Kim Kardashian Is Single…Again?

You’ve heard me say it so many times. What makes a man connect with you isn’t simply about being pretty enough. Take Kim Kardashian. Do you really think the reason she’s still single is because she isn’t pretty? I’ve seen this pattern for years and it won’t change until she realizes what she’s doing to contribute to her remaining single.

It’s the same reason that her sister Kourtney tolerates her horrible boyfriend. The beliefs each of them has about themselves contribute to their romantic life more than all of their fashion savvy.

Kim and Kourtney are experiencing what many successful women there age are going through. They have success in most areas of their lives, except men. It’s a different set of rules that apply to relationships and eventually they will learn this or ………….

8 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Is Single…Again?”

  1. Good blog !!!!!!
    Role models are beautiful and they have mostly everything materially.
    But their exceptions are very high (like perfect match )
    Relationship is not for perfection but to evolve and make it perfet.
    If they realize , then they won’t be single anymore…
    or they my be enjoying their life without having to go through liabilities and bondage..

  2. Very true… its not only about looks. Some women can be beautiful but being with them can be hell on Earth. It certainly takes a certain mindset to form a stable relationship… for starters, you cannot be selfish, you need to be able to empathise, you need to be willing to sacrifice things for the greater good of a relationship

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