What Do Guys Like

I just got permission from a woman who bought 2 of my ebooks to use her picture on my website.
She doesn’t want her name mentioned (so I won’t), but the image she sent me of her wedding day is absolutely beautiful.
I still remember the first email she sent me and how nervous she was when she dared to become “The Woman Men Adore.” She understood that it isn’t always easy, but it is ALWAYS powerful and now she has her man. His heart is hers completely.
From some women I get emails that say, “Oh that won’t work,” or “I already do that and it get’s me nowhere.” I’m sorry, but they don’t get it.
It works every time with a man.
It doesn’t work with a player (someone who only wants a one night stand). It works for a lifetime on a man. It doesn’t work on a guy who insists on always getting his way.
It works every time on a man.
It does not work on a man who avoids all conflict.
You see, it not only draws a wonderful man into your life, but it repels those guys that are a waste of time.
It doesn’t change a man, it reveals him.
Here’s a new site that I found that gives ideas about what guys like.

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  1. Every woman will find the right type of men she want to marry and what type of man is best suited for her. One of the best way to attract and end with a man is to know how to dress in a ways that a man would find her most attractive.

  2. Guys want a woman who will stay in shape. Most women gain a lot of weight as they get older. My wife has put on at least 40lbs since we got married, and that was only 3 years ago. She also short so it “really” shows. I find I have to watch porn just so I can get aroused and make love to her.

    I tell you one thing, if wives and girlfriends took better care of themselves, companies like viagra would go out of business.

  3. I think I have been dating a VERY conflict avoidant man πŸ™ We have broken up now, but I just wish I could find a man that could really DIG IN. You know?

    I think he just wanted an “easy” relationship, one where he didn’t have to do any work πŸ™ And I really gave that to him. But I never felt that I could actually express myself.

    It’s not that I want conflict all the time – but I guess I’d like to grow a little, and have the relationship grow. If I was even in {what he perceived} to be the slightest bad mood – he would stop taking my phone calls πŸ™ But it didn’t take much at all to cross that threshold!

    One time I said, “I am feeling a little short-fused today,” and he immediately wanted to get off the phone πŸ™ I had to be HAPPY ALL THE TIME!

    I just don’t know how to find men that can deal with REAL emotion. I certainly do NOT want to fight all the time – but I’d like to be with a man that can handle the ups and downs with me.

  4. Hi all, and hello Relationship Doctor.
    I am the woman whom the Relationship Doctor mentioned in this post. It’s been 4 years since I spoke to Dr. Grant. His books still influence me until now (3 years into our marriage, and a baby-which introduces a tornado into the relationship). We love each other more than ever, and I always say, thanks to the books by Dr. Grant.

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