3 Ways To Get What You Want From A Man

by Bob Grant

When a guy asks you for a date the first time, he does so because he believes that you are someone he considers fortunate enough to spend an evening with. For whatever reason(s), the woman he invites has conveyed the idea that she is – for lack of a better term – quite expensive. There is something of value to her that a man finds appealing. It may be her independence or her ability to be at ease. Whatever it is, she is someone that he is drawn toward.

You Must Maintain Your Value

Get what you want from a man
You must maintain your value!

Maintaining your value means you maintain your mystery. Don’t give more to him than he does to you. You are the one who determines your value, not him. Sometimes you have to reinforce that belief by creating distance. One of the worst things you can do is to act strong and independent for the first few dates and then become emotionally dependent on him for ALL of your happiness. Men can’t handle that kind of responsibility.

Be Easy to Please

From a man’s perspective, this goes hand in hand with your Value. Women who are easy to please are those who appreciate a man’s efforts, even when those efforts leave a woman lacking. This doesn’t mean you should lie and say you like something when you really despise it, rather it means to acknowledge his effort to make you happy. Believe me, he’ll notice that you were merely appreciative and not thrilled. If, however, you are annoyed, he’ll notice that too, but he won’t have much incentive to do a better job next time. When he does something you really like, don’t hold back how it makes you feel. Remember, it is the ability to make you happy that a man measures his ability as a man in a relationship. Being with a woman who has high value AND is easy to please is every man’s fantasy.

Realize what his complaining about your request really means

I know this may be childish, but ladies, I promise you that when you make a request of a man and he complains about what you are asking, you’re actually much closer to getting what you want than you realize. I often use this example with clients as an experiment. Ask your man for a Porsche sports car, or a Yacht, something that is outrageously expensive. Can you imagine his reaction? He won’t grumble or complain, instead he’ll simply laugh or just say, “No.” You see, it’s not going to happen. There is no complaining because he’s not going to do it. He’d only complain if there was a real chance that he was going to do something. A woman, who is good at getting what she wants, knows that when her man complains, she’s got him on the ropes. All she needs to do is simply step back, because she knows he’s about to give in to her desires.

Increase your value in a man’s eyes and find the man of your dreams.

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