5 Attraction Principles EVERY Single Woman Needs to Know

Are you single and looking? If you are a woman, whether you’re single or otherwise, you will benefit from reading the below…

Attraction Principle #1. You attract the male version of yourself.

Out of the billions of population in the world, two hearts met…there is obviously something that joins them. What will that be? Often, it is similarity/familiarity that draws us to another person.

We are attracted to people who are like us! Therefore, if you don’t like yourself, you NEED to do something about it – either change that part of you which you don’t like, or change the way you feel about yourself.

Attraction Principle #2: Anything you chase in life runs away.

Including men. Especially men. No matter how evolved the human race may seem, the hunter DNA will always be present in men. Don’t chase. Don’t even be an easy target!

I am not telling you to play hard-to-get. I am saying you need to BE hard to get. You must believe that you can be a woman of high value. You are amazing and you are dignified, so you don’t need to chase a man.

Well, it’s true that every man is afraid of rejection too, so you need to give him the right signals at the right times so he feels like there’s a chance of succeeding with you. The trick is to be proactive enough to make him want to chase you, all while remaining challenging enough that he feels he needs to keep working for you.

Attraction Principle #3: He may be your soul mate, but he’s not your sole mate.

Living life around a person is unthinkable. I’m sure you have other friends & family who’d love spending time with you too. Or, you may have your work, your hobbies, your pursuits. Just because you fall in love with someone doesn’t mean you have to give up the life you built.

Be there for the man you’re interested in, yet don’t appear too available! When you make him your only priority, you can be sure the first thing he thinks about is his escape route.

Attraction Principle #4. Good men don’t just go for looks – they want REAL women.

High quality men want authentic women. They want to know who you truly are inside, the REAL you. They want to know that they can trust you. What you have inside of you will shine longer & brighter than your pretty looks.

Attraction Principle #5. “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” is not cliché – it’s an epic truth.

We hear about “commitment phobia” all the time. Each of us have at least one girlfriend (or it may even be ourselves!) who meets a guy that have commitment issues. The problem with women is: they literally give ALL of themselves to the man they loved without first securing any form of commitment… and then they wonder why he isn’t interested with her or willing to marry her.

It’s not the woman’s fault; neither is it the man’s. It is just LOGIC at work. Would you want to work hard for money if you have all the riches in the world? I wouldn’t. Not because I am lazy. It’s because I don’t need to. That’s HOW it is.

If you want to attract AND to KEEP a man, this final principle is something you must internalise. Keep the guy interested. Don’t sleep with him if you are uncertain you will be heading anywhere after that. Don’t give out everything you have (your body, your finances, your time, your attention, your love, your other precious resources) just to keep a man. A relationship is two-way, you give something and you receive something too.

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When her pilot husband is away, she blogs about life & love, teaches school children, coaches women, enjoys Zumba and does a whole lot of other things to keep herself busy & happy. She is currently writing her book Rich Men, Poor Men…And the Ones in between. The Ultimate Guidebook to Attract Any Man You Desire ™ which will be published in due course.

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