Do Men Always Cheat?

I saw this article and was intrigued by the title. Written by researchers that have discovered the truth that men will ALWAYS cheat.

Where do I begin. This kind of research has been going on for decades. If I didn’t know better Hugh Hefner (Mr. Playboy) has sponsored these findings as it benefits his particular lifestyle.

Like much research, there is some truth to what the authors claim. If I ask almost anyone the simple question of “Tell me what guys like?” I’m sure many would respond with “sex on the side.” The same would be true if I ask an actress is she would like to be able to eat anything she wanted. Even though they could, it isn’t worth it.

Do_Men_Always_CheatThe reason men don’t cheat isn’t just because they shouldn’t it’s because it’s not worth it. Having sex on the side has consequences. It does something to you. It creates a an appetite for something that soon becomes rarely satisfied.

It’s true that many men never learn this. They value the intensity of the forbidden, like a food addict craves whatever they want, when they want it. In time they become a slave to what they desire.

That’s the problem. Either sex is no big deal or it’s a huge deal. Most men realize this at some point in their life (hopefully before they marry) and realize that what you have with a wife creates a type of intimacy that you can’t find from a hookup.

If you’re a woman, don’t fall for the nonsense that all men will cheat or that men can’t help themselves. You’re falling for one of the biggest cons every perpetrated on women in the last 20 years.

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