Women Haven’t Adapted to Casual Sex

I can sometimes do without the almost religious fervor of evolution this and evolution that, but the findings are quite interesting. I wonder if women just weren’t designed for one night stands?

See for yourself.

I especially found it interesting that quality seems to be more important than quantity.

4 thoughts on “Women Haven’t Adapted to Casual Sex”

  1. I don’t care how far the new modern woman thing has taken this.

    I really don’t believe that we are biologically programmed for casual sex. Nor will that change anytime soon.

    It is very interesting to see how much of an impact society has on the way in which we behave though.



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  2. It’s pretty clear to me that all of the regret in that article is due to the socially conditioned “rules” put on us which automatically make the feelings post encounter turn to guilt and fear of “ruining our reputation” etc. If we were not “programmed” to do it we would not be doing it, believe me.

  3. I think the most reasons why Men can deal with one night stands is because it’s Animalistic! They are programed to find the strong female to carry on there genes! Females on the other hand are programed to choose the mate wisely as they carry the infant! This is basically animalistic behavior! One night stands in a women’s eyes means that the Male isn’t going to be there for the raising of the child! Even though the thought of children aren’t in your conscious mind it defiantly lies within the animalistic subconscious! Don’t forget that men’s genitals are exterior and women’s are interior you invade there personal space, so of course it doesn’t feel right to have just anybody penetrate you! So One Night stands are very rare in females! And those who don’t mind it keep this in mind, they have more testosterone then estrogen! as Testosterone is the sex drive! So basically your having a one night stand with a manly women!

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