50 Universal Truths About Men

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  1. I find point number 2 interesting. Whilst it is very common for men to do just anything for sex, It very much depends on the man and the situation. I think a man who truly likes a woman will often delay sex in the early days of dating a woman. Why? Nervousness, not wanting to stuff things up, really likes the idea of a future with a women. In my opinion this often puts a woman in the position of wanting to bring sex into the equation before the man does. Often causing women to lead too much with sex, and give the wrong impression of themselves.

    Something else to think about is this, men reach emotional intimacy with a woman through sex, women want the emotional intimacy before they have sex with a man. Makes you wonder where, do strike a balance?

  2. During after work drinks, few girl friends and I were talking about husbands and partners yesterday.I mean 'what actuallt men thinking'..We talked about most of the things on the list…So that means we wifes do understand the facts about men…:)

  3. While some of the points are true, the article is obviously written by a woman. There’s too much emotion, twisted logic, and double talk to have been written by a man. It’s a woman’s best guess as to what motivates a man thrown in with some obvious statements. Waste of time.

  4. I was reading this and was feeling down. Then I read the second post ‘what an absolute teat’ and it restored my faith in humanity. Thank you captain just, my hero

  5. I realized this article does not say much about men, but rather tells a woman how to behave around their partner.
    Some points have this pattern :at first the arguement, then the mistake the woman has made.
    Some other points are not universal at all (when it goes about preferences).
    Some are simply idiotic and do not see the realtionship on an adult level(e.g. #35 and #43).

    And I’ld like to point out #21….is this woman this point refers to a dog or a toddler?
    And there are some points, which – rude spoken- tell women just to get their mind sorted
    (e.g. #44).

    IF this was written by a man, then only to make his life easier and not in order to make a better relationship…in my opinion

      1. I know! How rude and aggressive people seems to be on the internet. I’m a guy and a lot of this seemed true to me, but definitely not all of it. You can never expect that from a list like this.

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