It’s the little hunches that are most accurate

About a year ago I read a fabulous book called, “Blink.” I’ve observed how often trusting your gut turns out to be true and here was a book that explained why. I went to Grad School and learned all the counseling theory, but I keep coming back to intuition, especially when it comes to women. The trick is always helping them distinguish between intuition and intensity. It is the subtle impressions that a woman gets early on in a relationship, that don’t scream at her, that are the most often true. Those feelings that scream are often true…And distorted……and somewhat false.

Here’s an example. If a woman goes on a date and the guy only talks about himself and she has this feeling that he might be a little selfish, I’d tell her to pay attention to that feeling. It isn’t screaming at her, therefore I trust it. Just like in an argument, if you have to scream, your point isn’t that strong. If on the other hand, her date talks about himself the entire date and she has a terrible sinking feeling in her stomach, I’d be inclined to suggest she give him another date. Why? Because her reaction is disproportionate to what he did. Something is going on in her mind that has nothing to do with her date. That kind of reaction is often misleading, even though it is intense.
I know, I know, it’s not the kind of dating tips women like to hear, but they work.

One thought on “It’s the little hunches that are most accurate”

  1. Wow. I think that is possibly the best advice I have read in a long time. I am casually dating several men at the moment and am having difficulty sorting out my thoughts and feelings for them and which one would make a good boyfriend. Thank you for posting this.

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