“He’s Got Issues!”

I spoke with a client recently and just looking at her….she’s very attractive, gets lots of offers from men. Yet, she can’t find that one man she wants to spend her life with. The latest guy said something that screamed in her head, “issues!”

When I ask what it was she mentioned that he didn’t know if he really liked oral sex.

Don’t ask me how they got on that topic,  on the First Date. What she doesn’t understand is that once she’s married a lot of things will be open to compromise and experimentation. What she should be more focused on are things that will matter more to her like….

When I’m sick will he get up with the children at night? When I’m on a bad mood, will he listen to me and not go hide watching TV?

It isn’t that she should want those things, it’s that she will and because she’s so worried about making a mistake and being stuck with a man that bores her, or isn’t perfect for her, she’s just looking for anything (everything) that is a reason not to give him a chance.

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