How He Really Sees You

I know it may seem like I’m often telling women that they don’t have to be stunningly beautiful, pencil thin and always positive.  Some of my clients have slyly suggested that I’m simply being nice (like something their mother would tell them). Please listen when I say this, “Men aren’t nearly as harsh on you as you believe.”

As a woman, you were designed in such a way to men are “naturally” attracted to you. The curve on the back of your neck, your curves, and so forth, :-). What happens often is that men don’t tell you this. You only get the OVER THE TOP reactions (which happen rarely) and I can understand why you think it’s so hard to arouse a man’s passion.

The biggest mistakes women make often involve trying too hard to make themselves desirable. They accommodate a man’s bad behavior and give into his desire far too quickly. What’s worse though is this, they avoid conflict because they are afraid he’ll think she’s a witch or worse…..he’ll leave.

If I could, I’d like to get you to consider something. What would be different in your life, with men, with THAT man if you knew that he saw you like this picture?

What men want in a relationship is a woman that loves being a woman.

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