Different Kinds Of Affairs?

I saw this and thought it was interesting. It details the differences between jealousy between men and women. My experience with clients is simply that once someone crosses the line and has an affair, it’s similar to experimenting with a drug. They can stop but unless they make a conscious effort to do so, they won’t.

7 thoughts on “Different Kinds Of Affairs?”

  1. i actually have to say? your quiz? is not accurate, it is only negative and one sided, and i was dissapointed in my choice or answers, i seriously? could not chose any answers, i would actually make a better quiz, at least giving a few choices where the gyu or girl is not only in the wrong, any way u look at the answer choices? it was negative, and purposely innacurate, almost pre planned for the answer and aoutcome u would give according to our choices, look at it in any way?
    it turned out bad.. what i feel and have in my relationship, no 1 can assess, understand and tell me it’s wrong or right, only i know it’s real and true, and if u have to take a quiz? to figure out if u are well matched? or understand men or women? then u arent in the right relationship, or should not be in 1 or looking for 1, true love hits u like a lightning jolt, not everyone has it, feel it, but, u just know if it happens, enven death would not seperate me from my heart and soul. and as for me taking this quiz? i was just seriously intrigued and only reinforced what i have, feel and know…sorry to say? if u never had, or felt or lived true love and conection with a living soul? u should not be gining out your opinion or judging, obviously u have noooooooooo freaking clue what u are talking about.. but??
    it was a 15 minutes of intertainment…but the weather network is more interesting and dam way more accurate then your statistics….

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  3. I just recently had what I consider an affair with my first love. We had no contact for 19 years and reconnected on Face Book last summer 2009. It started out simple at first thru FB messages but he gave me his personal email address and it grew into several messages a day into about 30 emails a day for about 8 months. Some of the emails where very intimate, we talked about old feelings and now feelings and it even became sexual talk. We both are married and have been with the same partners since we broke up 19 years ago, we married these people. I am so confused as to what I want or feel for this man but I am scared its just a game for him. Help me Doctor!!??

  4. Please help me with my problem. I have been married for 25 years. 2 years ago, I began working with a 46 yr old woman; I am 49. I will call her “C”. We started out as co-workers then became very good friends. But at this point we have fallen in love with each other; neither of us expected or intended it to happen. We have so much in common and we are both happiest when we are together. My marriage has not been bad, but I have found that I am not achieving happiness and it is tearing me apart. I am seriously considering leaving my wife to be with C and she feels the same in her relationship. I have never been so happy in my life until she came into it. But i do not want to hurt anybody. I would want it to be amicable, although I know I will be labeled as a bad person, which I am not. I also do not want to be miserable by continuing in my marriage when I feel this way. It is NOT infatuation; it is truly a love, a deep love, I have for C and I WOULD achieve happiness. FOR MYSELF! I truly want to spend my remaining days with C. Please extend some serious advice to me, I really do not know how to handle this.

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