Understanding Men

How to Know if a Man is Wonderful

January 8, 2013
by Bob Grant, L.P.C.

I’m often asked by women how they can tell if a man is good for them. Usually what they want to know is how they can make sure they don’t pick someone who is going to hurt them, again.

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In an attempt to avoid having another man turn out to be a loser, many of my clients try and look for imperfections in the first two or three dates as some sort of screening process. However, while it is possible to spot a man of poor character during this time, at the beginning of a relationship, it’s easy for a man to hide his flaws.

Often women are looking at the wrong characteristics of a man as a measure of whether he is really as wonderful as he seems. They might try and catch him in a lie, or perhaps they examine the exact intent of every word he has spoken during their date while looking for some hidden clue as to what lurks deep in his subconscious.

Ladies, I have to tell you that most men are very good at telling a woman what she wants to hear; especially when it’s only for an evening. But believe it or not, these men aren’t always lying. In fact, when a man is very attentive and caring, he is usually being quite genuine and sincere, at that particular moment.

The True Test

The only way to know for sure if a man is as good as he seems is to observe him when he is angry or upset. Please notice I didn’t say annoyed or just a little frustrated. I mean when he is upset to the point where he feels overwhelmed. In those moments, you will see how he truly manages himself because he’ll also be showing you how he handles and controls his raw emotions.

Does he become withdrawn and not want to speak with you for hours or days?

Does he lash out and attack you when he’s upset?

Perhaps he becomes extremely sarcastic?

Does he realize how upset he is and make an attempt to try and resolve a conflict? Or does he ask for some emotional space and reassure you that he is not trying to punish you?

I realize that this can require some time to see him in this state, but you certainly wouldn’t want to pick a fight just to discover his coping methods. What you should do is make sure the relationship goes slowly and not evolve into a relationship that is difficult. I have told many clients this phrase, “A relationship doesn’t begin until after your first fight.” Be patient.

Feeling Safe & Special

What makes a man wonderful is not just that he makes you feel special; he also needs to make you feel safe. Many women try to combine the two, but they are not the same. It is easy for a man to make a woman feel special. It is much harder for a man to not become harsh with a woman when he is upset so she feels safe.

When a man can make you feel both, you’ve got something special. How a man responds when he is upset will determine how safe you feel with him. Without that security of knowing that he is strong enough to not punish you harshly when he is upset, you will never be able to trust him the way you or he wants.

Determine now what bonding stage your man is in.

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Comments (3)

  • My boyfriend is very nice to me. But he seems to be having a problem with people in general. He doesn’t like most people, his siblings, his neighbours or friends. I never heard him saying somthing good about them. I guess only 2 or 3 people that he never have a complain about. His childhood was kinda bad (as he said), his big brother often insulted him etc. He’s a sensitive man (a lil too sensitive), he often feels accused, and taking things like personal atttact.

    Yesterday I told him that thats bother me all this time that it seems like no one is ever good enough for him, and seems like he always think that he’s the one who is right and good.
    Fyi, this man is very patient and forgiving to me also a loving man, he’s such a great loving Dad to his daughter too. He doesn’t smoke or drink and have a good self control.

    I’m dying to know whether or not being that sensitive is still “okay”? or is it could create a unhappy relationship? We are in a commited relationship and making a plan for marriage. Please help. I don’t want to make a mistake.

    • Sensitive is fine but the problem is when someone is “overly sensitive.”
      A lot of times this occurs because of someone’s childhood and they are sensitive to criticism or anything that is a perceived threat.
      What’s tough is that this isn’t something someone can just point out to the person, they have to be willing to see it for themselves.
      If they are, then yes it’s quite workable.
      If they aren’t, well…….

  • We’re not looking for a perfect guy, but we’re looking for someone who can actually do understand our flaws. Sometimes, guys don’t really understand girls because of their pride.

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