Gratitude and Relationships

Here it is on Christmas and I am so thankful for the relationships that I have. In fact, for many single women having a attitude of gratitude often precedes an improvement in their relationships. Many wait until their relationships improve before they are thankful and they wonder when their luck will finally turn.
As the new year begins, make it a point this year to be thankful for what you do have. For health, for the friends you have, even for your problems – that they aren’t bigger than you are. Something magical happens when you are grateful. It softens the sour and a unintended benefit is that men will notice. It will effect the way you smile, the way you walk and carry yourself.
If you want your relationships to improve this year, start your new year with a promise that this year you are going to control what you can control — your attitude about your circumstances. With this new attitude I promise you will be amazed how circumstances will follow your lead!

4 thoughts on “Gratitude and Relationships”

  1. Hey Bob,
    I am friends with this great guy and we have a another mutual girl friend. The other day, this girl suddenly got pissed of at this guy for some reason… and he went out after her immediately apologiszing and all… i felt totally ignored. and since she did not join us, this guy went into a mood swing himself.
    I felt totally ignored and unimportant. We all are just friends, but he has known this girl for a long time… but I felt bad here. Should I be reading something b/w the lines here?

    I feel I should have walked out and away too. is that a good decision?


  2. Is it a good decision? It depends on what you want. Do you like him or are you just friends? If you feel ignored then I’m assuming there is some interest. If you want to get his attention then follow the lead of this other girl and create distance when he seems distracted. It’s a game, I know, but it sure is better than having “a talk.”


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