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Understanding the Secret of Scarcity: Does Your Man Truly Value You?

January 1, 2013
by Bob Grant, L.P.C.
One of the great lessons of love is known as “the scarcity factor.” Plain and simple: people tend to want what they cannot have!
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Scarcity = More Valuable

When things are hard to obtain, they seem more valuable!

One example is a collector’s item. The rarer something is, the more people think it is worth it.

Have you seen what people will pay for a baseball card just because it’s rare?

It’s called “perceived value.”

Perceived Value

I personally paid $150 over the Internet to buy an out-of-print book that was written in the 1950’s – and I was thrilled to find this book.

The very same book was given to me a few weeks later by a public school librarian because no one had checked it out in at least fifteen years.

Obviously, some people think that book is valuable, or the Internet price would not have been so high. But for others, it was gathering dust and needed to be discarded.

How does this apply to relationships between men and women?

If You Value Yourself, So Will Others

It really starts on the inside. If you value yourself, it will show, and men will value you more, too.

If you value yourself, you will be focused on your own goals and activities, and less focused every waking minute on some guy.

I receive a lot of emails from women who are spending enormous amounts of time thinking about a guy in their life, but who are not spending enormous amounts of time adding value to their own lives by learning and growing.

The Greatest Thing You Have To Offer Is You

Women who spend all of their time reading women’s magazines, watching TV, or gabbing on the phone are on the fast-track to becoming one very boring person, with not much to offer other people, especially men.

The truth is that your most prized possession is your heart. What is sad is how often women freely give a man access to the most precious gift they offer without expecting as much back from a man. I’m not suggesting becoming a snob or arrogant, but imagine if you had a little girl and you saw her giving her toys away…just to be liked. Would you encourage that? Is that the only way she can get attention?

All I am suggesting is to consider you value yourself enough to expect a man to value you. Whether you believe it or not, you are important and worth doing whatever it takes to win your heart.

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