If You Want More Sex, Do the Dishes

This one is for the guys. Especially the married ones. It may not make sense to you but many women have told me they tend to agree with this research. Kinda common sense, but it gives you a different perspective on how women think. Not all women, but a lot of them.

Here’s the link The term for this new insight is Chore-Play. Guys, remember it’s all about what works, not whether we think it makes sense to us.

7 thoughts on “If You Want More Sex, Do the Dishes”

  1. This is so true. When my husband just DOES something for me, unprompted and without taking credit – like emptying my office wastebasket, I just want to jump all over him. The little “Porn For Women” book is totally it.

  2. Mr. Grant
    I read “If You Want More Sex, Do The Dishes”.
    If I asked your wife how often would she say that “you do the dishes or other household chores” 🙂

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