right thing, he just keeps wanting you again and again.

But that hasn’t happened for you, has it? Or if it has, perhaps it has just not lasted for more than a couple of dates with different guys.

You don’t want some crazy guy that wants to beat you, but you dream of a man that can’t rest unless you are happy. And you do not want just any man. You want one that awakens those deeply vulnerable feelings that remain buried to even your closest friends.

So year after year, you let yourself have that dream at least occasionally. Even if you’re in a relationship, seeing that longingly gaze in his eyes just seems like a distant memory.

Let’s face it, having a man almost obsessed with you doesn’t seem real. But what if we told you that the desire that’s deep in your heart can come true?

Now, I’m not suggesting scary sexual adventures or demeaning encounters, but we can tell you men are much easier to arouse than you think. This is true not only sexually, but romantically as well if you know the true weaknesses that render them powerless to resist you. The problem is that you’ve been disappointed so many times that it’s hard to get your hopes up.

You’ve experienced how lonely it feels when you just can’t seem to make the simplest connection with the man you love. When this happens you say to yourself…Was it something I said or did?

Why did he pull away from me when I’m trying to share my heart?

It leaves you lonely, discouraged, and wondering if this is all you’ll ever get from a man.

Wouldn’t it be awesome instead if you had more than just a book to show you what makes him not only want to be close to you, but supportive of you when you need him most? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could learn how to arouse his deepest desires for a woman?

Can you imagine If you had real expert advice that you could get advice from whenever YOU wanted it, even at midnight?

What if you could get my advice on all kinds of different relationship topics?

What if you had something that enabled me to answer your personal questions about men, dating, love, marriage, or anything else? Something that was affordable, even if you’re on a budget?

Well, here it is.

We know you’re tired of feeling like you have to do everything on your own. And let’s be honest, most of the advice you’ve gotten about what makes a man worship the ground you walk on is based on the following (horrible) idea:

“To arouse a man’s passion, you have to be so confident, and positive that he’ll want to be around you all the time.”

But here’s my question. What happens when you don’t feel positive, or you gain a few pounds or you say the wrong thing? Following that depressing advice means that you’re only lovable when you’re perfect!

What you really want is to have the man you want to love you deeply, intensely for who you are. In fact, you’re tired and discouraged always having to play games.

What you want is to be cherished, adored, and pursued by a man on your good and bad days. Now I’m going to show you how to have this.

I’ve created a proven program from my extensive work with women and couples for the last several decades.

Access this proven program that will transform you into a woman that men desire. Men will want to get inside your heart, pursue you and hold onto you so tight that you’ll never worry about them cheating or mistreating you…ever.

Explore practical insights about how learning this core principle is the fastest way to arouse a man’s interest. I’ll also give you optional homework to practice along the way.

In addition, each week you’ll also get access to other popular topics such as:

  • Conflict With Men
  • Make Him Bond For Life
  • Thriving Couples

These weekly insights will take you inside the heart of a man so that you know all his deepest fears and desires better than he knows himself.

Click here to get started

The final piece is our exclusive Adore Club “members only” forums where you’ll be able to share with other women, ask questions and get support. This is critical because research shows that when you are part of a group, you are much more likely to achieve what you want.

We’ll also answer your questions each month with a special section called Ask Bob. You tell me what you want to know. We’ll pick 2 or 3 questions each month and make a special video presentation that you and all the club members can watch. We won’t embarrass you, treat you harshly, or do anything that is in bad taste. We consider this club to be like a family, and my goal is to help you finally experience what you’ve always dreamed about…a man so captivated by you that he can’t get enough.

I’m sure you’ve had that experience before, but my guess is that you don’t know how to be that alluring all the time. The Women Men Adore Club will show you how.

Based on the hundreds of emails and comments we get every month, you’re clamoring for answers. we couldn’t be more excited to give them to you, at a price that you can definitely afford.