His First Impression Of You

When you first see the guy you’ve always wanted to meet your heart starts racing. Every thought in your head starts spinning faster and faster as you wonder, “Does he even notice me?”

I understand why you’re nervous. That’s why I get so many questions about how to make a great impression on a man. Let me tell you what he’s thinking so you can remind yourself when you’re feeling so nervous.

1) What he’s thinking has a lot to do with how he’s feeling that particular day.

If he’s had a bad day at work, or is self conscious about something then he isn’t going to notice you as much as he is remain focused on what’s bothering him. That’s not a reflection on you, your ability to arouse a man’s passion or anything else. It’s simply about what’s bothering him in his head.

2) You’re a girl, stop trying to prove your worth

I am begging you to listen to me on this one. As a woman you already have what men find appealing. Most women (well a lot of them) want some kind of magic dust that will make a man gaze at her with blinding passion the moment they see her. Sorry, but if a man actually did that you’d be freaked out.

Don’t focus on much on his reaction, focus on what you know. You don’t have to prove yourself as much as you need to simply be yourself. Think about how you act around guys you don’t like – nice, polite and I bet your guard is down.

That’s what people are trying to tell you when they say, “Be Yourself,” or what a lot of women do by acting totally indifferent to a man (which comes across as pretty silly).

3) Inside his mind his thoughts are pretty simple.

Here’s an example of how women think vs men

Woman tastes a piece of chocolate…
“Yummmmm. Oh this is divine and so rich. Oh, where can I get this. I’ve never tasted something so good, I’m in heaven.”

Man tastes a piece of chocolate….
“Yummmmm. Chocolate.

The moral of this example. When he see’s you he’s thinking, “Hey it’s a girl.” Just smile, be nice and don’t try and force the interaction.

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