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Understanding Men

What Happened to the Real Men?

August 5, 2008
by Bob Grant, L.P.C.
Every now and then a reader of “The Woman Men Adore…and Never Want to Leave,” will send me an e-mail complaining that my book suggests that women should become subservient to men. They speak of equality, and not allowing a man to ever take advantage of them, etc. They give me the impression that a man being chivalrous is somehow
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Kathleen Parker, Columnist and Author, believes that such an attitude in our society is actually robbing men (and women) of the kind of manhood that most women crave. Katherine believes that most women do desire a brave soul that would go out of his way to protect and cherish the woman of his choice. I agree with Ms. Parker. In the name of equality, many women are asking for something that looks good on the surface. However, a closer look reveals that looks can be deceiving.

Equality is great in a business setting, or among peers. Unfortunately, it rarely works too well in a romantic relationship, because the very nature of that type relationship is based on compliments – not equals. A woman’s softness, not her toughness, inspires a man to be brave. This does not mean a woman is required to be a doormat. It just indicates that if you want a man who is protective and strong, he must feel that you need him. Otherwise, he will treat you as an equal. He will respect you, but you won’t feel cherished.

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