What Guys Really Like

by Bob Grant

here are some tips for women on what guys like and what guys think With so many advice websites and publications giving so much advice about men, it’s often difficult for a woman to know exactly what guys like. In addition, women have more dating options available to them and yet so many end up wondering why they can’t find anyone! So here are some tips for women on what guys like and what guys think that will hopefully give you a little bit of help in demystifying the opposite sex!

Traits Men Adore

There are plenty of things that guys like in a relationship. Here are some of them:

1. A woman who’s feminine and knows how to put her heart first, before any man.

2. A woman who is just as intelligent as the guy and isn’t afraid to show it.

3. A woman they know they can confide in.

4. A woman who knows how to have fun but can also be serious when the occasion deems it necessary.

What guys like, too, is someone they can share their hopes and dreams with and who doesn’t pride herself as someone who has to win every argument.

Men and Women Think Completely Differently

So now we have an idea of what guys like in a relationship, let’s move on to how they think. After all, it’s often been said that men and women think differently! So what do guys think?

Well, the good news is that most guys do want to be in a relationship. And the kind of relationship they think about is one where the woman provides a safe, loving home, a possible family in the future and someone they enjoy spending time with. And after all, isn’t that what most women want as well?

What Men Want In a Woman

What guys think (and know) they want is a soul mate and best friend all wrapped up in the one package; someone to be intimate with, someone to have fun with and someone who will take care of them, especially when they’re feeling down. Most of all, guys want to find that special someone that they hope is out there who knows how to enchant him so that he wants to make you happy.

So now you have some idea of what guys like in a relationship. It’s really not all that different from what a woman wants. Most men really do dream of having a soul mate who really understands them and won’t laugh at their dreams or goals but will support them in their efforts to achieve those things.

It can be eye-opening as to what guys think about. It appears that they really do want the “whole package” just as women do! So the next time you’re depressed about the lack of male talent in your dating pool, take heart that there is a guy out there who does want the same things you do. You just have to find him!

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