Understanding Men

What He Wants

November 6, 2009
by Bob Grant, L.P.C.
Most women ask me what they can say to make a man act or respond in a certain way. While there are some things you can say that work better than others,
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there really isn’t anything that works all the time.
Think about it, can you imagine me telling a man what to say that would get you to do whatever he wanted you to do?
The only way that is virtually fool proof is to learn how to be Captivating to a man. That’s where the power is for a woman. The Authentic woman will always own a man’s heart and he won’t mind one bit.

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Comments (14)

  • Different men want differnt kinds of women. Some want Tom Boys other want High Maintenance. You are so right when you say “Authentic women will always own a man’s heart…” Words to live by.

  • I certainly agree!women must not show that she is more superior than man especially when it comes to love.A woman always remain at the side of a man and not on top of them because many men loves to have someone beside them than having someone controlling them.

  • I agree with this post. There is nothing to say to let the man or woman change their actions. It is all in the personality and if your partner is not like you want to than you need to find the answer somewhere else (mostly in yourself)

  • I kicked him out, and he still broke my heart. It has been almost 3 months since I broke up with my X, broke our engagement, and I can’t quit from thinking about him. Even though I ended it, I wake up sometimes and still think he is in the bed, try to curl up, and realize he is gone.

    With this bad economy, he just couldn’t get straight. I financially supported him for 2 months, and I felt like I was a crutch: just a way for him to avoid all the problems in his life. But, I miss him. My family hates him, my friends hate him, and nothing in his life has changed.

    Everyday I want to tell him I miss him, but it’s like I am so mad at him for financially breaking me when I needed him to step up to the plate. He acts like the victim here, and I am so mad. Should I just harden up and try to move on. Since we broke up he has done nothing but try to meet someone else. And, I guess I thought if I broke up with him, he would go out fix his problems and come back with roses?

  • I’m a fixer: in life and my job. Maybe I thought I could take him and fix him instead of just accepting him for who he is. But, in all honesty, I don’t know that I can do that.

  • Men unlike women, believe you when you tell them “I don’t want you anymore”.
    So, if you thought breaking up with him is the solution to him not changing his ways otherwise, you were wrong.
    Sounds like that could be the case and you were not really ready to break up with your fiancee, just hoping this is a move that would fix him and now you’re freaking out that after 3 months he’s not coming back with roses.
    You either love him the way he is, for what he does have to offer or move on. If he is ever going to change you have to love him for what he is first.

  • There is no special type of woman for a man. Every woman have their different kind of energy type and men love the change. So when they have one they always want another that is not the same type. That’s why men always try to get the most girls possible and women just try to find THE ONE. So if you are a woman just BE all those kind of energies, like sometimes be the shy type and other times be a real tiger. If you see what I mean… otherwise just go visit my page by clicking on my name. Good luck out there!

  • The point is well taken: What he wants, depends on who he is. For instance, if you’re a woman, and you’re looking for one of those “cool guys” who can have any woman he wants, you must understand that he’s going to be looking for qualities in a woman quite different than his hokey counterpart. High caliber men with more discriminating taste look for passion, confidence, and inteligence in their woman. But above all, they look for honesty. They appreciate a real woman, faults and all. So the best advise is still what we’ve always been told. Be yourself, take pride in what you do, and mean it with your whole heart. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

  • Yes the main reason is that women simply don’t understand men. I have this quite of a blog about how to understand men like me in order to have a good relationship with the girls that are quite smart enough to understand what I’m saying in my blog.

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