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5 Ways To Tell He’s Falling For You

March 25, 2015
by Liz Spornick
Have you ever experienced this? You’re dating a wonderful man, and things are going well. You keep making plans, having a great time together, and feel like you might have finally found “the one.” Before you allow yourself to get too excited and start envisioning a future together, you begin to wonder how he feels about you. More specifically, you want to know-is he falling in love with you, too?
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Men are notorious for being difficult to read, but it isn’t impossible. Most guys throw down subtle (and sometimes, not so subtle) hints that reveal his true emotions-it’s just up to you to decipher his code! To help you out, here are 5 ways to tell that he’s falling for you.

He Doesn’t Let Days Go By Without Getting in Touch

We are all busy these days, so when a man takes time out of his day to check-in with you and ask how work is going, or to simply text “good morning”, you can be sure that you’re on his mind and he isn’t afraid to show it. Most men don’t love small talk and chit-chat, so if he’s reaching out to you just to talk, it shows that he’s invested in you and your life, and wants to make sure he’s a part of it.

He Wants To Be Your Hero

Yes, your own personal Superman. If a man is falling in love with you, he’ll want to do whatever he can to take care of you and keep you safe and happy. This could mean anything from fixing your computer the night before you have a big presentation at work, bringing you soup and medication when you are down and out with the flu, or in the case of my now-husband, to coming to the rescue when you’re stranded after a tire blowout on the highway. Whatever you need, he will go out of his way for you, no questions asked.

He Remembers the Details

Does your guy remember when you’ve mentioned you have a meeting with your boss? Does he ask how your friends and family members are doing-and bonus points if mentions them by their names? Or maybe he mentions something about your favorite band or television shows…all of these are small, yet powerful, indications that he’s into you. He’s paying attention to the seemingly mundane things in your life and isn’t distracted by other women or just playing the “game.” When you talk, he listens, and makes a mental note…that’s love.

He Isn’t Driven Purely By Physicality

Sure, if he’s dating you it’s safe to say it’s a given that he finds you physically attractive and vice versa. While there is nothing wrong with having a physical relationship, you’ll learn a lot more about how a man feels when physicality isn’t the main dish on the table. If a guy spends time with you that doesn’t involve anything intimate, it shows that he’s not just hanging around hoping to get lucky, and that you’re more than just a pretty face to him. When a man sits and talks for hours over coffee with you or watches a Netflix marathon side by side on the couch and doesn’t expect anything else to happen, it doesn’t mean that he’s NOT into you, as some women might fear. Quite the opposite, actually…he’s just satisfied being in your presence.

He Isn’t Dating Anyone Else

We live in a time of endless options when it comes to dating, and many men (and women!) fall victim to the “more options is better” mentality. If the man you’re dating has shut down his online dating profiles or cut off communication with other women he was seeing in order to focus completely on you and your budding romance, he is falling in love. He doesn’t need any other options when the woman he truly wants is right in front of him, and he’s happy and willing to devote all of his attention, affection, and yes, love, to you!

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